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Microsoft’s new Xbox app will let you stream Xbox One games to your iPhone by MalteseAppleFan in apple

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What an astounding point you made. You said that my criticism actually applies to me. Now you aren’t even making remarks, you’re just reusing mine. It must be hard being unintelligent and uncreative.

Spotify, Epic, Tile, Match, and more are rallying developers against Apple’s App Store policies by otakkuma in apple

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And that's a bad, thing, why? Apple tries to suppress competition for their own financial gain, and yet they're the good ones here?

From a consumer standpoint, at least, the choice is obvious. More competition is better.

iOS 14 Significant battery drain from Health app. by 82101105110105101114 in apple

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Why do people still spread this myth?

Because it’s not a myth.

All the migration of data is done before the install is complete. You can’t have data moving from one OS version to the next on the fly once the users are potentially using it.

Great straw man, but I wasn’t talking about migration of data. Of course your data is migrated during the update, or rather, your data actually never moved because user land data and system data are managed separately, but that’s irrelevant at this point.

And the iPhone only indexes when charging and it doesn’t typically reindex everything after an update.

Not true. iOS does indeed wait until it’s on a charger for some thing, like processing photos for item recognition, by far, most things are done off the charger.

There are many reasons why people see a higher usage of battery after an update, which subsequently lead to “My battery life is worse after the update” posts and articles after each (major) update like clockwork, some of these reasons are:

  1. Users using the phone more while they’re discovering new functionality and setting up their phone, sometimes as a result they’ll see this
  2. When a major version releases, app developers often have an update ready to go with it. This causes a flood of app updates that are downloaded and installed in the background
  3. General rebuilding of data models. Spotlight indexing for example. Which does happen while running on battery.

An easy way for anyone to test this is to try and use Spotlight right after updating. It won’t show you (m)any results, if you come back later, without the phone having been in the charger, you’ll see there are more results.

Remember those updates I talked about at 2? Well developers like me can indicate that parts of our app’s data should also be indexed so they can show up in Spotlight. Guess what happens when our apps are updated? Now multiply that answer with the number of app updates that are available.

Other data models are also rebuild. Baselines for health stuff, baselines for phone usage to better accommodate smart charging, baseline for Siri suggestions, etc. etc. Many if not all of these happen while the phone is running off of battery because they either can’t wait, would create a poor user experience if the user is left waiting until the phone is on the charger or other reasons.

  1. Clean up or send off of old telemetry depending on the settings and the type of telemetry collected and depending on how relevant they are.
  2. Collection and send off of new telemetry, depending on settings, what Apple wants insight on and how well updated apps run. If updated apps have bugs (and almost always there will be some new bugs, now more than ever because devs didn’t get a proper chance to prepare for this release) new telemetry is collected and send off in the background (depending on settings) for the dev to analyse and help with bug fixing.
  3. New functionality that causes the creation of new data models that capture a baseline or that can cause a higher battery drain (until its tweaked better after going live). The health app is a great example for this, and most probably the cause for this specific issue that OP showed.

Since this update the iPhone keeps track of things like walking asymmetry or double support time, to be able to track this correctly, calibration or setting a baseline is necessary. Meaning that, at least initially, the phone needs to do more work in the background to be able to properly reflect these metrics.

In addition a new function like widgets, will create an increase in battery drain as well, despite Apple putting up constraints for devs. If only because they might need real life usage data to be able to determine a proper boundary on how often widgets get to perform tasks in the background.

  1. Other minor things like reorganising data, reconfirming validity of certificates and keys and updating them when needed, informing remote servers of certain changes etc. etc. When you capture the logs of your iPhone you can see a lot of initial chatter happening that dies down after a while.
  2. (Bonus) if you’re running a beta version then even more stuff happens in the background in terms of collecting and sending off telemetry

And these are just a few things that come to mind.

Similar things and even more happen when you boot up a new iPhone or when you do a clean install of iOS, but it typically doesn’t bring confirmation bias and correlation with it.

Which is why you see less people talk about their new phone being a battery drain than people who complain about a new (major) update being a battery drain.

