An elderly man feeds 25 super hungry raccoons. by Ill-SnatchYourSoul in aww

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’…he knows a lot about those animals … He feeds them when it gets super cold and it’s hard for them to find food. He remembers individual animals and said that many of them move on when season changes…

we know where there’s a human friend, who always brings us food

we’ve learned to wait here patient - stand in line, n not be rude

(there used to be another, but she left us long ago)

we rally ‘round this human, n our names he seems to know…

n even though we wear our masks, he Always knows ‘who’s Who’

he really seems to like us, more than other humans do

a mystery this ‘whisperer’ - an Angel here, he seems

Seasons change, n we’ll move on

n see him

in our dreams…

n someday, if we’re lucky, blessed with babies of our own

we’ll go back to find our Angel, to the place we’ve always known

n maybe he’ll be sharing food, the way he used to do

for now, it’s wishful thinking

because humans

move on, too….


Turkey's cat island park where you'll be surrounded by friendly cats as soon as you sit there. by Reddit_Survivor9 in aww

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’What is the exact longitude and latitude of this place…

Somewhere there’s an island, if you’re lucky, you will find

a place where you can sit n rest, n leave your cares behind

surrounded by the purring- pitter-patter little feet,

where cats appear from shadows

with their loving eyes, so sweet!

there’s no one you need talk to, no one’s putting you to task

the peacefulness of feline friends - your pets are all they ask

though many search to find it, it’s not mapped on any chart

but some are blessed with memories

of pawprints

on their heart


Kitten trying to catch a fly by JoyKhanna in aww

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"I'm a natural predator, I'm a natural predFML".

[OC] I got dumped today so I was going through it, and my cat (a new rescue who usually likes his personal space) decided to come sleep next to me like this. by sweet_tangerine_ in aww

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I think animals pick up straight away on our body language. Since they can’t talk they have to speak with body language. He probably could sense you were sad and came over to be like ‘u got me, now I got you’.

On another note, sorry you got dumped, it always sucks and never gets easier. But remember just take it one day at a time and sometimes things just aren’t meant to be and somethings just happen, and that’s ok. Ice cream and cookie dough always is a big help though. Be kind to yourself, especially for the next few weeks, you’ll get through this :)

Sleepy dog tries to fight nap by Reddit_Survivor9 in aww

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My grandpa used to say "this is just a little bit of rest before going to bed." Currently doing it myself when people are around, I want to make it a generational thing. You won't be forgotten, gramps.

Piggyback ride by pietradolce in aww

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Taking a ride in the convertible Mustang…top down!!

Red panda by CaulkADewDillDue in aww

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Because aww turns to aww hail naw if those treats stop coming.