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202lbs to 170lbs 5 Months completely changed nutrition, ate at a deficit and did at least three workouts a week by ZunoJ in nextfuckinglevel

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Man, I look very similar to you in the before pictures. And I'd do anything to look like you in the after ones.

Well, anything besides changing the way I eat and exercising, apparently.

Felt like it deserved to be here by Wolfee325 in nextfuckinglevel

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Sorry to burt your bubble, but it is not. In almost no religion.

When Moses got the 10 commandments he also got a bunch of other laws. One of them is that you shall stone your unruly son to death. After that he conquered the holy land from the Hethites and when his soldiers said "we killed all the men and caputred the women and children". Moses replied they are making god mad and they should kill the women and boys and keep the virgins for themselfs. So yes, the guy who brought Christians their most fundamental laws, breaks them without hesitation and is basically undistinguishable from ISIS.

Islam works in just the same way. It is based on the same god who is one of the most vile characters in the history of literature. That is how religions were constructed. They can be interpreted to justify almost any action. The crusaders and christian slavers in the past were just as justified by the bible as the christian gay rights activist today (well...probably even more). Religions don't tell you what is right, otherwise they would be unambiguous. They tell you that you are right and justified, totally independent from what you actually believe in, as long as you believe in a god and his prophets.

You seem to believe in a literal satan, which is ... I don't even have words for that. Also you seem to believe that your interpretation of religious text is the only viable one. I'm glad that you seem to believe in a less vile version of your religion, but this whole mindset is dangerous. Good people who believe in unrational stuff confirm and enable bad people who believe in the same unrational stuff and will commit attrocities because of that. They tell them it is alright to have a believe system that is not based on rational thought but the personal interpretation of a vile ancient book.

Tell people all day about the good nature of religions. I will point them to the mass murder, slavery and rape that is sanctioned and praised in almost all religions and tell them it is a mind poison humanity has to get rid of.

Edit: Thanks for the awards. Its funny when the number of positive comments and awards is almost as high as the number of upvotes. Tells you there must be many downvotes...

Playing Jazz on a bagpipe by lysol_breathmints in nextfuckinglevel

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Seen her live several times (shes a swedish artist named Gunhild Carling) and it is the best thing in the world. You laugh your ass off constantly but you're also just in awe of her skill. She can do everything and she can do it so fucking well!