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Twist, the child is under the Night Lord's protection.

Why? Warp knows why.

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Daughter of a Legion serf, who is marked as protected by the Legionnaire as a gesture of loyalty from a Night Lord with a scrap of humanity still in him.

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So, Sevatarr on babysitting duty again?

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I mean, out of thousands of Night Lords, there's got to be at least 2 Marines with a soul...right?

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I mean you're not wrong, there are exceptions to every Legion.

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Plot Twist: He’s helping the girl out. It’s night time and he’s escorting her to her home.

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Her home is heaven isn't it?

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That is fantastic art

man this fucking setting is fucking dark though ahah

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Next image better be that mfer hugging her.

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I might be retarded but I honestly don’t think he’s going to attack her. The hand closest to her isn’t facing her, it’s facing straight down. The other hand is facing her, but it’s further away, ya boi is inconvenienced if he attacks from that angle, and Night Lords hate to be inconvenienced.

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Plot twist he’s just gonna shout BOO and then run away giggling

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Show me this most terrible domain that robs you of your most deserved sleep, I command you bring me to the nightmare realm of “Under The Bed” - I shall have words with those that dwell there. Yea, and also in “The Closet” - none shall escape my wrath!

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Imagine if he's there because it's her birthday!