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You’re pinning this? That just seems mean

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I need the spice

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Now do Lakers vs. Warriors Game 6

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Will do it tomorrow

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Lakers win 117-103

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Let it flow!

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they've been doing it all second round

it's honestly a little annoying - like, you know nobody cares about the poll results and it means we lose the pinned daily games thread as a quick "what time are the games today?" check lol

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Mean to whom?

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i have never seen a poll like this pinned.

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It's hilarious how little faith either fanbase has in their team compared to the Lakers/Warriors series

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Well both of you won titles recently

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Hope is a dangerous thing

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Yeah, hope in Philly is flammable. I had to tone my hype down after last game. I feel better about us when we are being shit talked and doubted.

I need to lose this money tonight.

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I didn't accept we won game 5 until the final 20 seconds. If you're a Philly fan, you know no lead is safe, and unless you're up 20 points with 60 seconds left, I just don't trust them. That 3rd string Celtics lineup at the end of game 5 had Pritchard drain 3 3's in a row, then two Philly turnovers in a row and suddenly our 16 point lead all game dropped to 10 with like a minute 20 left. Dangerous and sad.

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Shake & Pritchard were shaving weeks off my life.

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Does shake know how to play basketball? Based on that sample the other night I’m not really sure that he does.

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Only early into the regular season, can you trust him. Outside of that, no. We really don't need him touching the ball. Come playoffs, he can wait outside.

I get that feeling of dread when Doc calls him off the bench.

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Embiid legacy game.

50 points

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Okay Lana Del Rey

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But I have it

EDIT: I don't have it anymore

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One team is coached by Doc Rivers and the other team has been underwhelming the entire playoffs. There’s no reason to have faith.

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A stoppable force vs a movable object.

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It's not like Mazzulla is Pop or Phil Jackson. Honestly he's probably the worst coach left in the playoffs.

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Folks from northeast region are naturally cynical.

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Having hope isn’t part of my Philly fan DNA. Keep expectations low and I’ll never be disappointed

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It's why we're so angry. Low expectations being met evokes anger instead of disappointment haha.

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That's the NE fan life. You can't hurt the fans because they secretly hate their own team and have talked more shit on them than an opposing fan base could even begin to think of.

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Because weird and/or incompetent shit happens in Philly sports. How many other teams have had two generational, likely future HOFer's forget how to play or lose interest in playing basketball? Then we trade Mikal Bridges for a guy that immediately develops a deadly allergy to sesame seeds, followed by the GM's wife creating burner accounts so she can shit talk the franchise player, all the while Mikal will be an all-star next year and Zhaire is out of the NBA. Then we get the most clutch player since Jordan and let him walk for Horford, who proceeds to play so poorly for us that he is almost out of the rotation, goes back to Boston and is instantly elite again.

But the scariest thing about being a Philly fan is Philly teams seem to, without warning, at any given time, just decide they are tired of putting out effort and LET themselves get beat. That's what really scares us.

When this squad is firing on all cylinders, they could legit take any lineup, past or present, to 7 games and win. Problem is it's 50/50 if you get that team every game or not, so you're playing Russian Roulette with your feelings. It's better for your mental state in Philly to just assume there's a bullet in the chamber.

So here's my realistic "Philly" prediction for Game 6:

Sixers up 2. 2 seconds left in the 4th. Both teams in the penalty. Tatum free throws. Misses the first one. Intentionally bricks the second one hard for the offensive rebound. PJ goes for the rebound but it hits him in the head and it goes in. Tie game. 0.3 seconds on the clock. Doc loses it and mouths off to the ref. Gets called for the technical. Tatum shoots a free throw and makes it. Celtics up by one. PJ inbounds the ball to Embiid who is at half court, but he slips on some condensation that they never fully cleaned up from the Sixers Kings game in 2016. It causes him to perform a backflip soccer kick to the ball and it hits the front of the rim. Wells Fargo employee gets overly excited and releases 4.6 million pounds of confetti, but the ball bounces over the backboard and gets wedged in the hardware behind it. Game ends and Giannis comes out of nowhere with a ladder to get the ball down.

If that happened I would just shake my head and say; "That's about right."

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They are playing the Reddit game of trying to avoid downvotes and post historians.

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No I just generally have zero faith in any Philly team ever doing anything that will make me happy

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Yeah I feel like most of each fanbase voted for the other team to win lol

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My gut tells me the Celtics come out and play well tonight. But the Sixers are a totally different team when Harden plays like it’s 2018.

I think it’s gonna come down to Harden- if he plays well and stays aggressive I think the Sixers win. If he’s the Harden from games 2 and 3 this thing is gonna go 7 games.

