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I can’t stop crying/and I really think I mean it/but the tears just fall on the sheet.

I really connect to this one - captures my anxiety sensation perfectly.

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This lyric and the one mentioned in the post are the two stand out for me. Really love them

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This hits me every time

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"Fuck season five" sorta tongue in cheek, but also a very, pandemic-specific reminder to start living life

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I actually laughed out loud the first time I heard this line!

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When everything ends, can we do it again?

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This has very "if I could have it back, all the time that we wasted, I'd only waste it again" vibes and I love it

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Absolutely it does. Great catch

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"it's maze of mirrors It's an hologram of a ghost And we can't quite touch it Which is how it hurts us the most"

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Yes this one for me too

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"I got the question wrong" Delivery was great

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Yeah, that delivery really stands out for me.

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Love all of the comments. Also the very first lyric of the album hits me “we’re in the age of doubt/and I doubt we’ll figure it out”

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"It's you and I, it's do or die Suicide mission, baby by my side"

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My favourite on the whole album.

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The pacing of that line makes it so powerful too

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'We got one life, and half of it's gone. Ya know I can't sleep with the television on"

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Things'll break, you'll make mistakes, you'll lose your friends again and again

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Another good one I just remembered. 'Some people want the rock without the roll/ but we all know, there's no God without soul'

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heavy breathing

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It's a toss up between Chinese throwing star and Maserati sports car.

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Always makes me think of Wow by Beck (which is pretty ironic now that I think about it) when I hear this, with how he just threw in random things and a car to make the rhyme

Standing on a line doin' jiu-jitsu Girl in a bikini with the Lamborghini, shih tzu

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From End of the Empire 1-3 “And we know that it’s time to go /Heard the news on the radio”

I like to think it’s a nod to Ziggy Stardust and the song All the young dudes. David Bowie cut it out of Ziggy and let Mott the Hoople cover it because he was producing their album at the time.

I always wonder what could have been if it was on there???

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It’s funny, this line always reminds me of the day I was at work and heard on the radio that David Bowie had died. The song has a very David Bowie sound, but I never put it together.

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Yea. All the young dudes is a song about Ziggy stardust getting people to “carry the news” about the end of the earth. Because no one would listen to Ziggy when he came to earth to warn humanity.

I see similarities in this song not in the sense of the end of the world but but the end of the American Empire obviously. For me as an older millennial it harkens back to the dystopian end of the world vibes from the nineties. Kinda all is lost but from the ashes of the war something has come from it good or bad depending on how you look at it. I think it’s is more about triumph of the human spirit and what we are capable of good and bad.

“They seemed so sure/at least that’s the way I remember the war/what New York used to be.”

Could be a reference to a physical conflict that destroyed our empire? But I think he is most likely referring to a culture war conflict that is the culprit.

The suburbs is my favorite album which is what that is about “the culture war” that is. So I think it may be a nod to that as well.

Who knows?

Im just another disenchanted 40 year old that grew up in the 90s being told how awesome the future was going to be…………..

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I also worry that line could mean they are done, after we all heard the news about Win 😭

Hope with every fibre of my being that I'm wrong on that tho! 🤞🤞🤞

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Oh goodness me, too many, how can I chose?! 😟

'When everything ends can we do it again'

Also that opening lyric for Rabbit Hole..

'Heaven is so cold, I don't wanna go, Father in Heavean's sleepy, somebody delete me'

I love so many of the lyrics on WE, and totally adore the whole album! 🥰

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“But a life without pain, would be boring.” Lookout Kid came out just a week after I got hip my first of two hip surgeries so this line resonated with me at a really deep level.

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Lightning, light our way
'Til the black sky turns back to indigo

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Little black space between the stars, dream of crashing expensive cars

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I love this too!! 🥰

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"nothing ever can replace it, when it's gone you can still taste it, going on this trip together, rabbit hole goes on forever."

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I also love the lyric you posted and it’s probably my fave as well.

Love the meaning or symbolism of the lyric and the song as a whole.

In today’s environment, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the negative news. It’s easy to say fuck it and turn a blind eye or run away.

But what positive can you do? “A day, a week, a month, a year”: it doesn’t have to be huge. You don’t need to expect yourself to change the world single-handedly. That’s not your cross to bear alone. Take it a day at a time. For Win, it was to write this song. What will it be for you?

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"A life without you would be boring for someone like me". I will most likely get that tattooed on me.

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I love the imagery of "the moonlight on a landmine" or the light travelling from the past (continuing the space theme) on Race and Religion.

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Yes, that is my favorite lyric, lol

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Cause I can’t stop crying and I really think I mean it, but the tears mean nothing to me

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“Nothing ever can replace it When it's gone, you can still taste it Going on this trip together Rabbit hole goes on forever”

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"Nothing ever can replace it, when it's gone, you can still taste it, going on this trip together, rabbit hole goes on forever"

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the clothes don’t fit me right, must be the wrong body type.

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I like the one about Kid Icarus. Rabbit Hole is extremely nostalgic for me.