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And. Here. We. Go.

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Someone wake Joel!

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I live in London so will keep an eye out. For years afterwards I would spot Reflektor graffiti throughout the city.

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There’s some stenciled reflektor graffiti by my apartment in Chicago. I swear if the city rips up that section of sidewalk…

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There is one stenciled right in front of Music Box Theatre. I was always so stoked walking by it when I was going to see movie.

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That's cool! I kinda wanna check the locations I've spotted and see if it's still intact.

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I just went to Google Maps to see if I could still see the one outside CB2 in Chicago. Sure enough it's there in the Oct 2014 timeline!

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Pic? Please...

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What do you think, how long we must wait?

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Now our lives are changing fast, now our lives are changing fast

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I think we get new music within 10-12 days. The postcard routine only gets you so far. When Radiohead did this in 2016 new music dropped within a week. Same for when Coldplay did it in 2019.

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I immediately thought of the Everyday Life promos. I think that was my favorite way any band has rolled out an album

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I feel like within a month we got 2 singles and the full album from when the postcards arrived.

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It was all within like October and November. I loved the pacing

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On the flip side it took Coldplay almost 6 months to drop music of the spheres after higher power came out in May.

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True, but they were made to be different things. EL was supposed to be a smaller release with out major radio play, and no real tour. MOTS was supposed to be a massive commercial release with lots of radio play and a huge tour. So I get why they did them differently

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That album was extremely undercooked. Half the album was released as a single or played live/streamed. The remaining 4 non interlude tracks ended up being average at best. Long ass promo campaign for a spiritless album.

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Yeah it’s probably my least favorite Coldplay album. Coloratura is the only song I still come back to

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Couldn’t agree more.

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Any theories on what this drawing might mean? Looks fascinating either way

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Based solely on the pun of “eye unsubscribe,”thematically it could be commentary on social media and digital surveillance (e.g. Facebook harvesting our eyeballs for ad revenue), and knowing Win/Regine, protesting it. The fact it’s a post card could mean musically a less “plugged-in” sound a la Funeral, but they also did a sheet music bit for Infinite Content so that may be wishful thinking on my part.

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Accordion, strings, horns, hurdy-gurdy, just maybe no more pan flute. (Although that was very tastefully done in EN)

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Yeah it kinda feels like an extension of and a push back to Everything Now, thematically at least.

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That would be ideal. That promo was a hot mess with way too much backlash that sadly outshined the actual music being created. Less is more I feel.

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Yep. I feel like that album would be better received if it was just surprise released. This seems like it's heading in a good direction!

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Not trying to be pessimistic, but rather genuine - how do we know this is AF? I wasn’t around as a fan during Reflektor or EN marketing (although I’ve since looked into how it all worked back then), but could someone let me know if I’m just missing anything?

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Starting to be picked up by media outlets now, which adds credibility. NME have run a story on it.

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Awesome. Thank you

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Perhaps - the NME article is using this post and u/Bordongrown's as source material, so it could just be the snake eating its tail.

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i live in Glasgow, might see if i can spot anything

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Sorry I can't stop seeing a turtle's butthole. I'll show myself out

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I am hyperventilating

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“Unsubscribe” likely the name. It follows nicely from Reflektor and Everything Now

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Idk about “likely”

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Need stickers in New York or it never happened.

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aesthetic based on the last bon iver album /s

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