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Is this yours?

The signature is by the artist right, not anyone associated with the band?

Where did you get it framed? I'm finding it impossible to get a frame for this poster

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Correct, signed by the artist, not the band. Framed at Michael’s.

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Thanks. It's an awkward size so I've struggled getting a generic frame for it. I have 3 from that tour.

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went down a lovely rabbit hole about the show @ radio city and how win caused a minor riot and apologized to security.

and considering today how they use facial recognition, the security situation there has not changed much.

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Ha! I went to one of the United Palace shows and Win invited the audience on stage to sing “Wake Up” during the encore. It was amazing!

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😆 This is fucking amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!

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thanks for telling me about it!

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I was at that show and got on stage, ended up next to Regine! TBH, she looked at little scared at the anarchy going on, lol. It was my first Arcade Fire show and it was a great one!

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I don't see myself, I think I was standing to the side of whoever was taking the video. I have a knack for avoiding the camera, lol.

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This is amazing. I was at this show! I was on my third date with the man who would become my husband, to whom I am still very happily married with three lovely daughters. I don’t remember the security fracas, but I do remember Win coming out into the audience at one point (during Wake Up maybe?) and sang standing on the armrest that separated me from my (now) husband. It was pre-iPhone days but we managed to get a shot of us and him at that moment. It was surreal and I was floating for days. Incredible show, amazing night and a wonderful memory.