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It's Never Over But it never ends, they continue all night and week long EDIT : And the crowd is trapped inside with no food nor water

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nah that’d be good lmao

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But it turns into Chemistry

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Wake up, as in the OP actually wakes up and it's revealed that this playlist was all his dream

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They perform Wake Up. The song ends with an extended violin outro and each of the band members place one hand on their heart and one in the air to wave/blow a kiss/throw up a peace sign all while Win announces this is the last show they will play as a band. With one final bow, Win says, “goodnight.”

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this is the right answer. Imagine this show ending with this lol.

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Chemistry (Reprise, in an acoustic set)

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Win sings End of the Empire I-IV, but none of the other band members participate. The only instrumentation is from Will, who shows up and stands right in front of Win and glares at him while banging his drum from Rebellion the entire time.

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They are about to perform Wake Up, but suddenly Win notices a spider on the mic...

The whole band run out the auditorium screaming and Arcade Fire are never seen or heard from again

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Arcade Fire leave the stage early, only for Cosmo Gonik (a.k.a. maracas man) to take over for a 50-minute surprise DJ set

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Dude that’d be fun

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The first few chords of Wake Up plays but the band all fall asleep

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everything now

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