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Ritchie is my canary. If they mended things enough that he’s willing to go on I think there’s hope for the future.

Though I can’t help but wonder how much of this influenced Will’s decision to split.

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I was at all the UK shows, and a few others in Europe.

So it was quite an experience to see how the mood shifted. I’ll start by saying I had the time of my life, but it wasn’t without emotional turmoil at first.

Crowd Engagement:

The first UK show in particular was tough. I met a lot of hardcore fans who simply hadn’t had time to process it all. The sheer joy of a queue wasn’t there. I very much struggled before the show, until I heard my favourite songs and broke down.

And I think that is an explanation as to why the general UK audience sucked (sorry but aside from Manchester and Glasgow the crowds were quite dull). Also, the queen died one hour before London so that show was never going to have a joyous vibe for everyone lol.

It really picked up after London, The French crowds were especially brilliant. Peaking in Paris with one of my all time favourite Arcade Fire shows!


Despite initial tensions, those shows have been INCREDIBLE. The band on top form as usual, great set lists. Stunning performances. Emotional moments, fun moments. 10/10

It’s hard to read into band “chemistry”.. so I can’t comment on that. But they give it there all as always.

Paul slotted in perfectly, although he can’t replace Will, his take on the hype man role was so much fun.

From personal experience I also know the band had been more grateful than ever to actually see their fans and see those dedicated to their music.

Set lists:

Really great set lists. We’ve all seen there’s been a wide mix of deeper cuts, from headlights to Black Wave! So 0 complaints there.

The WE stuff fit into their sets perfectly. Not a single WE song I didn’t enjoy live. Rabbit hole is now an AF live highlight!


Great tour, despite the testing start. So much fun. Regardless of what i think about it all, i fucking love that band and those songs.

I think the US will benefit from having had time to process everything and allow people to make them own minds up/separate art from the artist or whatever.

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I agree, Manchester was immense, best show of my life! But Glasgow (my hometown) was absolutely terrible in my opinion! I was front row, centre, smd behind me the crowd sounded dead, although a few other have disagreed with me on that. I was actually embarrassed at a few different moments, especially when Win tried to get everyone to join in the "do do's" for lookout kid, I seen the way they all looked at each other and he said "that was weird, but ok" and laughed, because u couldn't hear anyone respond. Birmingham was better than Glasgow...Glasgow was the worst, and it breaks my heart to say that 💔

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Been in Madrid and it was beautiful

The crowd was mind-boggling. Tunnels and Rabbit Hole were mad there. The latter will become a classic in a few years, such an amazing reaction of the crowd. I think they were a bit shocked about the support during every song. Regine brought some phenomenal vocals, when she went nuts during Sprawl “Maaaadridddddd”, I got so much joy. It was like a celebration of her the entire concert. Too bad she did not sing other Regine songs, but I understand they wanted a warm setlist for a latin crowd so it would have been strange to sing Black Wave or It’s Never Over.

Regarding End of the Empire. It’s my favorite track of the album, but I find it a bit off putting to start the encore and also if you stay in front of the A stage, the B stage seems very far. I still have mixed feelings about the B stage. In Madrid they barely used it. Thank god I didn’t stay there.

This band live is a must see. I really hope they will still play after the tour. We need Arcade Fire.

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A few points….

Win has gestured to the story in some improvised lyrics.

“I want to break free, but will they break me?” was changed to “but they won’t break me”

“After all the bad advice that had nothing at all to do with life” was changed to “after all the bad advice and bullshit…”

“Every inch of space in your head is filled up with the things that you’ve read” was modified to “filled up with the shit that you’ve read”

He’s also made mention of the crew and how many people they effectively employ through the tour.

Also noted that they’ll be back in Europe as much as they can—suggesting that this isn’t the end.

According to Billboard, band was in fact planning to play spring/summer festivals. Now bookers are watching the tour to see what reaction and turnout looks like, judge audience/fan concern before deciding.

Lastly, I’m concerned that the band’s decision not to cancel and let fans decide rather than Twitter (which I wholeheartedly agree with) has annoyed some who felt the story didn’t do the damage they thought it would, hence bloggers sniffing around on Reddit for new gossip to report on. As such, I’m assuming some sort of story will drop before the NA dates. I’ve been tracking people who were asking users to DM them for stories on Win; they’ve since deleted those comments, which has me a little worried that they’re trying to cover their tracks before another story drops.