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I agree that harden will probably be the difference maker. But embiid hasn’t had a signature offensive performance yet. I can see him going for 40+.

I can also seen is getting blown out though

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embiid is also still not fully healthy so there’s a chance he continues with how he’s been playing.

he has looked exhausted in the 4th quarter of every game this series; that 34 point game would’ve probably been a 40 if he was 100%

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I did think he had a noticeable pickup from the 4th of Game 4 to Game 5 - the only time he really looked gassed in 5 was that 5 minute stretch where the Celtics kept making threes, which was a big improvement from his exhaustion for all of the 4th in Game 4.

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Embiid got the MVP, but Harden has won either 2 or 3 games for the Sixers, and I don't think there's any chance Embiid could win this game tonight if Harden didn't play.

I'm just saying.

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The more confident everyone is getting in the sixers, the more worried I get we're going to blow it again.

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I don’t think you quite understand how discombobulated the C’s are right now then lol

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The other team has Doc Rivers although he's been quite good so far in this series

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And the C’s have Joe, a rookie coach with basically no assistant coaches. As much as Doc is susceptible to chokes, the Sixers have such a massive upper hand in that area.

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Technically Mazulla is susceptible to chokes too, but only in Jiu Jitsu class

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Realistically, I think the sixers will win the series. But we've been scarred from countless blown leads - including when we almost blew the 3-0 lead a year or 2 ago.

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i mean, all the celtics have to do is get a win tonight then anything could happen

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The main difference is that, given how new Joe is to coaching, and however small the chance may be, there’s always the possibility that something will click into place for him/the team. At this point, Doc is who he is. I don’t think he’s as bad a coach as some seem to but if you do then there’s an explanation for why you think Joe could outcoach him in 6 and 7

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I don’t think it’s that easy to just have things “click” into place, learning how to coach in the NBA takes years and years. Udoka had NBA playing experience and Will Hardy and Stoudamire to help him last season.

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It’s certainly not easy. Look at Spo’s early career and where he is now. People clowned him at first.

But it can happen.

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We thought the series was over after game 3. I will never count out the Celtics

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Even discombobulated, theres a ton of talent there.

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Typically in the playoffs the team with the better player wins, Embiid is far far better than Tatum or Brown and the fact of the matter is that the Sixers have been playing great post all star break and the Celts have declined.

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Thats true. But weve seen what happens when Embiid is decent and Harden is way off. All the Philly starters need to contribute to get the W. I think Brown Tatum and Smart come out swinging.

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Alright, yall can get a room now

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don't worry, i still don't believe in you 🫶

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Nah man, as much as I’m on that hopium… shits over. Yall winning tonight. Fucking fade me.

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Boston is favored for a reason. We're seeing all these series even up. When a good team like Boston is in a must win situation, they can break through

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After the Celtics said they didn't want to put forth the effort because Embiid was out, I got pissed at them. Yeah I want them to win it all but no excuse for choosing to play with less effort. Pathetic excuse. If Sixers win, I'm a Nuggets fan for this year's playoffs

Edit: changed Sixers to Nuggets because I like them better tbf

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If Sixers win, I’m a Sixers fan

Change your flair this is an embarrassment

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Let's prove me wrong the next couple games then. The on and off defensive effort is pathetic, that's the embarrassment. The Celtics are sooooo much better of a team than that. They move on and play like this, they aren't beating any of the four teams in the west

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Smh gtfoh

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I believe that the Sixers win if Maxey shows up again. When he is on, it changes everything for Philly

[–]76ersMachupino 11 points12 points  (1 child)

It rides on how Celtics adjust to Maxey bringing up the ball. Rare W for Doc, but his move to handle Celtics early Harden pressure was the difference in game 5.

[–]76ersdawkins_20 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Yep. Such a clutch move. Kept Harden rested and focused on playmaking in the half court. Kept Maxey engaged and for him going.

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It’s all but over in my opinion, Celtics fans are comparing this series to the Bucks last year but it’s completely different. C’s showed up for game 5 and ultimately blew a lead, I’ve never quite seen the Celtics just not show up at home to the level they did in game 5. They can’t stop simple P&R’s, they’re making no adjustments and they’re playing with absolutely no energy. There just hasn’t really been any noticeable jump in intensity from the regular season to the playoffs with them, which is utterly incomprehensible considering this core has so much postseason experience.

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Ehh, if they're motivated and get hot from three tonight you can never count out this Celtics core

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Al Horford Strokes 6 from 7

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This feels like a Bill Simmons-esque attempt at a reverse jinx.

