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Stop being so critical guys by Darth_Ronin in PoliticalHumor

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Unfortunately it's not just police, it's all stratum of life. It's just much more obvious with them since they have the power to kill people on the job, on camera, with a high likelihood of not getting reprimanded. There's psychos in all kinds of positions of power in public and corporate leadership without nearly enough, if any, oversight--certainly not independent oversight. And the smarter, more capable psychos tend to have far more power than your typical bad cop. They might not kill someone with their own hands but they can kill thousands by getting them addicted to opioid medication (like the Sackler family), wipe out their life savings through various kinds of Ponzi schemes, etc. Just in 2020 alone 90,000 people have died from the opioid pandemic.

I hope we don't fixate on only fixing the problem of bad cops, we have huge problems for similar reasons all over the place--bad people get too much power, secure that power, and exploit it to do all manner of nefarious acts with virtually no risk of punishment. We badly need to safeguard and incentivize whistleblowers whether they're good cops reporting on bad ones, corporate officers blowing the whistle on malfeasance, etc. We still do an absolutely awful job protecting whistleblowers at nearly every turn whether they're in the military, a cop, in corporate or some other public sector job. I think we mainly focus on attempting to punish a few bad actors here and there without doing much to fix the systematic problems. Like how do we prevent whistleblowers from getting blacklisted in their profession? That's a basic question that I've never heard a good answer to. Instead we have the reverse where bad actors, even on the rare occasions where they're fired or resign, can simply find some other job in their profession by moving to another company or area without too much trouble. Meanwhile whistleblowers often have to switch careers.

“Trained professionals” by Darth_Ronin in PoliticalHumor

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None of those things are an excuse for cops to shoot you

Making officers fear for their safety gives them the right to shoot you. It gives anyone the right to shoot you when you make them fear for their safety.

Breonna Taylor

Don't want to to get shot by police? Don't stand next to your criminal boyfriend as he shoots at them.

“Trained professionals” by Darth_Ronin in PoliticalHumor

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He wasn't shot for being black.

He was shot because he wrestled with the officers, hopped back into his car, tried reaching around inside the vehicle and tried to drive off.

He presented himself as a threat to them throughout the entire ordeal. And boom, that's what happens when you make officers feel threatened.

Don't want to get shot by cops? Don't wrestle with them as they give you lawful commands.

Don't want to get shot by cops? Don't commit crimes and put people's lives in danger.

Don't want to get shot by police? Don't make them think you're a threat to them.

This is so fucking easy I literally cannot understand why it's so hard for some people.

🐖🐷🐖 by Theclosetpoet in PoliticalHumor

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It's not just the training either. Our process is selecting for the least capable people we can find, propagandized autocrats who think it's THEIR job to lay down the law. That shit is bananas. They're bananas. Not literal bananas, actual, peel n eat bananas would administrate their duties with more class than cops do. There's no good cops, but there's definitely good bananas. I mean, banana splits? Can you find me one cop, just one cop, who's as good as a banana split? Maybe if you drizzle some hot young blonde cop in chocolate sauce but that's more of a sex thing. Bananas can't really be used for sex, too mushy. If you freeze them I guess but then you're talking about frost-bitten anus tissue...I'm talking real rectal trauma here folks. Ever see skin slaw out of a rectum? It's like a prolopse that also had to sneeze. It's not good. You don't want that. THAT'S how shitty most cops are.

Don't...fuck with me...

Pick Your Poison by zzill6 in PoliticalHumor

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Who was killed while cooperating with the police? Serious question.

Edit: Love how I'm getting downvoted for asking a question haha

Traitors by CampaignVeteran in PoliticalHumor

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“He’s not a war hero, he was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” - Vietnam war era draft dodger Donald Trump talking about Sen. McCain.

Conservatives regularly use the troops as political pawns; they feign outrage with their phony sanctimony when it suits them to appear more righteous than their opponents and then kick 'em to the curb when their usefulness has expired.

fuck all yall by Joshie2112 in PoliticalHumor

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A moron? Most of L.A. then and anyone who voted Biden truly believing things would change

Awww, he's treating him just like family by kevinowdziej in PoliticalHumor

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Yeah, but every time I see this can't help but think "Jessie Dweck wants a dwink of wawa".

Yup by __Dawn__Amber__ in PoliticalHumor

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TIL rich people amass on the Canadian border. Fascinating. Are they the spearhead for an invasion? Because that would be a refreshing change of speed.

Yup by __Dawn__Amber__ in PoliticalHumor

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Religion and racism are simply tools of elite to keep the poor occupied fighting among themselves.

Yup by __Dawn__Amber__ in PoliticalHumor

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Not really true. There are millions of Trump voters who are open white-christian supremacists, I would rather hang out with Bill Gates or Paris Hilton than your average Trump supporter.

Eat the rich too, but the elite classes being pieces of shit doesn't absolve trump trash of being inbred hicks, we've had them since the country started.