The real myth here is that new update X, Y or Z is causing poor battery life.

I knew of some analysis that support many of what I said above, but after 9 or so Google pages filled with articles over the years that write about how the most recent update at the time worsened battery life, sprinkled with users reporting the same on places like Reddit and the Apple forums, I gave up.

That, plus the fact that all of those reports die down after the initial period, is what I call spreading a myth.

Spotify, Epic, Tile, Match, and more are rallying developers against Apple’s App Store policies by otakkuma in apple

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I'm genuinely shocked that people who don't financially gain from this are against competition.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said he’s been impressed by employees’ ability to work remotely and predicted that some new work habits will remain after the pandemic by amanj203 in apple

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This Bloomberg article is drastically misrepresenting Cook's statements. They cherry picked one phrase from his interview and then editorialized a lot on top of it. The full quote (see below) makes it seem that Cook is much more in favor of in-office work with some tasks being remote-ok. Cook's full statement is very similar to Jamie Dimon and Reed Hastings's statements, despite Bloomberg trying to make it seem like they have opposite opinions on the matter.

The full quote from Cook (emphasis mine to highlight the difference between this quote and Bloomberg's article):

Like many others we've been primarily remote since march and we're still learning. I would say that I'm incredibly impressed with our teams and their resiliency. You will see from our announcements this week ... that we've continued on the innovation trail.

I would tell you though in all candor, it's not like being together physically, and so I can't wait for everybody to be able to come back into the office. I don't believe that we'll return to the way we were, because we found that there are some things that actually work really well virtually. But things like creativity and the serendipity that you talk about, these things, you depend on people kind of running into each other over the course of a day. We have designed our entire office such that there are common areas where people congregate and talk about different things, and you can't schedule those things.

And so I think the vast majority of us can't wait until we can be back in the office again. Hopefully that occurs sometime next year, who knows exactly what the date may be.

From https://youtu.be/Pk3tcpIAYUo?t=600

Microsoft prepares to go all in on Apple's iOS 14 for Microsoft 365 by Cookie_Oreo in apple

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“All in” in this case, apparently means widget support, changing default apps to the Microsoft versions, and offline file editing.

Saved you a click.

[Self Promo Saturday] I just updated my Reddit app Apollo with a bunch of iOS 14 Widgets, the first Reddit app on iOS to do so. It also includes Picture in Picture video support, support for the new privacy-focused iOS 14 photo picker, and more. Would love to know what you think! 🎉 by iamthatis in apple

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Hey r/Apple,

My name's Christian, I'm the developer of Apollo for Reddit, a Reddit app for iPhone and iPad. Often people ask "why would not just use the official app?" and I think an update like this encompasses that really well. I built Apollo from the get-go because I wanted a Reddit app that felt like a first-class citizen on iOS, embracing the best iOS had to offer and feeling almost like if Apple themselves created a Reddit app. Including new, awesome iOS 14 features like Widgets on Day 1 of iOS 14 is exactly the "best of iOS" that I'm trying to accomplish with Apollo. Apple seems to even agree as they just featured Apollo as a great example of an iOS 14 app.

Here's a quick video swiping through Apollo's widgets so you can see what I'm talking about: https://i.imgur.com/OhFZcyg.gifv

In order to get this update out on time I didn't end up sleeping very much, so I very much hope you like it for my own sanity!

(Oh and there's even more iOS 14 goodies in this update other than widgets, read on!)


For widgets, there's 7 different kinds available across 16 different sizes, and very customizable so there's virtually infinite combinations of Apollo widgets.