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annoyed some who felt the story didn’t do the damage they thought it would

Sure seems that way.

I’ll add this: in retrospect, the timing of this seems like it was a hit piece. They had been working on this for months. Why release it days before the band is about to leave on tour? It seems like the investigation could have been completed well before the article was published, so why wait?

hence bloggers sniffing around on Reddit for new gossip to report on.

I’ve been tracking people who were asking people to DM them for stories on Win and they’ve deleted all those comments at this point, which has me a little worried that they’re trying to cover their tracks before another story drops.

That’s quite likely the case, though there may be other reasons why they want to cover their tracks that could be unrelated to another story. I’m sure people have screenshots. There are ways to view deleted comments and archives. It’s out there. One comment included a name that rhymed with/insinuated Rolling Stone. We’ll see. I hope nothing drops before the NA tour (or after).

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Conclusion in search of evidence. Welcome to blogging in 2022

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This is the last time I’m going to look at this arcade fire page or respond to anyone.

I’m one of those people you were “tracking”. I’m also a woman who is absolutely traumatized by years of life with Win. The other person you saw posting is a woman just like me. We have not made a statement before, we were considering making one now with one of several publications who reached out to us on Reddit from seeing our comments. That includes crime reporters from legacy newspapers, literally all journalists reach out to sources on social media. Pitchfork reached out to women who were posting on Reddit 5 months ago. That’s how this started.

Why is it that you criticize traumatized women (every one of us still in our 20s) for using social media to try to find eachother and other people who can help with witness accounts to support our stories (to meet the RIGOROUS standards of journalistic fact checking we need every outside validation we can find). Why do you feel justified sharing our user names, saying we are gossip bloggers or shady lawyers, effectively doxxing us and telling other profiles to watch us…. You’re weaponizing social media against us in criticism of us using social media. Where is your criticism for Win, a man in his 40s, who habitually used social media to find vulnerable young women? When I made that post there were a lot of comments from you and people like you that each destroyed my faith in humanity a little. But I also met a new girl just like me in my town who went through what I did, and it helped me understand what happened to me, it helped me heal a little, I am glad I made that post.

Did you ever think maybe I deleted my previous comments which were all about Pokémon and my school and city where I live, because you outed my username and said you were looking through my old comments, and I didn’t want to be exposed like that?

I’m just a girl. We’re all just girls fucked up by this thing and trying to find community and support and voice and agency. I’ll probably delete this too, delete my whole account. You people make this shitty thing even so much worse to live through

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I’m not “tracking” you, nor did I claim I was. That was the person I replied to. When you post things on a public Internet forum, people can see them. I haven’t shared your username or anyone else’s. I’m also fairly certain that I have never commented on a post of yours or replied to a previous comment. Had I not seen your since deleted comment that was linked in this subreddit, I wouldn’t know who you were. You’re attributing things to me that I have neither said nor done.

As far as your relationship with Win or the scummy things he did, that’s between you and him. I believe the people who have accused him, and I don’t agree with his actions, but I don’t find any of the allegations that I have heard to be so horrible that I am going to write off his band’s music.

You’re not some helpless girl; you’re an adult with agency. You are free to make your own choices, and people are free to feel however they want about those choices, especially when you broadcast them publicly. I hope you are able to get the closure and healing you need and deserve. I don’t see how trying to punish a person who has wronged you or trying to publicize what happened is necessary for that, but I’m not in your position, so my feelings are irrelevant.

You don’t have to answer this question if you don’t want to, but what is your end game here? What are you hoping to achieve?

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For reference, I too have not made mention of these users' names, replied to them, etc. Tracking merely means looking through public forums, it's not some stealth operation.

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My apologies if I insinuated that you were doing anything other than looking at publicly posted content in my reply.

I know some people have commented the usernames of people who made these comments, but I don’t recall who did that. Regardless, that’s just attributing something that a person said using an online handle to their online handle, not revealing the person behind that handle. It’s not doxxing, and if people don’t want things to be public, perhaps they should not publicize them.

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Np. I’m not sure who this person is referring to, but the reaction should be redirected at whomever was/is sharing names. These were public posts on popular threads like Indieheads and New Orleans that I learned about after they were reported on here and then were deleted when I tried to find them. I’m not Perry Mason.

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Yeah, I followed them for several days, and the level of desperation was pretty ridiculous. They were digging up "my friend has a friend who knows a bartender who said..." from over a year ago and messaging those people wanting the story.

