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[OC] US contribution to 1918 pandemic dead vs 2020 pandemic dead by InDissentOC: 2 in dataisbeautiful

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According to the data source for this, China has only 4,634 deaths from Covid. Please.

[OC] US contribution to 1918 pandemic dead vs 2020 pandemic dead by InDissentOC: 2 in dataisbeautiful

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When this sub became a default it became a shit show and basically merged with /r/dataisugly. The only thing I am thankful for is it didn't devolve into a quagmire of political shit like it did in 2016.

[OC] Incarceration rates compared by MKorostoffOC: 9 in dataisbeautiful

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No. It's an irrefutable fact.

It's staggering that you think it's untrue. This fact is why police do more policing in black areas - black people (~12% of population) commit 25% of all violent crime. (table13,pg17).

This is victimization data, not police data. But, police data closely mirrors this (as studied by FBI) which actually debunks the "overpoliced" narrative.

Also, while on the topic, police have shot and killed 661 people since the end of August2020. Blacks are 18% of the shooting deaths. The narrative "Police are killing black people." is also undone by this data; given they commit 25% of all violent crime, and are only 18% of the shooting deaths, it stands to reason they're dying slightly above their base population because they're committing more crime.

Use this to put those numbers into perspective; 3800 people drown every year. IF youre black in the USA, you're ~FIVE TIMES more likely to DROWN than you are to be killed by a police shooting.

Which of course, says nothing about how justified each individual shooting may be (how many of those shootings are transparently deserved (say, they were shooting at cops (the B.Taylor incident), they had knife and were charging the police (Ricardo Munoz in Lancaster, Penn. 10 days ago.))

So, no, they werent 'debunked' because it is absolutely true.

[OC] Predictions of what "Karens" will be called in the future | Using data from USA social security administration by T1m_BurrOC: 2 in dataisbeautiful

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So what this is implying is going forward let’s take the most popular name for white women and use it as a pejorative.

I finished my year long temperature blanket! [OC] by taracalaOC: 1 in dataisbeautiful

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The daily high temperatures are represented on the left side, and the lows on the right. The curve represents the amount of day/night using official sunrise/sunset times from Rindge, autumn equinox to autumn equinox, September 21,2019-September 20, 2020. I used 20 colors, each representing a 5 degree range. The lowest temperature registered was -11 degrees on December 8, 2019. The highest temperature registered 93 degrees on July 19, 2020.this is a queen size bedspread, weighing 9.2 lbs

Ravelry name: tarabl13

I got the idea from https://www.ravelry.com/projects/Throkmorton/temperature-blanket-2019 but created all my own equations on excel and chose my own yarn and temperature assignments.

I used knitting to create the quilt and excel to track all my data. I got my temperature data from accuweather.com and my sunset data from https://sunrisesunset.willyweather.com/

Here's the color assignments: https://imgur.com/a/tc4Czis

[OC] State-level population shares reporting no religious affiliation by [deleted] in dataisbeautiful

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Imagine being a pioneer from the East and then hitting the Rockies.

You'd stop believing in God too.

The cost of our “inexpensive” wedding (US, 2019) [OC] by wtfjenOC: 5 in dataisbeautiful

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Y'all need to take a statistics class. Correlation =/= causation. There are couples who can't get divorced due to finances (divorces are expensive) or religious pressure (get married at 18 so you can bang, can't afford a huge expensive wedding). On the other hand, if you're wealthy enough to afford a large wedding, then a divorce isn't going to be a financial roadblock for you.

If you can afford it, there's nothing wrong with having a large wedding to celebrate with family and friends. The anti-wedding circlejerk on reddit is totally out of hand. Just because a lot of people here got married at a courthouse for 12 pennies and used twist ties as wedding rings doesn't mean everyone wants that.

The cost of our “inexpensive” wedding (US, 2019) [OC] by wtfjenOC: 5 in dataisbeautiful

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Reddit loves playing inverse one upsmanship about who can be the most poor and miserable. They also act like the more poor you are the more value you have and vice versa

"Your parents helped you pay for college? Well I'm 100k in debt so there ha! I know so much more about the real world than you do"

"You own a house? I live in a $400/mo studio apartment with roaches and the only thing I'll get to eat today is a spoonful of peanut butter. Fuck your opinion you have too much money"

"You drive a six year old car? I drive a 4 colored civic with the back seat ripped out and I have to start it with a corkscrew. Check the privilege of your completely average living situation at the door bucko"

It's a pathetic mixture of way too much self pity and envy in it's grossest form. The worst type of people to be around.