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Chris Martin comes on stage and sings chemistry

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Win plays basketball for 20 minutes on stage and never makes a shot

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Tim follows Win into the crowd during the start of Rebellion but gets lost. The song stops to search for him but he never returns.

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Win does his De Niro impression from SNL for 5 mins

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End of the Empire IV but it's just Win singing 'I unsubscribe' for six minutes in a row.

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I do subscribe to this

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Will does join back, but only to destroy all of the drums by putting his head through all of them

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Like the earls court preformance??

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Yep, that one

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Black Mirror, but instead of playing the song, the band members decide to reenact the first episode of the British TV show of the same name, evoking mixed reactions from the crowd

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They are about to perform No Cars Go, but suddenly a loose dog runs onto the stage and eats Regine's accordion, so they just play Infinite Content instead

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Wins uncle comes on stage and says his unpopular (racist) opinions for 12 minutes. Then sings a song on cancel culture

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Flashbulb Eyes and it's Regine singing

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Chemistry is underrated

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You’re my new best friend

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Nice...a soulmate

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A rendition of Supersymmetry played using only 3 slightly off tune recorder flutes

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Ready to start but it ends right before the climax

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Win sings a cover of U2’s With or Without You and in pure Bono’s style invites his groupies to the stage.

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Day 5* (I don't know how to edit posts)

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Wake Up plays again, but Maraca Man replaces Richard and his giant drum.

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Just caught up on this but #6 is by far the most accurate, that man loves to make us sing! I can’t imagine #4 happening because of it!

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You onstage, looking smug