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European festivals won't start dropping the majority of the names for another 2 months. So it's too early to tell if they booked them or not.

I don't see their record deal expiring as a showstopper. They still can sell their music, merchandise, and concerts, so there is business in them. Also the stories aren't that damning that the brand Arcade Fire is tainted beyond repair. I think the major variable is the internal structure of the band itself. Now the tour is over, and they have the time to reflect and really discuss what happened. If someone wants out, now it appears to be the time.

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My guess is that the band will stick together, I’m sure they’ve all known about the accusations (well before the tour… heck some on this Reddit have known for years), and only Will chose to leave before this generation of the band. But what do I know 🤷‍♂️. Definitely hoping for some big EU festival announcements as I’m traveling the EU next summer!

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But what do I know 🤷‍♂️.

Exactly my point. Sure it was a tour that needed time to develop but having seen the Amsterdam show and followed along this sub, it appeared to me it continued in an upward trend towards the highlights Toronto and Montreal. But now that buzz is wearing off. Where do the individual members land?

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Would be cool if Dan Boeckner stayed with the band too, he fits right in. But maybe he was only in it for the tour.

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I’d love to see him there in the future! But he also needs to make music himself :)

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At the Montreal gig, Win did say “We are so fucking lucky he’s (Dan) in our band now.” I’m hoping that means he’s permanent. Same for Paul - he’s so freaking talented. Plenty of time outside AF for both to do their own things.

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I agree. That would mean some fresh musical input for the band, so the next album will be interesting for sure.

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Dan’s an awesome guitarist and synth player so I’d love to see what he could contribute to a new album.

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Honestly I had heard rumours about various members being kinda lewd with fans before but nothing to the level of the allegations against Win. I am really disheartened no one in the band has spoken out, and it makes me think some members have enough skeletons to keep quiet. In this case, if they don't fracture following this tour/currently scheduled shows, they'll probably keep playing.

Just makes me sad as a fan who looked up to them from my teen years as a "for the outsiders" group and it turns out their frontman has been sexually aggressive with fans.

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It's not right, but musicians have done this forever. Celebrities have done this forever. I'm sorry to say, but anyone that thinks their music or sports idols don't take advantage of their position to have sex is a naive.

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Taking advantage of position is one thing. If musicians and their fans want to hook up, and everyone involved is super into it, go for it IMO, but once either party (but particularly the celebrity) is making the other uncomfortable, then it's a different story. I'm sure it happens, it's just sad even the most inclusive bands are treating people this poorly.

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I think the band will continue for sure. They will probably disappear for a little while through the winter, but I expect them to resurface by the summer, if the demand is there for a tour.

I'm not trying to read too much into things, but at the end of the second Toronto show, Win did say "we'll see you soon" when he was wrapping up the show. It's obviously a vague statement, but I don't think he would say such a thing if they had no plans in mind or on the horizon.

And I kind of feel like a new record won't take five years this time. Maybe the 2-3 year range.

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It'll be interesting to see how the media treats the band going forward. If they put pressure on venues, opening acts, don't review their music, they don't get invited to festivals, then it is going to be a tougher road for the band.

They have enough fans that they could tour at decent sized venues for many years, but something about the band existing as musical exiles seems strange. The reason for this (I think) is that their music isn't usually about intimate personal details, it is music that seeks to speak to big picture issues and seeks change for humanity. It seems incongruous to be delivering that message at an open mic night (I exaggerate) for 100 people. The band is kind of like a U2 or a Bruce Springsteen that delivers a message to the masses.

I think this is also what turns people off AF due to the allegations. It would be the same as Bono being a total creep as it doesn't jive at all with his messaging.

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Bono and his wife have a relationship like Win and Regine anyway. They're just better at keeping it under wraps and paying people to go away.

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Wait do we know this for sure regarding Bono and Ali? Just read his book and he hinted once that he strayed from home and came back to port. But it was a very very oblique hint.

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This is completely unfounded. Do better.

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My brother is convinced Bono and his wife have an open relationship. He thinks Penelope Cruz and Bono have a thing, seeing as they're often seen together. All speculation of course. It's tough to think about but I guess you can't put it passed anyone, or any one couple.

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They have enough fans that they could tour at decent sized venues for many years

I'm not sure about the rest of the WE tour, but the Seattle show looked to be barely 50% capacity.

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I think one thing to keep in mind is AF has always taken their time between albums. Generally, 3 years between albums.

Love or hate their sound evolution, they’re definitely not the kind of band that just pumps out content to sell new music.

Time heals a lot. People forget. The news cycle is insane these days. It’s possible by the time AF drops a new album, the allegations feel like ancient history. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, just saying it feels like a possibility.

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I really hope they drop the high concept stuff (rambly songs and I-III titles) for a more confident and complete project

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Coming from a fan of End of the Empire and The Lightning, I thought it was fitting for this album, but am ready to get back to the days of a singular jamming 9-minute track like Reflektor (with parts in it) or a compact 3 minute track like Black Mirror.

