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I thought this was the best article written about We and Arcade Fire back when the album first came out. Still do

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I don’t know. The author accurately captures a lot of their journey but I don’t land where does on the new album. I really love EOE. I also find it hard to think about their albums - or anybody’s - in a ranking sort of way, tho I know that it is part of what music journalists are charged with doing. There is some music that makes me feel amazing even if critics slam it. And vice versa.

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EOE is outstanding

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Great article and makes me sad for what could have been.

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A lot of good points and references in the article, but as the author critiques critiquing, he goes on to critique. Kind of a meta-critique. Seems kinda disingenuous and almost nullifies his original critique... Also, he loves Race and Religion but hates EoE? Disqualifying.

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Enjoyed the article but suggesting replacing End of the Empire with Generation A is mind-boggling.

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Yeah, the author kind of lost all credibility with that comment 😆

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so wierd

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End of the Empire is a stunning (I call it a masterpiece but hey!) work of art

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    Incredibly well said, very poignant and bittersweet.

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    I missed this one, but I’m actually glad I haven’t read it until I’m very familiar with the album and have enjoyed the band playing pretty much the whole thing live. Definitely sentences in there I had to read a couple times to get the full sense, and a Russian novel in not familiar with.