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Looks like according to the USPS I'm getting one of these in the mail today. Also suburbs of Philadelphia. Hopefully it's a new one we haven't seen yet! Either way it's getting framed.

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Fuck sake, 4 hours ago? How did I miss this?! Won't be til tomorrow now I'm afraid.

Well, no need as the other comments said as it's just the melody from the very start of Memories of the Age of Anxiety. Case closed.

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How are people receiving these

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I bought a sweatshirt from the store last year… so am guessing that’s how they have my mailing address?

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What part of the country are you in? :)

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Suburbs of Philadelphia

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When I read this and without thinking, I thought you were combining "The Suburbs" with "Streets of Philadelphia."

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Sweet! Probably mailed from the eastern time zone, so we out here on the left coast will have to keep and eye out soon. :)

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Could I still get one if I sign up?

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Buy something and let us know.

Go before us, brave one.

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      Haha you're right! Perhaps snippets of that piece will appear on LP6 - I'd love some atmospheric stuff on the album

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      Was pretty convinced that melody was appearing in the album, glad to see it is!! Loved it on that piece!

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      Nice! The capital WE is interesting. Maybe an acronym for the new album.