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Epic Fight Scene by n0t-an0nym0us in nextfuckinglevel

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Take my free award.

Edit: there's always this one dude who gives the award to the wrong comment lol

Truck catches fire, another one comes to mitigate by Walking-Cell in nextfuckinglevel

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Believe it or not there are still people in this world that react to situations instead of just pulling out their phones.

E: Y’all better calm down or I’m going to marry your mom and make you both call me daddy.

This guy carved a skull out of an 8-ball. by ImperfectVoid in nextfuckinglevel

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You could've... you know

"skull carved out of 8-ball - Bobby Duke"


"BobbyDukeArts carved a skull out of an 8-ball",

"Holy 8-balls Bobby Duke carved a skull out of it"

"Check this amazing skull carving - src in comments"(and then actually the second you post it coment the source)

I can go on if you want but damn credit artists

Truce between termites(top) and ants(bottom) with each side having their own line of guards. by MurielFontanez in nextfuckinglevel

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I thought so too based off their size but according to google: Termites get annihilated. Despite their average size and weight, ants are much more aggressive and almost always have numerical superiority as well. They'll invade the termite nest, make short work of the termite warriors, then kill the termite queen and drag her from the nest.


Trail dog absolutely smoking it down a mountain by solateor in nextfuckinglevel

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The dog is having more fun then any of you reddit armchair dog sympathizers ever had sitting in your chair. That dog is doing what mother nature intended it to, meanwhile your dog is overweight, panting heavily as you feed it more biscuits . Of course you dog would get injured doing this behind a mountain biker because yalls fat ass never run. Ever.

Rant over.

When your Hot Wheels hobby goes a little out of control by weirdest_feeling in nextfuckinglevel

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Wayland Smithers will see you at the next Malibu Stacy con

Edit: thank you for the gold!

The force of air when you are going at a speed of 200kmph by vishnuthebest1 in nextfuckinglevel

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I had an irrational fear watching the video that the wind was going to blow his eyeballs and or teeth out of his head