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I don't drink, but I've enjoyed everything I've eaten there. Def worth checking out.

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Next time you are in, I'll get you a free non alcoholic beverage! We could do a virgin bloody or a margarita, and we also have a Chicha Morada brewed by our friends at Dos Luces.

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Oh so tempted to go tomorrow

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The smartest thing you could possibly do is to give in completely to this temptation and come have some brunch! I have a free flight of beer waiting for you!

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Oh yeah? Ill hold you to that lol

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You better.

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Cucumber lemon sour has me sold

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In the immortal words of Ashley J Williams: "Come get some!". First one's on me for the price of one crisp high-five.

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Owners are not nice too their employees. I’ve seen it first hand. Respect the people that make you money and you will get more of mine.

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Do you have any more information on that? Like what did you see? I'm the new General Manager as of October, and I work directly with the owner, who, in my opinion has been nothing but kind and fair. I treat my staff with nothing but respect and kindness, and work really hard to lift them up and make sure they get the support they need. I even cover their shits when they are sick with zero passive aggression, or sideways comments. We also offer the staff paid time off and paid sick leave, which is not a thing that restaurants typically do. The work culture at Spice Trade is INCREDIBLY important to me, so I'd seriously like to hear exactly what you witnessed in regard to an owner treating a staff member poorly.

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Not gunna lie without actual details tis reeks of a competitor....

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See above.

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Awesome. My spouse and I have made a tradition of going to brunch every Sunday as a happy date and reprieve from the rat race of life. 2 years in denever and we have not missed a single Sunday brunch. Unfortunately we already have plans for tomorrow or else we would be there but let's plan on next week. We love reddit and we love local places and we would love to see what you offer and escape and relax on Sunday morning :)

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We'd be honored for you to add us to your rotation! DM me your info and I'll get a reservation on the books for you, complete with a free flight of beer!

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Won’t be able to make it this weekend, but highly recommend checking it out! I tried for the first time a month ago, and the drinks and food are both great! I need to go back!

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Come check out our new Brewery Brunch! First beer is on me!

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Ah yay, I’ll be there

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Looking forward to you gracing us with your merping this morning! I'll have a flight waiting for you!

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My husband and I just moved here in September. I just added this to our list and we will definitely give brunch a try. Breakfast is our “thing” 😉 we go out for breakfast every weekend and you said the magic words to two New Mexicans far from home Green Chile & Chorizo 🤣

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We've heard that when you speak the words "Green Chile & Chorizo" under the proper circumstances (Brunch). A Doctor Strange Portal that leads to your restaurant opens directly in the middle of Albequerque. Come on down and I'll buy you a flight of beers!

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It’s true! I’ll definitely be in and I’ll take you up on that flight. 😉

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As a pregnant Spice Trade fan, I'm putting this on my list of places to go once I pop this kid out :)

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You could wait a few days. ;) When you come in, I'll have a free flight of beers waiting for you!

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Is this at both locations?

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We only have one location. It's a little weird, but the Spice Trade Brewing in Arvada is attached to a Yak and Yeti. We're a completely different concept over in Greenwood Village.

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Ah, good to know!