If that is the level you are going to in order to try to find more people to come forward, then it does not seem like there is much more to find. I think other people would have WILLINGLY reached out to Pitchfork after that article if they had more to add.

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good point. I also don’t appreciate the timing from Pitchfork because it comes across as an attention/drama seeking move rather than a journalistic drive to expose some truths, and it was planned without any concern for the other artists and professionals whose livelihoods currently depend on the band. take Win down if that’s the right thing to do, leave everyone else alone.

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That Pitchfork piece must have been calculated to the bone. Seemed like a vendetta

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And they drop it IMMEDIATELY before the tour starts, as if the whole point is just to do as much damage to the band as possible rather than being about helping the people who came forward?

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100%. They maximised it for click bait attention, no doubts about that regardless of your opinion on the topic.

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Seldom I'll defend Pitchfork, but them dropping it just before the tour starts is simply journalism 101. You publish it when it'll make the maximum impact. I imagine if the article was ready; they'd have published around the release of WE. I don't necessarily see it as P4K having a vendetta.

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Dropping it right before the tour started was douche. That's not journalism. That looked like a p4k power/control or vendetta move.

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Journalism and media are about maximizing audience. It’s not about the truth in 2022. Its clicks and max impact. We have built a mediabusiness model where clickbait pays off. Im not defending Pitchfork. They are doing their job, which is maximizing audience and money. That’s it.

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Also - maximum impact for what?

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Maximum impact for clicks with a distinct touch for power/control over the scene Pitchfork style

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Got me and my friends thinking , Wondering if the writers at Pitchfork are all squeaky clean themselves

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My ex gf’s cousin’s bf used to huff paint with the VP of pitchfork. DM me for deets. (Jk)

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real tho! that's how stories get built

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There's definitely something more to this and if I heard correctly isn't their contract with the label up for renewal also? If so the timing seems even more calculated.

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Which is why it's nice to see that Pitchfork and their ilk have largely failed. Sure, there's forever a stain on the AF brand, but how indelible it ends up being is up for debate. The fanbase-at-large seems to have, if anything, doubled down on their support if venue reactions - and lack of certain reactions (i.e. major protests or walkouts) are anything to go by. Expose toxic behavior, sure, I get it. But Pitchfork most def had an agenda and the timing of their article proves it. They were probably salivating at the thought of being the ones who took down arguably the greatest indie band of all time. And yet...

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Win has done some terrible stuff and it’s true based on Win’s statement. Pitchfork did the right thing, and of course they have to time it to bring in more attention

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I went to the Lisbon show II and it was my 4th show of AF. I saw them in festivals and solo and it is always amazing. Each one has something particular that makes it extraordinary. Maybe if I have to pick one I'll pick this show as my favorite only because I was in the front line and the stage was pretty close from the crowd. The energy is amazing.

About the "scandal" when it was released my opinion was that they will not talk about it and eventually this subject will be forgotten. And it is what is happening. After the article if more situations had happened we will know because people will start to expose but for what I know it didn't happen. The timing of the article it was terrible. Days before the tour start and I think this was tricky. So in some way it loses credibility, in my opinion.

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Attended Osheaga + all 4 UK shows, and have 10 US/CA shows coming up, starting with 3 in DC.

Can say that the vibe is different since the last tour - less of a glittery party vibe, a little less spontaneous feeling, and all around more apocalyptic and intense. But, I think that's WE! The tour reflects their current music and the shows have all been outstanding. The vibe is nearly identical from Osheaga (pre Pitchfork article) to UK shows, apart from Win being more kind to the tour crew and thankful of his bandmates. One good thing to come of the news.

Saw a wide range of songs, including "We" and "Deep Blue" which were both stunning. Only saw Power Out once, but hoping that comes back into rotation in US. It's my fave :)

I have been at the very front for all these shows, and I do think that makes a difference. It's hard to tell the vibe of the whole arena from there, since you're among fans. But Manchester was the clear standout for positive vibes and energy in UK.

One of the best parts about seeing all these shows has been meeting fellow AF fans! Everyone's take on the accusations has been different but thoughtful and nuanced. Made me feel more human about all my conflicting feelings. Really feels good to be in a crowd of kind strangers again after a long pandemic.

See y'all at the US shows soon!

