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got my first dashcam today and, sure enough, on my first drive with it... (warning: strong language lol) by useroffline_ in IdiotsInCars

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Stops 100m up the road from the other car and carries on like he almost died. Peak hour must be a night mare for you.

Crown Vic retrofitted with self driving software by Rosarito664 in IdiotsInCars

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I know the feeling. Shortly after getting back from Afghanistan I was used to having a large unkempt beard, longish hair, and wore a large coat often and hadn't got used to caring about my appearance and tended to have a resting frown. I was used to washing with just 2 shot glasses worth of water a day and thus dressing and styling to impress hadn't kept up with me.

A nice story is one day when I went to McDonalds where (in Australia) they were selling Cheeseburgers for $2 (roughly half price) and I ordered one and then the guy behind me (he would have been ~17) said "stop" to the guy at the register and asked me did I like Big Macs and Fries. I said "Yes? :-S" and so he ordered me a large Big Mac Meal and I was then like "stop" as I said I couldn't afford it and he was like "nah man I'll buy it all for you... and he also left me the change. When he saw me leaving eating with my dog outside he asked if the dog likes cheese burgers to which I said "yeah, just no onion though!" and he came back with one and we made small talk while he and I fed it to my dog.

At first I thought he was just being nice to stranger then I realised I probably looked like I was homeless and all could afford was the cheapest burger on the menu and also had a dog to look after so he was doing his best to make sure I had a full belly (as well as my dog) for the night.

I felt bad as at the time I owned outright my own home in an expensive city (bought just before the market went crazy in rising prices) and he was likely just starting out on life and there were many people struggling financially more than me, it wasn't I couldn't afford a bigger meal it was I couldn't justify it financially (saving money) but I've done my best to pay it forward, like if I see someone at the shops that looks down on their luck and their card gets declined for like some cheap apples and generic baked beans I'll pay the $5 and make a comment like "gah the banks always screwing up"...

But a shout out to that young man who treated a guy he thought was homeless like a human being, and didn't do it in front of anyone (he was by himself) or do something trashy like take a photo of me and the dog so he could brag on facebook... he did as quietly and discretely as possible. I wish I knew his name or something so I could return his money and say thanks again because I was very distressed after the callousness towards life I saw during the war and that helped me start to reintegrate back into society...

Crown Vic retrofitted with self driving software by Rosarito664 in IdiotsInCars

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You need to get with modern times and stop parroting what you've read or your old professors have taught you. Nothing is static, especially in artistic mediums such as film. Over 60% of all video media is being watched on phones now and phones are typically held vertically. Unless it is a 15+ minute film it is perfectly acceptable (actually preferable, remember, 60%) to view small clips vertically on mobile. The world changes and you must adapt with it, don't get stuck in an ancient mindset.

-- Professional filmmaker

Crown Vic retrofitted with self driving software by Rosarito664 in IdiotsInCars

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It's still stupid. You lose a ton of context for no real benefit. If the small size of the video bothers people then they can turn their phone and see it at a more reasonable size.

Unfortunately we can't adapt to the loss of context. We can't travel through time and space to this incident and see how the hero got onto the car. We can't turn our phones to see what happened off screen.

What an Idiot? Or is he legend? by sudhir369 in IdiotsInCars

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To be fair he heard something something donuts.

What an Idiot? Or is he legend? by sudhir369 in IdiotsInCars

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Yep, Mustang GT owner here, same year model as this one actually. It is extremely impressive how well he is able to tame this machine's thirst for the blood of the innocents. Every time I see a fucking crowd, my car starts to telepathically demand fresh blood, to paint itself red while simultaneously having the exhaust drowned out by the screams of terror. It shakes with an unquenchable thirst, and even a decade later I still have to fight its desire to wreak terror upon others.

This guy is absolutely a legend. As I was watching this video, I was literally saying "My Mustang would've hit that guy, that guy, oh it definitely would've hit that guy"

Edit: Do I need an /s after every sentence, does someone actually think I'm serious lmao

Poor Dog. Drivers going about 70+ mph by heymouseygirl in IdiotsInCars

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you’re an asshole if you do this to your dog, one bump its over, one wreck its over. downvote idgaf this dude doesn’t deserve dogs

His leg almost got crushed by Evil_thingz in IdiotsInCars

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Feels like I'm just reading comments here from a bunch of idiots in cars🤔

I cannot tell you how many people I have seen hit these rocks. by ggm3888 in IdiotsInCars

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In many American jurisdictions, the edge of the roadway is not your private property. The exact distance from the center of the road which is considered a right-of-way varies state to state and locality to locality. Therefore, you may not have a legal right to place traffic hazards like stones in the right-of-way. While it would be rare for you to be cited for a violation, it's more likely that you would be sued by someone whose car slipped off the road in bad weather, striking the rocks and damaging their car or injuring them.

Almost got into an accident at 75+ mph because the car in front of me decided to stop 🙄 by lackingcheer in IdiotsInCars

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Don't forget OP exceeding the speed limit (65) by 10+ mph. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Edit: Mmmmm, downvotes... Hey guys, tell me more about how you would honestly tell a cop that you were driving at the perfectly safe speed of 10+ mph over the legal speed limit when this idiot rudely entered your lane, that you tried to dodge but were unfortunately unable to. Oh wait, no, you'd lie about your speed, because you're a coward. And you're downvoting me because you can't admit that to yourself.

How my Monday morning commute went by Wolfslash16 in IdiotsInCars

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People trying to somehow say its OPs fault are absolute morons. You need your license expelled if you think OP is an idiot. You shouldnt be driving.

I'm the idiot that almost hit a biker crossing the street in a hi-vis vest by aak- in IdiotsInCars

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No. He’s the idiot. The bike should be following the rules of the road if he’s riding it