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Not anything to bite on but this list might be the greatest thing to ever happen since I’ve joined this Reddit community

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Vote.*** I meant vote sorry AF fans

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They play the Lightning but after the first few notes a lightning bolt strikes on the stadium and all the electricity turns off

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chemistry. the actual song, nothing special happens

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I think it's time for an actual song. A cover of We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel BUT it's their first time singing it together AND no one remembers the lyrics so they sing random words instead.

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Or better yet, Régine is the only one who remembers the lyrics and tries desperately to convey them to win but he isn’t looking in her direction

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Win plays a 45 minute intermission DJ set that’s only different remixes of the Brady Bunch theme song

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DJ Windows 98 is a must

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The band plays a one hour version of supersymmetry on a xylophone and keeps singing the word supersymmetry over and over.

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Jeremy’s drums break so he beat boxes

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Feist and Beck play a duet while staring accusingly at Win without breaking eye contact.

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Rabbit Hole -- and you're excited, because you know Regine is gonna do the "laser fingers" thing, and then... she doesn't.

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Deep Blue but Win finally discover what song was playing on the passing car and have a epiphany mid song.

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David Bowie makes a surprise appearance.

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Specifically holographic David Bowie

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I was thinking more along the lines of exhumed corpse or zombie Bowie but I left it up to the reader’s imagination.

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Unconditional I (lookout kid) - the whole band just do do does for 7 minutes

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I think I’d cut my own ears off 🤠

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Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors - Radiohead cover

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Win starts to sing Chemistry but then delivers a series of awful pick up lines.

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Reflektor but Win’s leaked text messages get displayed around the arena

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My god. My question is, which member reenacted The National Anthem? 😳🐖

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Win covers Harry styles “as it was” again but this time Harry is on stage shaking his head disapprovingly

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The band performs Memories from the Age of Anxiety in its entirety, Win shushes the audience throughout

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Good God Damn but they have an actual girl in a bathtub with Funeral on the background, they play the whole album and the girl kills herself. Win finishes the song by singing Damn

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I shouldn’t laugh at this but …

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Rabbit hole but after “new phone who dis” Win spends an agonizing amount of time reading out the phone number that texted him and making everyone in the audience look through their contacts to see if they know who texted him

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The band invites members of the audience to take their place for a song. The chosen song, Wake Up, is unrecognizable. Win makes them play it again so he has more time to hit on the guest drummer.

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Regine uses Win's head as a conga drum during Reflektor

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12 is incredible