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They are both better live. That being said, I think I like 1's studio version better while I prefer live Rabbit Hole

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I concur.

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The last bit of the Age of Anxiety l is a masterpiece!!! It’s needs to be remixed! lol My favorite!

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Shame we prob won’t see that New Order remix.

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The remix of Age I they used in that paris fashion show. Someone posted the youtube here 2 mos ago. That was really good

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I like the album version of Age of Anxiety I better that Rabbit Hole’s album version. But live!?!! It’s no contest. Rabbit hole all the way‼️ 🕳🐇

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I'm surprised that it's this close. I like both, but I always felt Age Of Anxiety I was far better, personally

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Age of Anxiety I is one of their best songs.

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I love both. WE is a great album over all.

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“We can’t stop crying and we really think we mean it but tears just fall on the sheets.”

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Age of Anxiety I is a more well-rounded, well-written, and more traditional Arcade Fire song. Rabbit Hole is the more fun live song that gets the crowd going. It's pretty weak from a lyrical perspective, but I gotta go with Rabbit Hole on this one just based on a fun factor. It was so much fun when Win told the crowd to get low and then everyone starts jumping up and down.

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I don't care much for the lyrics in general, except if they're really special, but musically speaking, Age I is absolutely superior to II, it is very original from the composition perspective, it's unexpected and it has a cool design. Age II is repetitive and doesn't reach any climax.

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AoA I always remind me of Fleetwood Mac. So AoA I definitely.

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Easily the 1st

2nd might be cool live