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They play creep again, then they leave and the concert is over

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The Lightning I & II, but the lightning actually comes, sparks a fire at the venue, and requires everyone to evacuate.

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Should be the very last one instead.

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They set an actual arcade on fire

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Kanye guest appearance. He does one of those auto-tune rants about the Win accusations.

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Régine pulls out a file of divorce papers and tells win for the first time in front of the whole audience that she’s done And then win sings put your money on me

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everything now

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Here for these comments again 🍿🍿🍿🤣🤣🤣

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I'm very glad you've enjoyed this !!

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It’s the BEST!!! So funny!

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Naive Melody (Talking Heads cover) featuring David Byrne, but Byrne just reads the Los Angeles Times article where he announced the breakup of the Talking Heads while the band slowly plays the song in the background.

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    Done ✔️🍿🤣

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    Holy shit. That was quick. Thought it was a move of desperation to ask for an upvote so I deleted the comment, but I seriously think that this entry is hilarious.

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    🤣🤣it’s sooo good!! Underrated for sure!!