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Bro looks like a Destiny Warlock

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If only my warlock could go that hard

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Was thinking that the helm looked like Saint 14’s

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Had to do a double take ngl

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I really should continue watching Made In Abyss.

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Me too, but it’s just such an emotional investment!

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Watch the movie before S2 or else you wont understand how and what they're doing.

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Exactly this.

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Movie 3 (1 and 2 are basically just recaps of S1). And if you thought it was emotionally wrenching before...yikes.

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To be even more specific, the movie title is Dawn of the Deep Soul or something like that.

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He definitely would be a member of the adeptus mechanicus in my opinion

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I NEED to see this now

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Dark Mechanicus, probably. Dude looks at Daemonculaba and slow claps with a hearty "Sugoi!"

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He would absolutely be friends with Fabulous Bill, and ask him for advice on how to go further and beyond in his SCIENCE.

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The only character where even the Destroyer Cult would be like "dude, chill out".

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He would probably hang out with Illuminor Szeras... or maybe Fabius Bile, depending on how much independence he has and how he got the gear.

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Bro think he's Walter White Eon from Ben 10.

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Man I liked Eon.

Also as another commentor said. He looks like a Destiny Warlock.

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Awesome concept...

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Dude would fit right in, can’t say that about a lot of characters in fiction!

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If I didn’t know better I would wholeheartedly believe this was a 40k character

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I always knew that Best Dad was apart of the superior faction.

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Bonedrew did nothing wrong

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Of the Daf-t'punkh dynasty?

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Warlock looking mofo.

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Idk, he might be too dark for 40k.

Seriously Bondrewd's arc was hard to make it through, that guy can get beyond f*ked.

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Bondrewd's activities would probably be considered pretty average amongst certain Chaos factions, and probably as childishly adorable by Dark Eldar standards.

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Uhhhh, is that Warhammer or StarCraft? Kinda looks like both tbh

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Cool psyker skelly boy

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Man if this is how War in Heaven Necrons kinda looked it makes sense how they're able to take on legions of dozen meter tall Krorks

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Because of vast size of Imperium most likely in one planet there is a giant hole infused by warp entities