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It’s about rebellion (and lies).

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sleeping and giving in too

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"Sleeping is giving in" pretty much defines it.

Win is singing to the apathetic in society who believe the lies of those in power.

'Wake Up' could be considered a companion piece.

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Definitely, doesn't Rebellion lead into Wake Up too?

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Wake Up is 2 tracks before Rebellion, which surprised me.

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Oh really? Odd, the 2 go very well together

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well, as it is with all art, there will never be some official version of meaning behind it. You can analyze it, you can act on your feelings about it or you can take it literaly, but it will still be subjective. More people takes on it, more meanings there are for you to choose your favourite, the one, that speaks to you the most.

Even when artist say its about something, doesnt mean it is about given something for various reasons: artist can lie, can knowingly or unknowingly change original meaning of lyrics, because their view on given problematic changed, or they want to appeal to different audience/theme, or they simply forgot what they were realy thinking when they wrote it. Also many artist use some drugs, so its really hard to replicate that deep feeling you had when you were high.

For me, those lyrics are about chasing lies and dreams that were fabricated by you and your dearest ones, so you can function well/follow something in life, but realizing that sometimes real value is in accepting harsh truth/harder approach, therefore rebelling against those dreams and lies.

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Well said. It’s also true that the artist themselves may not be fully aware of their own influences, sometimes there is inspiration that comes from a place the writer of the song doesn’t consciously recognize but the audience might. In that sense art belongs as much to the person who experiences it as it does the artist.

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exactly, great point.

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I assume much like IT was about coming of age, Rebellion (lies) is too. It always felt like that age when you realize everyone lied to you as a child to scare you straight, and you’re just now seeing it. There’s that sense of betrayal and the subsequent rebellion that comes with the truth.

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At face value, it's about rebelling against the idea of needing sleep to survive.

It fits well with the idea of anti-consumerism as well. With sleep being an escape from a world where all people want to do is influence you to be a certain way and buy certain things. But how can you trust that when people are trying to sell you sleep too?

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I think "sleeping is giving in" is referring to someone who is not "woke", suggesting rebelling against some social system requires being awake and aware, because "every time you close your eyes (lies, lies)"

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I always assumed the narrator of the song is just a child fighting against his “bedtime” like all children do, but then i feel like most of the songs on Funeral are from the point of view of a rebellious child….🤷🏻‍♂️