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A mastery of a technique to halt an unstoppable force without any form of physical contact. by sheikage in OnePiece

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Robin can turn a wall into an absolutely massive asshole and shit all over the enemy.

Chapter 1017 Spoilers by Srazack_76 in OnePiece

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Doctors being able to heal people is a bad thing now apparently. The guy who can create antidotes for deadly viruses on the spot somehow shouldn't be able to treat injuries as well according to many people here.

Luffy pulls a new gear out of his ass, that's fine. Sanji gets to ignite his legs on fire and not burn himself in the process because "his heart burns hotter" (literal words from Oda himself), that's totally fine as well. Zoro uses some kind of spirit hands and face multiplying shenanigans that aren't properly explained even 600 chapters after it's first appearance - very logical and very cool. BUT when Chopper (who is a doctor mind you) pulls out a healing medicine that isn't even that great because it leaves the one who's healed with it with double the pain, then that's where you draw the line?

Some are even saying that Chopper isn't even needed because every strawhat should carry that medicine on them and use it on themselves. Sure thing, let me just go and inject myself with an anti-covid vaccine real quick and I'll finish typing this comment after that. Who the fuck needs doctors anyways?

Create an arc Giveaway! by flyingverver795 in OnePiece

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Name: Emerald Hills Arc [Between Water 7 and Thriller Bark]

Island: A summer island with a modern retirement home and a large golf course. There's also tennis courts, pools, etc. The Emerald Hills Retirement Home is home to retired Navy officers, (as a part of their pension plan ).

Plot: The crew finds a young girl shipwrecked who wants to visit her grandma at the retirement home. When they arrive at the island, they are knocked out by sleeping gas. Turns out, it is a game that the bored seniors play on rookie pirates to test their skill. No pirates have ever beat the Senior's challenge, and they usually make bets on how long the crew will survive. The challenge includes fights with some of the experienced citizens, a hedge maze, puzzles, etc. (It's more a comedic G-8 kinda arc with admirable antagonists).


The Buggy Pirates are disguised as senior citizens and believe that Captain John's treasure is somewhere on the Emerald Hills property. They run into Luffy and are forced to play the escape challenge as well.

Grandma Giselle is the main villain of the arc, as she just has raw strength almost equal to Garp, (she used to challenge Garp and lose so she has a grudge against Luffy in particular). Luffy barely manages to beat her at the end, (similiar to the Katakuri fight).

Other characters include a former captain that trained Bellemere as a cadet [Nami's fight], One of the best cooks in the navy back in the day, [Sanji's fight], etc.

Zoro, Usopp, and Chopper have to complete the hedge maze....

At the end, the Straw Hats and Buggy Pirates become the first pirates in history to escape the island and the citizens, who give them their respect and have their own statues built on the property.

Length: 20 chapters