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To see the legend Siouxsie Sioux that low on the roster is a shame and a tragedy. Lest we not forget our roots and Sioxsie smashed through so very many barriers. Not just for women artists but for alternative music in general. I get that it's not her with the Banshees reunited or something but it just seems so wrong.

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Agreed! Almost mentioned but didn't think there was a lot of overlap with AF fans. Siouxsie is a totally a legend!

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Right on! I hope AF fans check out Siouxsie & The Banshees because she is a big part of the DNA of their shared genre in my opinion (as are the Cure, Smiths, DM, etc.). The same type of music preferred by the same type of intelligent fan just a generation prior. I love that she is on there though as so many people who don't know the Banshees will get exposed to her. Cheers!

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Guys… this is the best festival lineup I’ve seen all year. Arcade Fire (who I feel like have to be 100% committed if they’re still on the lineup), Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Belle and Sebastian, Metronomy, Florence, M83, and tons more)… jesus.

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Yeah and Foals too who are one of the best live bands around! Really great lineup, shame it's not local for me otherwise I wouldn't think twice about going haha.

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Aphex Twin? That alone is worth the trip. I've been trying to catch him for so long.

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They Have To Give it All

So excited

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We (portuguese people) are waiting for the festival daily schedule. They didn't announce when AF gonna play

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Arcade Fire and Aphex Twin 😱 Lucky portugese people

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Well already got the tickets, see you all there

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🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🥰💃🏻 this is amazing!!! So happy for them and the fans that get to see them!!

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I'm going from NYC can't wait!!!

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Also from NY and so close to doing the same.

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Also from NY and very close to pulling the trigger if I can convince a few friends to join me!

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I convinced a friend to come along, hopefully we'll see some fellow New Yorkers

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What day will AF peform! Tryna book tickets to Lisbon rn... ! Not kidding

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I think they should perform all 3 days, lol, make my trip worth it even more. But there's that other festival in Spain at the same weekend. (Just kidding, but not really.)

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They’ll definitely not be performing all three days as they’re booked for Cala Mijas festival during the same stretch of time. I think you’ll just have to wait until the schedule comes out (and I’d probably wait anyway since they haven’t promoted it on their socials at all). But I’m almost in the same boat as you, ready to pull the trigger on some tickets but also want to see the full Cala Mijas lineup as The Strokes are playing that fest and seeing AF and The Strokes would be sick.

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Sat. 02. Sept.

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Where did you see this? Thank you for finding!

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Because they are playing at Cala Mijas on 31.08 and on 01.09 the headliner of Kalorama is Florence And The Machine.

So the headliners of Kalorama are:

31.08 Aphex Twin
01.09 Florence
02.09 Arcade Fire

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You mean they are playing cala mijas on 8/31 not 30 right?

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yeah, sorry!

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Wish I could be there - sounds amazinggggg <3

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That looks awesome. I saw florence and the machine last month and Florence is in the form of her life. Portugal you are in for a treat.

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This album and tour are her magnum opus, breathtaking. That woman is a force of nature.

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I have always wanted to visit Lisbon…

Very curious as to whether this will be it for summer dates though. It’s not easy to know given the irregularity of everything and they don’t even announce it on their socials.

Please put us out our misery and tell us lol

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I thing they booked these 2 festivals before the allegations. So it seems there will be not other dates this year.

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There is a Sicily date in Taormina. Posted on venues site but not the bands.

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It’s not in the venue’s site? It’s a rumour that’s being reported on some local site

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It was on their earlier this year. But you are right, it no longer appears on the site.

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So cool! And it’s such a cool city stop! Can’t wait for the hype

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i'm still waiting for single day tickets for this festival

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They just announced single day tickets, but only for sale in MEO store on Portugal. 🙄