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"My philosophy is really out of the 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers playbook. That is why I have to laugh when I hear 'Tampa 2'. Chuck Noll and Bud Carson—that is where it came from, I changed very little." -- Tony Dungy

It's the Steel Curtain defensive scheme, from Bud Carson. Bud Carson is the one who came up with the innovation to drop the MLB deep into coverage to give it the functionality of a Cover 2/Cover 3. That was Jack Lambert's job.

Monte Kiffin's innovations were in the D-Line alignments. He essentially turned it from a two-gap into a one-gap scheme. The coverages were all Bud Carson's. The "Lie" of the Tampa 2 is that it's the coverage that was made in Tampa.

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That reminds me of the story behind the "West Coast Offense." Brian Billick said that Bill Walsh once told him it should be the "Midwest Coast Offense" because it was just what Walsh was calling when he was working for the Bengals with some tweaks.

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Walsh also had to come up with it on the fly in the pre-season, b/c the Bengals' big arm QB went down in like the 2nd game and their backup didn't have the arm strength to execute the old scheme.

Paul Brown trying to replace that backup/new starter, after he had a breakout year, with another big armed QB and Walsh having issue with that is a big part of why he was passed over to replace Brown as HC. I bet beating his old team in two Super Bowls in the 80's with the Midwest Coast Offense felt pretty good for Walsh.

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Greg Cook!

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If Cook was a QB today, he would have been able to get minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery and likely miss just a season.

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He also brought it the super physical bigger CB’s who mauled guys at the line. The traditional Tampa 2 wouldn’t work today.

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Mel Blount was 6'3" 205 lbs.
J.T. Thomas was 6'2" 196.

The five yard chuck rule that limited corners ability to maul guys at the line was literally put in place because of Mel Blount. Mauling guys at the line wasn't a Monte Kiffin invention.

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Saying this though is just a matter of perspective. They didn’t invent one gap schemes in Tampa either. So is the innovation that this is a new coverage to play on a well known one gap scheme? Or is it a new alignment for a well known coverage scheme?

The reality is that Dungy and co did really invent the Tampa 2. Modernizing the traditional cover 2 scheme and pairing it with a one gap alignment was innovative and not simple or obvious.

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Or is it a new alignment for a well known coverage scheme?

Modernizing the Steelers' version of the cover 2 coverage and pairing it with a one gap alignment was innovative, and Kiffen deserves credit for it, but when people talk about the Tampa 2 these days, they're talking about the coverage scheme, not the gap alignment. The coverage came from Bud Carson.

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This is an elite thumbnail lmao

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Best one since the Aaron Rodgers "PAIN" video.

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Pepe Silvia-esque

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I mean, yeah. That’s the joke lol

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That late night thumbnail photo session was so worth it

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I’m happy with how it turned out lol

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Why is Frank Mir recording football strategy videos?

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As usual with Brett, after 10 seconds watching the video, I went "Yeaaah... I know nothing about the NFL. I'll just skip that and watch Troy's top ten interceptions..."

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I could really use a "football 201" video. There's a ton of stuff out there explaining the basics, and plenty of people like Brett discussing high level concepts, but nothing to bridge the gap.

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Try reading Take Your Eye Off the Ball 2.0: How to Watch Football by Knowing Where to Look by Pat Kirwan.

That's essentially "football 201" though I haven't seen anyone make a video out of it yet.

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There is a version of that book with a dvd of Pat explaining everything.

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I have that! I'll have to go looking for it

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Nate Tice from the Athletic does a really good job of this. I can’t visualize it on the podcast very well but his video breakdowns are super helpful.

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Nate has amazing knack for dumbing down football concepts, I especially love his comparisons to other sports.

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Match quarters is a good channel to watch. He's a former high school coach and breaks down run fits and quarters coverage very well. That will help with alot concepts with modern defense

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Brett is the guy that seems like he’s throwing around “big” words to impress you of his knowledge of the game. But really what he’s talking IS actually complicated and he does his best to give you some base-layer knowledge along the way. I appreciate him.

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I love his videos. Just a really cool look at the depth of professional football. Love picking up nuggets here and there and looking for it during games. I feel like he gets a weird amount of hate, but then again it’s the internet

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Lol I’ll come across some relatively niche YouTube channel and love their personalities and content they provide. Then I’ll see people on Reddit give it shit for not being the same as it once was and now it’s “uNwAtChAbLe”. People love to hate man, and that’s coming from me as I’m not one of those uber positives guys.

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Yeah he explains things in a non-douchey way

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I admit I haven’t watched this.

But based on the preview pic, I’m pretty sure this involves Pepe Silvia.

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Fire the Cannons!

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Lmaoooo! Same vibes for sure

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It's a direct reference lol. Carol was the other person who "didn't exist", and Brett is pointing at Carroll

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There is NO CARROLL in SC!

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TBH Brett, that should have been your thumbnail for you trying to break down future nfl qb’s because it’s so hard tbh.

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Finally. The real truth comes out.

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This video was fantastic, I love the very specific examples from the Bears and Bucs. Hope everything worked out at home brother.

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Great video, thank you for posting.

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lol is Coach Dungy wearing air pods?

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This is one of the best videos you've ever put out. Much props, Brett.

I don't know what exactly is going on at home but I hope there is some positivity coming your way

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The mad man!

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Did someone say Tampa 2?

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Paused at 2 minutes in to say thank you for the superfluous whoops from my two favorite coaches ever lol

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And what about the Cake?