  • Post widget: shows a currently popular post from a subreddit or feed of your choosing in a beautiful, photo or text-rich format. Available in small, medium, and large.
  • Post feed widget: shows a glanceable overview of one of your favorite subreddit/feeds, letting you see what's going on or what's interesting quickly from your home screen. Available in small, medium, and large.
  • Post feed grid widget: similar to the previous one, but puts more of an emphasis on the photos rather than the titles in a beautiful grid-format. Available in medium, and large.
  • Wallpaper widget: You basically get this awesome, rotating photo widget of beautiful pictures from photo-heavy subreddits like r/Wallpapers, r/ITookAPicture, or r/Aww. This one might be my favorite. Very customizable too, you can pick from different categories like Photography, Wallpapers, Art, Animals, Nature, or even input your own completely custom subreddits to populate the widget. Available in small, medium, and large.
  • Subreddit shortcuts widget: Have quick access to your favorite subreddits right from your home screen, just customize it with your subreddits, then simply tap on the subreddit to immediately launch into it. If you're really crazy you can fit up to 14 subreddits. Available in small, medium, and large.
  • Showerthoughts widget: If you want to have your mind blown by really deep thoughts from r/Showerthoughts, this widget is great. Just sits there blowing your mind throughout the day. Available in small.
  • Jokes widget: Similar to the Showerthoughts widget, but powered by several subreddits posting jokes. You'll have this nice banner at the top of your home screen with rotating, highly upvoted jokes to make you laugh throughout the day. Available in medium.

If you have any other ideas for widgets I'd genuinely love to hear them. Widgets are a ton of fun and I really want to do great things with them.

Picture in Picture Video

The iPad has had this feature for quite awhile but it's finally came to the iPhone and it's awesome. You can be watching a funny video on Reddit, pop over to another app to respond to a message, all while never losing the video you were watching. Heck you can just sit the video there while you respond to email or check off to do list items, it's seriously nice.

In Apollo just full-screen the video, then swipe to your home screen and you're good to go, the video will automatically be playing in Picture in Picture. Note that for now the video needs an active audio session for this to work, so you need to unmute the video first. In another update I'll enable it to be more customizable and even hover throughout the app so you can continue browsing Reddit while another video plays.

New Privacy-Focused Photo Picker

Another awesome moment for iOS 14 is that Apple introduced a brand new photo picker they want developers to use. Long story short, prior to iOS 14 the photo uploaders in apps required access to every single one of your photos, even dating back to like your cringey high school photos, and you just had to hope that they wouldn't do anything weird.

This was because the old system picker was missing a lot of functionality like multi-select, so devs had to build their own, and in order to display your photos to choose from, they had to be able to see all your photos. Just to upload a single photo you had to see all 54,285 of them. Bleh.

No longer! With iOS 14 Apple built a brand new photo picker for devs that does NOT give access to all the users photos, so they're highly encouraging developers to adopt this as soon as possible. The new photo picker when selected runs in a *completely different process from the main app, so it can't see any of your photos even if it wanted to. Only once you select a photo does it finally pass that photo back to the host app, so it will only ever see that single app. That has the benefit of not needing those creepy "Hey, App X would like access to all your photos. Yes/No" alert. There's no alert any more, you simply select the photos you want the app to see, and the app is simply unable to see anything else.

So yeah, I incorporated that into Apollo pretty quickly.

Apollo 1.10

So that's Apollo 1.10! Lots of awesome improvements around making Apollo the best Reddit app iOS 14 has to offer. This is in addition to all the massive changes I added in 1.9 just last week. Apollo's free to download with no ads (just the option to support it for a few bucks if you like it), and I work on it full-time with the goal of listening to the community and making the best Reddit app ever (similar to how people loved Alien Blue so much back in the day), so I'd really love if you gave it a download and let me know what you think, it should be immediately familiar. :)


EDIT: Someone asked for a quick breakdown on how it's different from the normal Reddit app for instance:

Obviously biased here, but I built Apollo to feel like it was built into iOS so it would be immediately familiar with a lot less clutter, but there's a TON of creature comforts that really take it to the next level:

