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Wish summer came sooner

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Kudos to all non Europeans for making that trip! But then again we all know that it'll be so worth it! 🖤🔥🖤

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Just bought Thursday tickets for Calas, waiting for Kalorama day line-up 🫣 and if AF plays on Saturday maybe I can make both 🥸

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Anybody happen to go to Cala Mijas before? My husband wants us to bring our kids, who are tweens. I can’t imagine that being fun but I haven’t really been to a music festival before so maybe I don’t have a good sense of what they are like?

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You're travelling to another continent to see your favourite band - I'd take no chances to have that day spoiled by a moody 13yo, lol.

Source: am mother to tweens too.

Apart from that bringing them should be fine, they might enjoy the atmosphere and there is usually plenty of space at the back if they feel like a break. Haven't been to CM but to a different fest when they were way younger, no prob. Bear in mind that Spain can get insanely hot in summer, so you'll have to keep them hydrated.

Edit: oh, and bring ear plugs :)

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I have a slight suspicion that AF will play in a festival on Monterrey Mexico in October. Why? Cause this festival fits perfectly (Tecate Live Out) for AF. And here in Monterrey are bringing a lot of big headliners lately