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Nah, this Celtics core has had motivation issues across 3 different coaches now. I think going to all the conference finals early on in their careers messed with their perspective. They can't be motivated to show up to every playoff game. They play like a defending champion who slack off because they know they can flip a switch, except they aren't good enough to just flip a switch and blow out a team like the 76ers out with 1 or 2 quarters of effort.

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On the other side, everything went well for the Sixers in game 5. Maxey, Embiid, Tobias, and House all played their best games of the series. Harden, Melton, and Niang played at or above their normal level as well. Horford didn’t shoot well and Tatum got off to a slow start. I think a couple adjustments and some natural regression makes this a 50/50 contest.

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Philly shot 50/40/85 as a TEAM in game 5. If they can do that again then you’ve gotta tip your cap

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You do realize this isn't just a "simple P&R" right? This P&R consists of an MVP center who moves like a wing and is deadly from the mid-range and a larger guard who was a former MVP for his ability to score and is now show-casing his league-leading playmaking. Their P&R numbers in the regular season were elite, and they're just spamming it now in the postseason because there are almost no players in the NBA who can play Embiid straight up except for like AD. Horford can do it in spurts but by no means is he gonna shut him down.

This game will hinge on the Celtics 3 point shooting and Harden's aggressiveness.

If the Celtics' 3s are going in and Harden isn't aggressive, Celtics win.

If the Celtics 3's are not going in and Harden is aggressive, Philly wins.

If we have any other combination, its going to be a rock fight where anything can happen.

[–]CelticsTotal_Customer_6627 7 points8 points  (0 children)

Also our coaching just can’t hang on for a deep playoff run. Lack of adjustments and player swaps is hurting us.

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Think the Cs win tonight but then lose in game 7 myself

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The darkest timeline

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Yah they’re probably cooked, only way they win is if they hit 20 threes and Philly hits like 7

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Sixers had the best record in the NBA since Dec 9th along with the toughest schedule post All Star break…hindsight is 20/20 but there was a pretty big sample size available to see them winning this series as a real possibility.

They’re also 4-2 vs Boston in the last 6, could’ve been 5-2 in last 7 if not for a wild full court game winner from Embiid being too late.

Hope they can finish it off tonight.

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Sixers by 25 tonight. Book it. Also, I have no idea what I'm talking about. Play the fucking song.

[–]Weinertabogon 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Ciunas! play the song!!

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I want to vote but can’t from the Apollo app. Sixers in 6 because fuck the celtics /s

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Apollo app with the rare L 😌

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Reddits fault tho

[–]RaptorsCheechers23 13 points14 points  (1 child)

Yeah believe the dev has said that the API doesn’t allow for polls in these apps for some reason?

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Reddit seems to be cracking down on a lot of functions locking them to the official app since they can’t compete with a single dev lmao

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Apollo master race!

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I use Apollo too. Usually with it, you can select a poll option to vote on, then it opens up the in-Apollo-Internet-browser window into the Reddit site. Sign in through that, and from then on, you should be able to vote on polls and see the results in Apollo. Just every time you want to vote on a poll, it’ll open up the in-Apollo browser, but you shouldn’t have to sign in again every time.

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Yup. I’ve been able to vote in polls for months now.

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I just voted from the Apollo app

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Look at all you fancy shmancy Apollo users. I’m still on good ol’ Alien Blue.

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I can vote from Apollo? Sometimes I’ll have to refresh it but yep

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Reddit recently made changes to their data APIs which killed/greatly affected a lot of third party reddit applications (such as Apollo)

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Narwhal app works but I’ve heard Apollo is better

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Same brother hope to see you in the conference finals

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RIF is Fun for the win

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Polls is one of the few reason I still the regular reddit app on my phone.

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Welp time to fade r/nba

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if they score more points than the Celtics, then I give Philly a good chance to win

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Sixers wrap up the series after Tatum no shows

[–]76ersPuzzleheadedOne1428 11 points12 points  (5 children)

I can't wait to see the true showdown of Embiid vs. The Joker in the Finals! That's when we'll see who the actual MVP really is.

[–]NuggetsBuds_Wiser 11 points12 points  (2 children)

It feels like destiny at this point

[–]CelticsDeeJayGeezus 10 points11 points  (0 children)

My only consolation is getting to watch the two of them duke it out for hopefully 7 games. Apologies for your heart, however ;)

[–]BullsWestcoastchi 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Given the teams left in the playoffs, I hope that's the matchup we get.

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The game threads would be unbearable.

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Reddit would have to lock r/nba.

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Sixers close it out tonight. The Cs will come out trying to punch them in the mouth with a hail of threes and Philly will still win by double digits.

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I think philly has it they are a better team and have more star power 8/10 times the team with more star power usually wins.

