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If you just want them gone and don’t really care about getting them most for them I suggest selling as a bulk lot locally on FB marketplace so you don’t need worry about shipping costs.

If you want the highest dollar value you’ll need to take the time and do some research and likely sell them individually.

Read this post to learn how to price out the cards you have.

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Thank you very much!!

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No problem! And if you come across any Yankees cards your looking to sell, I’m always interested in taking a look!

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Sounds good!

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If you take photos of what you have and say what state you live in someone from here might buy them all. I've done that a few times.

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Thank you!

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Sell them here!

First of all, sorry for your loss. Secondly, any Clemente, Mays, Hank or Seavers you have, I’d love to take a look!

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Thank you! Let me look through see what’s up