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I just want you to know that you’re art is great. When someone compliments it you don’t need to be so self-decapitating

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Oh... this ain't my art man. Just sharing art.

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Ah. It was just a dumb joke about ‘Self-decapitating’

Rip me, I should have dropped the ball like those two dropped their heads.

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Like those two dropped thei...


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Oh fuck. Reading comprehension failed me again.

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Yeah, in these times you just go get ahead.

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Let me guess, the girl beside Ferrus also doesn't have a great head on her shoulders?

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Yeah, she’s great but sometimes when she fights she loses her head a bit.

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Thanks OP, now I want a Fulgrim plushie.

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What could Ferrus and this cute anime girl lose in comm... oh dear god...

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Ferrus for goodness sake stop looking at that teacup as if it was “weak” I respect your mind set but ya gotta stop disrespecting class and culture just because it’s too “soft”, I’d expect Fulgrim to help and teach ya this But I’m pretty sure that it was too much for your HEAD to handle

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The one time where ferrus and a healthy dose of xenophobia would be good.

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Þe anime girl gets her head cut off dosent she?

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its been a long time!

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Honestly Ferrus might have come from a hard planet but i think he would at least try to suit a tea party if there.

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“Huh…I wonder what these two have in common…oh wait that’s right.”

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I think this conversation is heading in the wrong direction.

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That Fulgrim plush is adorable.

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LOL nice meme

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No disrespect to the dead, but how the heck is Mr.Necrodermis-for-Arms not breaking that teacup

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