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Cyberpunk 2077 Studio Head Responds to Mandatory Crunch Reports. "This is one of the hardest decisions I've had to make, but everyone is well compensated for every extra hour they put in." by BigBadBeno in PS5

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All 48 hours a week for seven weeks. After seeing the response of this from gamers, I’m convinced none of you has ever worked a deadline-oriented job in your life.

I can guarantee the gamers are more outraged about this than the developers. I’ve done over 48 hours a week for longer than seven weeks, at a manual labor job and a television job. It ain’t a big deal.

Cyberpunk 2077 Studio Head Responds to Mandatory Crunch Reports. "This is one of the hardest decisions I've had to make, but everyone is well compensated for every extra hour they put in." by BigBadBeno in PS5

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Man what a bunch of mean spirited little fuckers you all seem to be. Not only is working overtime bad for your physical and mental health, your social life, your relationship with your spouse and kids, it is also less effective. So many studies have been done to show that every hour spent working longer then 8 a day and 40 a week is significantly less cost effective then the hours before it. You bitter fucks saying how hard you had to work? Why the fuck would you want someone else to work like that? You were miserable doing overtime which is why you are a sad bitter asshole now. CDPR could have easily avoided this by hiring more people. But they didn't. Because ultimately they, like every corporation, only care about that bottom line. So they force their employees to work overtime because of their greed, lack of foresight, and lack of concern for their employees well being. It doesn't matter how long the overtime is or how much you are getting paid, if you are being forced to work it you will hate it. Get some compassion and grow the fuck up.

Anyone else dislike the subscription model for games? by reva_r in PS5

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I haven't taken the time to gather all of the numbers and statistics, but my gut tells me that Gamepass is NOT a viable model for developers. Just because a gaming subscription model is attractive to the consumer doesn't mean it's a good thing for developers. Just look at how expensive video games are to make. Maybe Microsoft and Gamepass will be able to fully fund some titles to make Gamepass look good in consumer-facing marketing and developer onboarding material, but I don't see the vast majority of games being funded by a gaming subscription model without everybody going broke.

Just as Spotify is great value for music listeners, but not-so-great revenue generator for even the most popular of artists. However, artists are able to recoup this revenue through performances and merchandise. Unfortunately for developers, their video games are both the studio recording and the live performance. The only alternative business model for developers to earn significant revenue from would then be micro-transactions, DLC, and expansions. This would lead developers to locking out even more content behind paywalls than ever before because they are giving away the core experience for pennies on the dollar rather than full retail price.

In my opinion, Gamepass is a net negative for the video game industry. As far as I'm concerned, it is a race to the bottom for developers and publishers, and down the road for customers when most games become $0.99 bargain-bin shovelware riddled with micro-transactions just so that Microsoft can say "See we have more games than the other guys!"

I'd rather Sony Playstation stick to delivering top-shelf, high quality, AAA games instead of competing with Microsoft's own games-as-a-service race to the bottom.

Weekly Questions Thread - Ask about all things PS5. by PSModerator Moderator in PS5

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Don’t worry, I try to answer as many questions as I can in my free time! I can’t personally vouch for those ones as I’ve never tried them, but a quick look at critic and user reviews suggests they’re very solid for that price. No particular drawbacks other than lackluster bass, but it’s normal in that price range. I like the detachable microphone especially, it’s not very common in gaming headsets

PlayStation 5 Pre-order Megathread Redux by hybroid Moderator in PS5

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Dude Wario just tweeted a ps5 preorder for military/veterans and this is the first time in 6 years that I’ve regretted being estranged from my veteran father.

PS5 should let you set Home Screen music by RahGeezy in PS5

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I actually found it strangely depressing! I’m a little weird to certain things but the default ps4 theme music would really make me feel weird on some late nights

Edit: I just wanna say it was really cool to see many people relate to this. Makes you wonder if Sony and the composer knew it would have this affect on some people

Microsoft now owns Fallout, The elder scrolls, Doom, Wolfenstein, Dishonored and more after a 7.5 billion dollars acquisition of Bethesda/Zenimax by TeckneeKaleetiSamsung smart fridge in PS5

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People in every thread prior to this morning; Why would anybody get an Xbox? They have no exclusives.

People in this thread; This is bad for the industry Microsoft shouldn’t go around purchasing multi-plat devs to turn their franchises into exclusives.

Also people in this thread; I hope Sony purchases Square Enix to combat Microsoft.

EDIT: What in the fuck is a Snek award?

PlayStation 5 Pre-order Megathread Redux by hybroid Moderator in PS5

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Anyone in the pacific northwest. Fred meyers has them available for pre order. Disc only. Have to put 100 down and you have to go in store. My location still has a slot left.

Did anyone feel completely underwhelmed by the COD Alpha? by MetroidPrimeMaster in PS5

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I play very aggressively in every COD, which is why MW19 bothers me so much. Trying to imply that my experiences have something to do with my personal playstyle is laughable.

It isn't laughable when I hardly ever have that problem.

You are misremembering. Almost everyone cared about stats back then, especially in MW2 and BO1. The early MW games were literally the birthplace of people talking shit about K/D and obsessively comparing stats. And those games had lobby leaderboards, which MW19 doesn't have. Another incentive for people to have focused on stats.

Not at all, the majority of players didn't care.