  • Super powerful media viewer with features like scrubbing GIFs with your finger to quickly go through time
  • Customizable swipe gestures so you can quickly upvote, downvote, share, collapse comment thread, etc.
  • Smart Rotation Lock
  • Super fast subreddit navigation with the Jump Bar
  • Color-coded comment indicators for quick navigation
  • Reddit video downloader
  • Comment translation
  • Custom app icons
  • Ctrl/Command-F style comment searching through comments, just like you were on a desktop
  • If you accidentally tap the status bar and it scrolls you up, just tap it again to undo
  • If you accidentally swipe back a page, rather than just losing it, in Apollo you can just swipe forward in the other direction to bring it back
  • Uses iOS features like haptic touch menus extensively for quickly previewing content
  • Collapse all child comments for quickly jumping through a thread
  • Share a post or comment as an image, which is great for quickly capturing a funny comment or series of comments or post to send to a friend or save for later, rather than having to crop or stitch photos together
  • Powerful filtering of posts, users, flair, etc.
  • Can be set to be much more compact than any other app, so you can see a lot more at once
  • Very battery and cellular data efficient

I mean honestly the list goes on, that's just a few off the top of my head. First and foremost I just wanted it to be a delight to use, but as you get using it there's just a ton of nice to have features that you really get used to using.

YouTube restricts iOS 14 picture-in-picture feature to Premium subscribers, 4K not available on tvOS 14 by chrisdh79 in apple

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I managed to get it working on the YouTube App somehow, by doing these steps:

  1. Have YouTube Premium
  2. AirPlay a video to a nearby Apple TV
  3. Exit AirPlay
  4. Continue playing the video and switch to another app.
  5. Picture in Picture will appear.

Using iPhone 11 on iOS 14 Beta.

Apple Watch Solo Loop sizing guide by [deleted] in apple

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There’s one problem with using the band as a measurement tool as shown. The template is total circumference of your wrist; using the method shown in the picture leaves out the height of the watch body. Doing it this way will result in a measurement too short. If you clip the watch to one of the bands and measure from the open attachment point (of the watch) to the free end of the bands, it’ll probably be close.

AppleOne cost breakdown and savings by Own_Air_Breath in apple

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Individual Plan

  • iCloud 50GiB: $0.99
  • music: $9.99
  • arcade: $4.99
  • tv+: $4.99
  • Total Separately: $20.96
  • Apple One Individual plan: $14.95
  • Savings: $6.01

Family Plan

  • iCloud 200GiB: $2.99
  • music: $14.99
  • arcade: $4.99
  • tv+: $4.99
  • Total Separately: $27.96
  • Apple One Family plan: $19.95
  • Savings: $8.01

Premier Plan

  • iCloud 2TiB : $9.99
  • music: $14.99
  • arcade: $4.99
  • tv+: $4.99
  • news+: $9.99
  • fitness +: $9.99
  • Total Separately: $54.94
  • Apple One Premier plan: $29.95
  • Savings: $24.99

VMWare Fusion 12 debuts with macOS Big Sur support, more by chrisdh79 in apple

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There's a free license available for personal use now! Goodbye VirtualBox and Parallels.

Apple will release iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 on September 16th by aaronp613Aaron in apple

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I’m a dev. Any dev that isn’t ready for this already is pathetically stupid. We’ve had several months of notice to prepare. If the new iPhone was announced, it’d be launch next week with iOS 14. 1 week wouldn’t have saved them. They’re to blame. Not Apple.

Edit: for the GM remarks, a “good dev” is going to be testing on every new beta release. They will also be testing after launch despite GM results. GM is a hell of a lie to convince yourselves by.

Edit again: y’all who can’t figure out how to submit an app for iOS 14 is your own problem, not mine or Apple’s or, I don’t know, the tons of others who have had no problem doing so. I know Google is hard to use guys, but come on now.

Edit again: the GM [has been] up. Awaiting more excuses.

Final edit because I’m going to go eat and not revisit this topic later: notice all the people attacking me based on claiming I said things I can’t even find a reference in my comments to. Like the idea that I wasn’t using a GM with my builds. Or the assuming of when those builds took place. Grudge over me saying that regardless, you should have been ready for iOS 14 launching about this time like it does every year? Haha okay.

[Megathread] Apple releasing iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14 to the public today! by exjr_ in apple

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so many new comments in here no one will notice if I admit I have a small peen

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