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I am so happy to see and support Beck again, and don't blame him at all for dropping out quietly. Win put him in a horrible spot, and it was lose-lose no matter what he chose.

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Agreed... definitely a lose-lose

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Super depresso. Phoenix is tops live but I'll be damned if I ever support Beck again. I know, petty. Beck crapped on his fans and very publicly bit the hand of those who invited him on tour. He wanted those headlines but he screwed over AF and their fans. Hoping Phoenix does some side dates but if not this will be the first Phoenix show I miss.

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I got excited at first because I thought this was gonna be Arcade Fire, Beck and Jenny Lewis! lol 😅

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That would be sick! Rilo Kiley reunion!?!?

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I don't want to give my full two cents about the Beck/AF situation, but while I think it was good of Beck to silently bow out as opposed to denouncing the band... I think if he knows he's big enough to headline MSG (i.e. a lot of people could buy tickets just to see him) it feels super lame to me to drop out and frankly would really turn away die hard fans. The good news for me is that although I like Beck a lot (and an acoustic set sounded sick), I was 100% there for Arcade Fire.

With that said... Beck, Phoenix, and Weyes Blood is a pretty solid lineup.

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Toronto is the only day that would work for me and I just feel the bad vibes already, thinking of driving to Toronto from Pittsburgh to see him when he bowed out on Arcade Fire there. Beck was great electric when I saw him, but we bought tickets for AF Toronto to see Beck acoustic and I won’t pay to see him again.

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I was super annoyed that he bowed out without saying anything. While I wasn’t as upset as many by the allegations, I found Feist’s statement and decision to drop out of the tour sincere, authentic and understandable. But to drop out and not take the time and emotional energy to draft and publish a statement explaining why was disappointing. Seemed like wimps way out to me.

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It will never not annoy me that within a week or so of backing out of the We tour, he was seen hanging with Diplo; someone who has his own rap sheet of issues that strike close to the stuff that scared Beck off of the tour. It's almost like this stuff is performative and behind the scenes people are less concerned.

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In addition to performing with the RHCP. I think he must have been strongly advised not to do the tour, because it all seemed hush hush and performative to me.