Sure it may have been the birthplace, but generally at the birthplace it is only a very small minority that it starts with.

It didn't get to be a thing the majority of players worried about until MW3 / BO2.

Blatantly false. Maps in older games were smaller on average and had much more structure with typically a loose three-lane style.

Not false at all, name me some maps from each game that don't have clutter or visual noise.

Blatantly false. MW19's footsteps are by far the loudest in the series and it's not even close.

Again, not false at all, they may not have been as loud as MW, but that doesn't mean they weren't load at all.

That is like saying a V8 isn't loud when compared to a Jet engine, well durrhhhh, but that doesn't mean a V8 isn't ficking load.

These were the games that spawned sound whoring.

No movement required for Ghost perk to activate - just like MW 1, 2 and BO1

Killstreaks instead of scorestreaks - just like MW 1, 2 and BO1

You have a point with these two, but they still shouldn't have made these changes. Scorestreaks and required movement Ghost work much better than the alternative. These are good examples of positive changes that came from the jetpack-era COD games that should have never been taken out.

Pointstreaks is the superior system, which was in MW3.

Ghost while moving was shit, having conditional perks like that is pointless.

It's also actually worse for rushers, need to stop to reload or regain health BOOM show up on the radar like an XMAS tree.

Meanwhile campers sitting there hoping you see the red dot so you will feed them.

A shitty replacement for the perk that barely feels like it does anything. Footsteps are still loud while using it. Another disadvantage for rushers in a game that already doesn't favor them.

I don't think this disadvantages rushers, at least when it is active, although I admit it would have been better as a perk.

But then it's also fucking useless in Cold War by most accounts.

Shouldn't have come anywhere near multiplayer. An extremely annoying addition that only benefits campers, especially when combined with the ridiculous amount of head glitching spots on every map.

Yeah, I have to admit, it doesn't really make sense in certain game modes.

But for objective game modes it's ok, this game does have a lot of flanking points, so unless you get locked down in spawn it is avoidable.

Not a gimmick at all if you play smarter, higher skilled players. The doors essentially act as an alarm for anyone sitting in a building that they're about to be flanked. The camper will always be ready for the flanker if they hear the door open. It gives them control over the entire building without having to actually watch the entrance or place equipment.

You know you can open doors quietly though, right? Just peek the door and slide in.

I get the point when you bash through, I just tend not to do that, again, if the door is closed you know there is a camper there, so it's not really an advantage for either the rusher or the camper.

If there were no doors campers would kill rushers if they came in the wrong entrance and rushers would kill campers if they came in the right entrance.

To me it's still balanced, just in a different way.

Your counters are flimsy at best besides the one about the perks, sorry. I left out some obvious ones too, but I don't see any point in listing them seeing as we clearly aren't going to agree.

I disagree, I just think you are looking at it a different way and not using certain things to your advantage.

It's not just me, the game is very divisive among the dedicated COD community. It sold well, but pro players undeniably hate the game and people are constantly arguing about it on both the MW and Cold War subs.°

Pro players are a joke, they just get things they can't deal with banned so they can stay pros.

They whinge and cry about everything.

I'd be embrresed to try and use them as an example or to make a point.

But sure, not every CoD is for every CoD player, that much I will agree on.

I think Ghosts was an awful COD game, but I don't really feel like getting into another long winded argument about why. I'll just say that it's for a lot of the same reasons why I dislike MW19.

Like I said, players don't actually like balanced games.

PlayStation 5 Pre-order Megathread Redux by hybroid Moderator in PS5

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Bundles with extra controller live now on Walmart Canada!

thank you for the gold lol

PlayStation 5 Pre-order Megathread Redux by hybroid Moderator in PS5

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Go here, filter stock and scroll all the way down. They are in stock!

Edit: holy shit my first platinum, thanks so much! Just trying to help my fellow bro’s.

Weekly Questions Thread - Ask about all things PS5. by PSModerator Moderator in PS5

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It’s on this post. Look at this post towards the bottom of the text and you should see “Read a FAQ” with a link “All PS5 info” to a post. From there you can read all the info.

Serious question: is there any reason behind why in EU we should pay the equivalent of $95 or is it just a scam? by erik08032000 in PS5

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Well, there are many factors at play here

  1. Conversion rates are dynamic, can change day to day
  2. Cost of doing business is different in each country a. Each country has different taxes (corporate taxes, not just consumer taxes) b. Cost of labor is different. In one country person moving games from A to B can cost x, same task can cost 3x in other
  3. Conversion rate does not always mean same purchasing power. In developing countries electronics is expensive, but food is not and so on
  4. Consumer protection and labor protection costs are different.
  5. Environment, recycling laws and coats are different
  6. What people are willing to pay is different. Consumers in each country have different sensitivity to prices. In some countries change +10 is tolerated easily while not somewhere else.
  7. Supply and demand is different
  8. Transportation costs are different
  9. Some markets are more important than others And so on...

Which game for you personally is a PS5 console seller ? by Fear-nLoathing in PS5

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Ghosts of Tsushima, I gave my dad my PS4 for his retirement so he can keep his mind active playing Red Dead Redemption. He is a huge western fan and I remember him reading every Louis L'amour book when I was a kid. He lives on the other side of the country so it is his now and I can't wait to play Ghosts and Red Dead Online with him.