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I don't think Jeremy, Tim and Richard will leave after the tour. They already had to talk about this situation à few years before pitchfork dropped the article. And they knew it was coming. They would already be gone if they did not truly supported their bandmate and friend

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I've seen them in Milan. The atmosphere and energy of both the band and the crowd were absolutely amazing, Arcade Fire at their best. I've seen them once before during the pre-Everything Now tour and thought this was a much better performance. I was conflicted about going to the show after Win's allegations but I'm glad I went in the end.

What surprised me the most was how well received the new songs were live - everybody was singing along with Win, and Rabbit Hole and The Lightning were the highlights of the concert for me. End of the Empire was cool too, with the whole arena turning on the flashlights on their phones. Generation A is the only song that received a lukewarm response from the audience.

The arena seemed much more full than I expected, and while I usually don't like seeing artists in arenas, I think it really worked for Arcade Fire - moments such as Regine dancing in the middle of the arena under the disco ball during Sprawl II, or seeing the whole arena sing along to Wake Up with the band on the b-stage felt really magical.

Also, while I loved the DJ set of the Maracas guy, I really missed having a proper opener.

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All the videos I have seen look excellent, and the variety in the setlists is impressive. I feel like they are embracing setlist variety in a way I have not really seen them do before.

I am in Texas and was hoping there would be a second portion of the USA tour that would include somewhere (anywhere) drivable from the Houston area. I was kind of hoping they would announce the second leg of the tour around now, so that I could make a calculated decision about whether I should try to drive 16 hours to Chicago.

But it seems like the news cycle surrounding the Pitchfork article delayed a lot of plans. It is hard for me to believe they originally planned to wait so long between singles, for example. I feel like that top secret Rabbit Hole remix would have appeared by now, if not for that article. Disappointing.

I know the record label probably has $$$ in mind above all else, and they are probably looking at metrics and analytics before proceeding with anything, but I wish they would go ahead with their plans for the fans who are eager for more from this album cycle.

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I think festivals in Europe seem more than likely for 2023

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Also South America

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I finally got to see the band for the first time (at the O2) and found the show spectacular; the songs from WE really surprised me, and fit perfectly in the setlist. The visual display with the eye and the b-stage were welcome additions. Win awkwardly ad-libbed "The Queen is dead" at one point and also changed some lyrics to perhaps subtly reference the allegations. All in all, it was rather bitter sweet as I do feel a cloud hangs over this band that meant the audience wasn't as crazy as other gigs I've been to, but the overall atmosphere, performance and presentation was incredible; and the album they're touring has only grown on me more and more in the past few months.

I really don't know what happens next though. I think there were more plans for WE but they have been put on hold while the band gets through the tour they've got planned. I don't know when Arcade Fire comes back, or even if they release another album, but I suspect that the American leg of the tour will continue, and that another article re. Win will be released in the interim. After that final show in Montreal that is said to be an all-encompassing deep-dive into their progression as a band, what happens next? Maybe the line-up will change and people will leave the band. Maybe they stick together, go on tour again, release another record. Maybe Win and Regine take it on all by themselves. Maybe this is the end of the band. I'm not really sure but I suspect, by the strength of the tour and their characters, that they will continue and there will be more Arcade Fire music in future, but it will take a very different shape.

Edit: I want to say that End of the Empire was a fantastic cut, that perfectly works as the encore opener but the highlight of the whole show (which seriously surprised me) was Rabbit hole.

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Possible. But it’s also possible that the band supports Win and they’re not overthinking it. I go back to something I posted here at the start, if he believes he’s innocent and has nothing to atone for, then why not just carry on? Because Twitter and music bloggers are mad? As we’ve seen with this tour, they don’t really matter.

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Absolutely. I've been thinking about the other band members a lot during all of this, and the possibility, hell, the probability that they support him has come to mind. I believe Win has acted poorly but I also believe people can change.

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I've read all the comments so far and some great observations and discussions but there is one common theme that emerged for me. Rabbit Hole, Rabbit Hole, motherfucking Rabbit Hole!

That is all.

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That is what my life has been like since May. I just never stop playing it.