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Praying to god. My mvp will flop his way to the championship.

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It's over

[–]76ersSorry_Difference_945 4 points5 points  (0 children)

I’d love a Nuggets - Sixers finals matcbup

[–]CelticsCankor0 3 points4 points  (0 children)

The Game 7 is inevitable

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Celtics are broken, it’s a wrap tonight

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The spread on this game is F’ed. no idea!

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This is going to game 7 and then idk.

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I said last game I thought it was going seven and the Sixers would lose game five but now I think the Sixers close em out tonight.

[–]DroppedPJK 1 point2 points  (1 child)

As a Celtics fan.

Harden shows up, we lose. No? Game 7 and we still lose.

Celtics don't need an explosion, they need consistency.

[–]76erschoose_uh_username 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This is the assessment I got from my Boston fan coworker. He actually is more confident in a Celtics win tonight and then a loss game 7 then anything else. I'm surprised though they definitely still have our number, 2 games could've easily have flipped to celtics wins

[–]76ersthefreeman419 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Interesting, these results don’t match the general public opinion. Per betting lines the Celtics are two point favorites

[–]NBAsilverstory 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Read it in DBZ voice. Next up on Dragon Ball Z….

[–]Bullsidinalexzander 3 points4 points  (0 children)

My heart's desire is a Celtics lost but I'd be surprised if they were eliminated.

[–]76ersUncleRico95 4 points5 points  (0 children)

We are gonna blow it can’t trust this team. Gonna be 5 vs 8 tonight

[–]Ronin607 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I think the Celtics win game 6 and then no show game 7 and walk off the floor in the final game of the season to a serenade of boos. And then Jalen Brown demands a sign and trade to Houston so he can be reunited with Udoka and Kyrie.

[–]RaptorsJamesHardenFMVP2018 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Celtics winning Games 6 and 7 by 15 minimum

[–]JesusIsMySecondSon 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This is a 7 all the way baby

[–]50Burger 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Celtics winning a road elimination game and the Sixers losing a home closeout game would not be that surprising. I think Tatum has a big game tonight in a W.

[–]AceVetoKing 0 points1 point  (0 children)

If the Celtics can't force this to a game 7, the ownership needs to take a hard look at the team. There is too much talent on that team to go out this way. If I were the Brad Stevens, I'd fire Mazzulla if they lose tonight. If he can't get this team fired up to force the 76ers to have to win in Boston, then he does not have control over this team.

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Last time everyone voted the kings.

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I love to see Game 7s during the playoffs its much more intense and nervewracking. Game 7 for the entertainment value!

[–]domrayn 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I hope there's a game 7! Between embiid, doc and harden there's a lot of heartbreak game 7s so if it reaches that they'll get flashbacks and lose.

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yeah Celtics are done i have no faith in them

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This entire thread is pure Sixers jinx. I hate it.

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We are the better team playing at home. It’s a win. Get used to it. There will be more.

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Yes. This is their year. They are the team of destiny. Top 5 coach. Two top 5 players. Best GM in the league. What more do they need? No one is the west can compete with the East. Its crazy cause philadelphia has been to 3 champions already this past year.

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Once a choker, always a choker

[–]76ersDifficultWrongdoer45 -4 points-3 points  (0 children)

Been a Philly fan since birth. The iverson years, the iggy miller experiment , the holiday thad iggy trio, the process years where Robert covington got boo’d for each shot he took..…. And so I know…from years of experience.

Sixers will not win game 6, nor will we win the series lol. It’s just in our blood.

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I'm still not sure either of those teams can beat the Celtics, is the problem.

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We're winning by 30 tonight or losing by 50 no in-between.

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Philly wins 109-105

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Stop saying we are going to win!!!!!!

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I would absolutely love for the Sixers to close them out tonight, but I have a feeling the Celtics will force one more game

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Harden obviously has to be a large part of the offense but 76ers have good supporting players. If Harden scores over 27 i feel Philly takes it

[–]76ersPensiveinNJ 0 points1 point  (0 children)

The thing about Harden is we don't need him to score big numbers. 20 is plenty. We need him to control the pace, get penetration and give looks to our shooters, work the PnR with Jo and when he does get a good look not smoke like 7 layups in one game.

Like 20/X/12 on good efficiency and otherwise distributing well. If we get a big shooting night from him that's a bonus but a game like he had last game is plenty.

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I think the Sixers finally get over the hump and move on to the conf. finals this year, although maybe not tonight. But that’s as far as they go.

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Semi-serious question: does Brogdon ever miss? Every time I turn on a Celtics game I see him swishing mad 3’s lmao