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Honestly from here on out ill assume every police killing is a murder until they provide evidence proving otherwise

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Hey now some of them aren’t murderers, they just protect the murderers. They’re good apples! /s

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Best way I’ve heard it. Good apples or bad apples, they’re all growing in a shit orchard.

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I mean, they're not good apples, but they're not rotten apples either. Stale apples?

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That should always be the case. Maybe they won't "forget" to turn on their body cams so much anymore.

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I don’t know about always. Our legal system is based around “innocent until proven guilty”, but it’s up to debate whether that applies to police as well (if there’s already laws based around this idea, please let me know). Before present times, having video evidence of every incident was near impossible.

With current technology, however, there’s no reason for the police to not have video of every interaction with the public. Body/dashboard cams should be a federal requirement for all law enforcement (local, state, federal, whatever) and they should be required to be on anytime there’s any chance of interacting with the public. I only word it like this because of the arguments for police still being people who need some privacy. I don’t think any of us want to see officers peeing/pooing (if that’s your kink you’ll need to find consenting participants), so if they want to turn cameras off while alone in a bathroom, who cares?

If there’s an incident, though, and their camera is off, it should be considered evidence tampering at the very least, and depending on the situation, may itself be considered evidence of wrongdoing. There should also be extensive training on the use of the body cams to make the “forgot to turn on the camera” or other user-error defenses unjustifiable.

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Same. They've proven they're completely untrustworthy and have no consequences for their actions. Burden of proof should be on them to prove they didn't commit outright murder.

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I understand how you feel. But it would be terrifying if that was the legal point of view; especially if applied to the general population. We would have many more innocent people in prison.

Personally I would prefer to see guilty people go free than an innocent person punished. This is one reason why the Constitution is set up like it is.

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Actual evidence, not one liar backing another.