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The way I see it pitchfork have failed. After the article there was a big push on the Internet to get the tour cancelled. I read lots of badly researched news articles suggesting the majority of fans demanding the tour be cancelled. I went to the Manchester gig feeling excited but uncertain. Would everybody be boycotting the gig, would people be protesting, holding up banners, shouting abuse. Everything I was reading on the Internet suggested a washout. Well reality was very different from the Internet. The Arena filled up nicely, not full but enough to feel full. It was Saturday night and everyone was in party mood and here to enjoy themselves. The band were cheered on to Rebellion. It was clear Manchester was going to be a very supportive crowd for the band. It was noticeable how the band relaxed after a few songs and started to enjoy it. Whatever situation the Internet was portraying was not evident here. My overriding memory is after age of empire Win says something like "ok it's Saturday night let's have some fun" then starts playing Temptation. Good choice for Manchester, the place went off, thousands of people singing and dancing along. I feel so pivalaged and happy to have witnessed this moment I will never forget. Leaving the gig, the vibe was buzzing. Lots of very happy people. So in summary I would say at this moment in time Pitchfork 0 Arcade Fire 1.

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I don’t necessarily think of this as Pitchfork vs AF, although I do have reservations about the standards employed in the reporting; there are blindspots in the story that pop up around the main sticking points (e.g breathlessly toggling between evidence-based claims and unsubstantiated claims without making those distinctions clear).

What I think you’re really getting at is AF vs the Internet mob mentality. And there, I think AF bet right and basically proved that you don’t cave to the mob in an attempt to placate. That never works and only gives them more ammunition in the future. You have to do right by your actual fans and let them decide whether to attend or not attend.

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Manchester was outstanding! The vibe was amazing, compared to Birmingham the night b4, and Glasgow 2 nights after, you'd of thought Manchester were in their own little bubble and knew nothing of the allegations lol. I think the more time goes on, if nothing more comes out, the more accepting the crowd will be.

Ideal scenario would be that these allegations, are the only allegations, nothing comes of it, and we all just move on, knowing Win isn't really the guy we all thought he was, but hey, we love the music, and that's that.

I don't think they ever planned to add anymore tour dates, and I also think the reason we got a short 7 track album, is down to the fact they knew all this shit storm had to come out, and that it was gonna just at the time it'd make max impact, but in order to carry on as a band, they had to let it run its course at some point, so they released a short album, and a shortish tour.

Don't forget, they totally knew all this was coming for a long time.

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I also think the reason we got a short 7 track album, is down to the fact they knew all this shit storm had to come out

I'm not sure about that. I think the album is short because it's very specific and intentional. I actually think it's the most thematically consistent and historically relevant of all their albums. I definitely sense some deliberate references to the impending news dump, but I see those in EN as well and think that the effect on their creative output is minor at best. Every song on the album follows a very consistent and intentional story arc and flows perfectly. Except one song, and I think you know which one I mean ;)

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Which song do you mean? They all fit the arc!

[–]onlyarcadefireCold Wind 1 point2 points  (2 children)

R+R sticks out like a sore thumb, to me anyway. I guess you could make a case for a WE side theme in the lyrics but stylistically and musically I find it jarring and inconsistent with the otherwise tightly focused album.

[–]the-boxmanNeon Bible 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Lyrics for sure I think it's necessary. I like how it references the album cover with the eyes lyric and how it returns to the "One body one soul" theme of Rabbit Hole. Musically it follows pretty nicely from Unconditional 1 re. percussion. I feel like they're trying to capture the anthemic nature of Sprawl 2 though and it doesn't match up at all to the catharsis of that.

[–]StacyMoo83Creature Comfort 0 points1 point  (0 children)

If i was to pick one song not to have on the album, it'd be R+R , although i do still like it!

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These allegations are old. I agree with the people who are pointing out that the band ALREADY had time to deal with this, and probably knew about it well before this album cycle.

If Win’s comments are true, he had a tumultuous period that resulted in AA and therapy eventually. The band would know about that. The Reflektor era film had a lot of scenes of him drinking and wandering around in a stupor. The band knew about this stuff, for sure.

I would not be surprised if they joined the major label partially for better access to a legal team, just in case something came up.

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The lighting and AV for this tour might be their best yet. Despite being in arenas the AV seems to nicely match the vibe of the songs and makes the shows feels more intimate than most arena shows often do. As time goes on the public seem to be more and more forgiving and just hoping all involved get any necessary therapy they need and move forward. Arcade Fire’s music is too magical to too many people for them to be totally cancelled from this. Happy to see it!

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I think there are two questions. What will they do vs. what should they do.

What will they do probably has more to do with the range of ways that they are intertwined with the business of touring -- contracts, jobs, etc. If the tour wasn't already booked, there's a good chance it wouldn't have happened due to the intensity of the initial backlash.