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you unsubscribe

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No I totally subscribe, I’m just ready for the next stage. I really liked We a lot, but also think it’s not as cohesive as Reflektor, Neon Bible, or even Everything Now. I personally don’t have an issue with it as I think every song (WE aside) is strong enough to have been an album single.

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Suburbs is their prime model IMHO. Just as far as accessibility and album structure. I need a more mainstream AF album with sugar coated choruses just to give me some brain candy before they go deeper again. Something positive and optimistic.

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I'm not sure but I hope they stop performing in massive stadiums and go back to smaller venues.

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The problem is, a lot of cities don't have mid-size venues that hold 8,000 people. So bands are essentially stuck with booking larger venues because the alternative is 2,500 person theatres or clubs.

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They could go the LCD Soundsystem route - play small venues for 4 nights in a row, do it less often. It's awesome tbh.

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This last show re-ignited my love for them. I was really, really moved by Win coming into the crowd, interacting with the crowd. I know artists do it all the time, but this felt genuine, and it felt awesome to break down the 4th wall of an arena. I have seen a ton of shows at the ACC, and I tell you, it's rare that a band can make a hockey arena feel like a club. Like I mean, RARE. In fact the last Arcade tour with the ring, I didn't feel as moved. LCD Soundsystem failed to fill up the space in 2018, as did Radiohead in 2018.

The Killers know how to do it, so do U2 (obviously)... but last week, man... that was something special. I really enjoyed the show, and that was WITHOUT the visuals! Win and Regine were giving it their all. So much so I was gonna go the next night but I had plans.

For me, they proved to me, they're no where near finished. They have a lifetime of art and love to give to the craft. I want to see, hear, and feel it. I hope it's soon. I'm in.

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Probably a little break, which is obvious for any band that has just finished touring and recently released an album.

The whole situation with Win is totally blown out of proportion. It’s not a good look, but the accusations are extremely weak. I suggest reading the articles on Pitchfork for yourself. It is bullshit. Regret after consent is not rape. We are living in the cancel culture so that’s what we are somewhat seeing.

The music is still amazing. The concert I saw at Mohegan Sun absolutely rocked. Good luck to the band. Good luck to Win and Regine. I’d hardly call their marriage conventional, they are rock and roll stars after all.

In the end, we are fans and always want more!

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I’m amazed this hasn’t been downvoted into oblivion. Thank you for an actual reasoned response.

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An album? Another tour?

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Is the WE tour officially done? I know they haven't added any tour dates but it seems bizarre to me that the band would completely skip over large swaths of the US.

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Not to mention large swaths of the planet

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The city selection felt very politically specific. ie - most cities selected were blue dominate states/cities. It felt strategic to me. Maybe over thinking it but they did pass over lots of major cities.

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It feels like a long and extended break is coming. Any dreams of a quick follow up from this last spring is a pipe dream at this point. It seems like the band is persona non grata in a lot of places in the media. We just got the band back after a 5 year absence but because of Win’s behavior another hiatus is likely. I agree with other posts, they aren’t an arena band anymore. So many of these gigs are half empty or not all sections were even offered to be sold. They didn’t learn their lessons from EN tour.

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I feel the same way and think it’s sucks. I think it’ll be a bit until we hear a new AF album.

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Because this story broke 48 hours before the launch of their world tour it was probably too late to cancel or postpone. Contracts signed. Band and crew members banking on this income. They almost had to carry on. Maybe the band doesn’t survive this. A lot of music media has basically done a silent boycott of them unless it’s more Win allegations. No idea how they even promote another record. Can’t be anytime soon that’s for sure.

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My point was that I’m pretty sure everyone in the band had an idea of this. If AF had a press release ready to go when the article released, than everyone in that camp knew for at least a month prior and frankly there have been rumors forever. Many theorize, although we have no idea, that the looming allegations were one of the reasons Will left the band. But regardless, definitely anyone could’ve dropped out even after… I mean Beck was under contract and didn’t hesitate.

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100% the band knew. Will liked Feist social media posts about why she dropped out. He also liked other posts about Win’s allegations. There is definitely smoke to that rumor. It’s a dicey situation for the band and Win. His PR image took a major major hit. Gonna be hard for a new record company and media outlets to get behind the band moving forward. Things will be very much different the next time we hear from either AF or maybe even Win solo. Also, Beck was an opener on one leg. That isn’t the same as the headliner on a global tour. Much different set of circumstances. Feist and Beck were never gonna do those shows. Feist was in a bad bad spot off the bat.

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I agree I think the band knew some aspects. No way you can hide this relationship and behaviour when you’re all so close for years. But maybe they didn’t know the extent of the allegations.

