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I went to see AF in Washington DC some weeks ago and 2 friends went there with me only because they found super cheap last minute tickets…and they ended up loving the band

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So awesome! I bet there’s more just like you!

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Yes. Was at the forum night 1, first time seeing them, huge fan now.

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Happened to me the first time I went, a few years back. I had listened to them, but only liked a handful of songs. Since then, I’m all in.

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I love that you did this, we should probably be concert friends in LA

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they are the real deal

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I bought a floor ticket to LA night two during the show night one. I think my night one pair was like $360 total when I got it the day the tour went on sale. The night two floor ticket was $60, with all fees.

I'm a big supporter of them going back to theater shows the next time they tour, but if they decide to stick with arenas, I won't mind the cheap floor tickets week-of.

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Why were the tickets so cheap? 🤔

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Also, beck pulling off the tour and ticket prices being high to begin with.

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Love when this happens!

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AF were always on my radar but, having seen them for the FIRST TIME, they have actually changed my life?!! I could not stop thinking about the gig afterwards and I have taken so much joy in their music and lyrics ever since that its almost like I’ve become Born Again 😂😂. I feel like eveything they have written just, speaks to me, and specifically, Wake Up, well, I want to hear that song at the end of the world.

For me, the combo of their creativity, the lyrics which echo my experience of the world, and Win’s awkward vulnerability is just a magical combination.

My only regret is that it wasn’t until it was over that I realised what a thing it was. Damnit, I could have tried to get closer. But then again, you can’t really grasp a feeling I guess. Gutted that they don’t tour that often, plus I’m in the UK. double bummer.