What do you think they should do? I struggle with this. I don't think they should cancel the tour and I think many people going to see them live are going feeling somewhat conflicted. They love the band and love what it meant for them and walking away because of the allegations is too much.

That being said, I remain pretty grossed out by Win. Not just his behaviour, but also his response to the allegations and his subsequent carrying on in public. I've said this elsewhere -- maybe this isn't something meriting an investigation. But I don't think it should be just up to him to decide whether he's done the work. To me, the most damaging thing about his PR agency's response was his willingness to shame people who said he had behaved poorly with them -- I'm thinking of his feeling about "creeped out" by the girl who had a tattoo of his band. Dude -- who's the creep in this situation? The guy sexting young girls and googling whether they are of age, or the confused young woman being pursued by someone she admires?

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I was at the second Dublin show. I was half prepared for it to be a shitshow considering the situation at the time with Win......but it was honestly one of the best gigs I've ever been to.

Yeah it was nowhere near full attendance but the crowd reaction was pretty good.

I'm curious to see how NA tour fares. I think the band are clearly behind Win, for better or worse. I dont think the performances would be as strong otherwise. Which makes me think theyve possibly known about this for a while.

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I saw them in Manchester and that crowd was LIT! Such an incredible show and surprisingly, Everything Now was the banger everyone loved. It was a magical night.

Then I saw them in Munich and the crowd was lackluster. Total opposite energy. But they performed Haiti, which I’ve never seen live, so a Win.

Still enjoyed DJ Maracas.

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I’m seriously debating on having a little solo trip to catch the first three DC shows.

[–]Ok_Organization4541 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Following Antwerp, I regretted not having ventured out to some other city, Amsterdam, Berlin, Lille and the list goes on. If you have the opportunity I’d say go for it.

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  1. Album is significantly better than the last one leading to better setlists - I think Dublin I might be the best one I've seen them do


  1. Crowds have been disappointing in size, Dublin II had curtained off half the seats unlike the first night and atmosphere was worse as a result of the smaller crowd. O2 in London was good but still not full, I believe they had 2 other London dates lined up if the first sold out which it didn't.


  1. Will is a miss alright to the live experience


  1. Staging of the shows are great overall, good lighting, good sound (albeit some minor issues), good use of B stage


  1. Too many covers


  1. I like End of the Empire live


  1. I hope they go back to playing smaller venues now that they can't sell out arenas

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They’re in this awkward position where they can sell 90% of capacity of arenas in plenty of cities, so even if they don’t completely sell out, the venue is still justified. Otherwise they’d be playing multiple nights at smaller venues to generate equivalent ticket sales, which is hard to manage from a touring standpoint.

[–]themanebeat 4 points5 points  (5 children)

Yeah most cities struggle with the difference between the 2k small capacity venues and 10k+ arenas. Not much in between

[–][deleted]  (4 children)


    [–]themanebeat 2 points3 points  (2 children)

    I wouldnt call 5k that intimate! Pretty sure they played TT the Bears in Cambridge MA back in the day. That's intimate!

    [–]rfamico 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    Well relative to Barclays Center I guess

    [–]themanebeat 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    No true I get you. I just miss the days of 1,200 person venues.

    [–]onlyarcadefireCold Wind 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Wow, maybe I should do the pilgrimage to Boston! Sounds ideal.

    [–]Ok_Organization4541 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    On point 2 (crowds), I think the difference between UK/Ireland and continental Europe has been significant both in terms of size and excitement/participation. Perhaps it’s due to that the former took place very soon after the Pitchfork piece and people were not sure how to react/what to think; perhaps it’s something else? But shows in Europe were super lively

    [–]themanebeat 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Yeah I mean Dublin was right after the article and London was less than 3 hours after the Queen's death was announced but the overall size of the crowd was very poor. The participation from those there was fine

    I'm going to Berlin tomorrow night so will gauge any differences. Again it's a much bigger venue this time and not sold out so that's not a good sign

    [–]my_middle_leg_smiles 2 points3 points  (2 children)

    So glad they didn't cancel themselves out of some woke guilt. This news has been around for a long time.

    Timed to kill the tour.

    Let the market decide.

    I don't need to like my artists to love thier art. I'm not alone apparently

    [–]thekingofthegingersNeighborhood #2 (Laika) 3 points4 points  (1 child)

    Woke. 😂😂😂

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    The market

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    see you in dc