Side note: Feist handled it perfectly. I felt very sorry for her to be placed in that but her statement was perfect

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NOTE: This is just how I'm feeling about shows/the band

I was on the fence and went to to Mohegan show since I already bought tickets before I heard the news. Imo, the show was good, but also kinda sad because it was vastly weaker than their shows when I saw them on the EN tour. Sound was sort of off at times, half empty arena, Will was soarly missed, and older songs didn't do it for me like they used to. However, everything they performed off WE was fantastic. I really am disappointed in Win, and feel like he doesn't recognize what he has done wrong, and if the band wants to continue he needs to get his shit together. Also very disappointed in the band for just staying silent and continuing to tour without the option of refunds. If they wanna keep going, they need a long break. And if they do comeback, they MUST do smaller shows. They should have done small shows anyways given the EN tour show sales, they are not an arena band anymore. But really, imo the damage is already done, and while it sucks because I really enjoyed WE and believe they could make a good record, I can't see myself being excited for/supporting another AF record.

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Exactly! So well said -- er uh typed!

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This is really well put

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New record in 2024, that's my guess

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I know they recorded a ton prior to releasing We but is it really known they have multiple albums done??? If so that would obviously make it easier to set up a new deal somewhere, even with a smaller label.

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They'll do more dates in 2023, disappear for a few years (which they tend to do anyways), then return with either a very stripped back version of the band (quieter sound, less theatrics, no concept albums or high-level stuff) playing to theaters and large GA venues, OR just keep doing the same thing they've been doing. I think if they were smart they would scale things back a bit for their next project.

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I think they will go into hibernation until next summer. Do a couple of festivals in Europe and then go back into hibernation.

I'd say realistically 2024 or 2025 they *might* have some material or drop a new album or an ep of the WE stuff that didn't make the album. I think 2025 is the earliest we'd see another major big tour.

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I'm guessing Regine may will leave the band and that will be the end of Arcade Fire.

This tour has been a sad state of affairs, pardon the pun, and the band have looked very downbeat throughout the tour.

They've lost a lot of fans, and whatever magic the band had before the allegations surfaced, it's now lost. The positivity and feel good factor is gone. Could they get it back? Maybe, but with Will leaving, I can't help but feel maybe it's time to call time on the band.

Regardless of what happens, the music will always live on.

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Yeah, all the gigs have looked really soulless, empty and terrible…🫠

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Yup the Columbia deal was made as a 2 album deal. So bo.one should be upset that they are in between labels. I detect Columbia has had influence on Arcade Fire's sound. Win wrote the material for what turned out to be titled WE pre pandemic and was completed(recorded) quite some time ago. Probably done to meet with contract specifications so all of the interviews are always like, did the pandemic have any effect on writing style on WE? We definitely know that Win Butler put put messages in the pandemic time frame stating how much material he had been and is being written. This is stuff we have not heard. Hopefully, these songs will be in touch with emotion and not so far from the much loved and adored writing style of Win and Reggine. WE has an EN sound to it. EN was like barely half of an album. I am guessing the WE album songs are all written near the end and completion of EN'S tour and the feeling of EN Era is definitely still there in WE. Seems like additions were made to give if more of an AF feel. I hear a little bit of Neon Bible album plus Mirror Noir DVD sounds in the WE album. It's not the songs directly but within the introductions and in onetracks bridge that I catch it. I honestly am hoping the band gets involved with creating an actual Arcade Fire album which will take a joint effort of the members being present physically for the writing of the album. I'm sure what we will get is all the stuff written in the pandemic , and man let's hope it's good and fueled with emotion. I don't attempt to try to understand any lyrics from the AF albums as they are personal and unique to their author, but they sound kinda sad and the sound is darker and a perfect blend of what makes songs good. So I think we are all looking for that signature sound that is, i guess, dark yet provides us with a somewhat lighter drive towards the chorus sound that creates the sound of "hope" that is if it has one. The sound of emotional things that are true yet ring with kindness and remain Anthematic in every way. These last two have lacked this. Perhaps the WE album had some within ot before production. The producer of WE is known for pushing a new sound from bands, which is something they never really needed until EN came out. Win seems to be stuck on an electronic version of sounds and the fact is they just need to stay in line with the suburbs album sound. Its a great mix of song style. However it remains close to rock n roll or alt rock or whatever u want to list this sound as. I don't know of Columbia offered quite a bit of cash flow for the albums for priduction, promotion, and touring or what. I just know one thing that I think you all will agree with. The albums Arcade Fire made while under the major record label Columbia Records, have not been on track with what we wanted nor expected from this band. Hopefully, Win realizes to pick up an acoustic guitar and surrounds it with violins, and other strings woodwinds and a keyboard like on a band level. I know this is a super hard thing to do but writing solo most of the music is just gonna keep the bands signature sound muffled or covered up in a sound that a single writer may be stuck in because of overthinking or trying the keeping up with the times thing. ARCADE FIRE'S sound is beautiful and remains timeless in this age of music. The new fans will come. The old fans will stay if the band can keep its identity in check. As for the controvery, i dunno what to think. I dont think music true music lovers are swayed by the outside world and the B.S. that is created by the social media world, nor its politics or rules of the time that are basically made up In real-time these days. Anyways forgiveness is necessary in this new world. Let's give support to the band that we all know amd love. They are humans, and no one is perfect. Let's see what they do...

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Sorry I forgot paragraphs

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I suspect they're done.

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Come to Atlantic Canada I hope!!