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Nope - I asked them to cancel my order about a month ago and they did so quickly with zero hassle. Kinda felt like it was just never gonna ship.

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Everything I have ordered has shipped. I just recently placed another order and it is on the way with tracking. What did you order?

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i ordered a hoodie and the pack of patches 3 months ago. they did offer to reimburse me, but I still want my items :(

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I preordered the album way back then, tracking said it was outbound, but nothing else for about a week or so

I contacted support and the vinyl was here within a few days

So I recommend you do that

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I ordered a t-shirt when the WE stock was added. It took about 4 months to arrive with no communication as to why it was taking so long

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Did that too, and the shirt never arrived. They refunded me but that wasn't what I wanted. I always suspected the colored logo t-shirts were never made. So you got yours?

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I ordered a baseball cap and a poster from an old show I was at like 15 years ago just before they changed the site and got rid of the old merch. I had to contact them to see what was taking so long. It shipped from Canada, took 6 or 7 weeks.