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Thank you for your patience. :)

There is a part II. can't say anymore .

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You cant do that! Few days ago you sent us to wait 1 more year 😅

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lol my man said 2-3 months 2-3 days ago... now there's a part 2... on a Tuesday!? And Alim drops his AMA in a few days. How am i supposed to get any work done around here.

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Hahaha tell me about it... Just checked delta on my phone randomly, seen price increase and immediately logged out of work comp! Celebrations needed!! Wooo! 🍾

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He wanted more cheap kin before he dropped the FTX bomb

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Thaanks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and congrats to all to fight and push for it!! :) amazing community

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Boom. way to deliver what others couldn’t u/wmougayar

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@wmougayar president !!

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OMG. You're the best, call me Moonboi today

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You summoned the power of the people less than a month ago and we responded.

Keep up the excellent leadership William!!

Top 10 or bust!

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Thank you to everyone! This is excellent!!!

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u/wmougayar taking care of buisness🔥

Edit: damn, gilded comment and KIN on FTX - this sure shaped up to be a good day

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Amazing work to turn a red day to green :)

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Wow Part II?????

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LOL Awesome. :)

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Next Stop: Bitfinex


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We cant wait !!! Time estimation?!

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Great job.

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Good work, thank you! Now on to Binance, Coinbase and being the platform token for Telegram...

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A big fat WOOT!!!

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Thank you also for your work and thanks to the guys at Kin Foundation! Keep up the good work! 😉

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blockfolio part 2?

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Was part 2 blockfolio?

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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's time to celebrate! :)

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Word is Blockfolio was NOT PART II 👀 👀 👀 🚀 🚀 🚀

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Part two working withdrawals? 💪

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I need help. I have a lot of kin stuck on Bitforex. Please help!

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Hint: Part II is bItfInex, bcoz there are two II’s in Bitfinex 😀

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Big news! Excellent

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This is the snowball we needed. We've climbed the hill.. now we start letting it roll down on it's own as it's gets bigger and bigger!

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all news on exchange front is awesome- is FTX top tier?

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Yes. It's huge. Considering the volumes:
FTX: $17,151,506,718 https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/ftx/
Coinbase: $9,523,912,436 https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/coinbase-pro/

Kraken: $6,336,136,900 https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/kraken/

Gate: $1,121,189,524 https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/gate-io/

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Damn! I had no idea they were that big!! Wow! This is amazing.

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Holy shit!

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Judging by the win vs SEC, this project will list without a doubt. No more liabilities.

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Round of applause for William and those who have and are supporting him. Well done !

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What will be the real KIn value

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did you see kucoin response, KF has to apply they responded to me

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OMG are my eyes deceiving me! Is that...a direct....USD trading pair?.....like I can load my American dollars in and get KIN directly out and vice versa?

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Yup 👍

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This is critical!!! Direct in and out...no middle man coins or stable coins to muck up the process! u/wmougayar is setting the bar and after seeing Alim's comments on unlocking DeFi for KIN I'm speechless...congratulations, you don't get this successful being ineffective, true leadership on display.

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We're so close! ftx just needs to partner with a company that links to your bank account.

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I wonder if ftx.us has the ability to link a bank account, I need to open an account with them in anticipation.

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USD wire transfer deposits and withdrawals will credit USD as well as TUSD, BUSD, HUSD, USDC, & PAX

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I checked and it looks like some kind of USD stable coin - not $USD. I don't know if it's SPL USDT or SPL USDC or another I'm not familiar with. I'll check out more when I have a chance but maybe someone can clarify?

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OMG>.where do u see this? on FTX?

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I am euphoric.

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Next is Binance

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Jfc my Delta app just gave me a mini heart attack! Look at those prices :D Can you frakking imagine what will happen when Binance and Coinbase list it? Pffff

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My KIN value is suddenly 20% over my combined portfolio ATH in Jan 2018.

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Wow, this means so much to so many!! Good job guys, keep it up

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Cool! Does anyone know how many users this exchange has?

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24h volume:


(it was $800K 15 minutes ago on USD pair)

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+81.91% on BG

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Nice pump, Willy!! Keep it up my man.

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Gotta Focus on Binance and Okex where Solona is Listed. Others are great long term but quicker on these two,


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The Army of KIN will win.

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Thanks to everyone who's pushed for these exchange listings. They're finally happening and KIN is starting to explode in price. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the price today! Amazing work guys!

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can someone send him a high res image?


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Kevin did right there :)

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Is this USD stable coin?

PS: I figured it is stablecoin.

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Woooohooo let’s go William let’s go KF let’s gooooooo kin fam!!!!!

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5million and holding

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800 million purchased at $0.000003 a year ago and holding :)

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Congrats on the 4x return!

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Huh? 30x as of now

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OK missed one zero, congrats!

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Wow dude you will be rich as fuck when this hits half a penny

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I think I'll have to sell some way before that :)

Anyway, this is the only time I've managed to enter a coin at all-time-low and I'm stoked af haha

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It was a beautiful moment when it hit .0002 today. A sign of things to come!

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Crossing fingers

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My fellow whale. I'm with you!

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FTX is high on the list at Coingecko. 9 for their trust score. There are only 8 with score of 10. I was worried when I went to check that it might be a 5 or 6. Pleasant surprise.

So this is news that pumps and holds prices. The game is changing. Whatever part 2 is will improve it. If you want to be a holder, the train is leaving the station. You'll have to pay for an uber to get to the next station if you don't jump on now.

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Will it also be available on FTX US? Not seeing it currently.

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No Sadly it is not showing on FTX.us

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Time for merry making. It's been "long suffering"..lol

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I imagine the faces of the ones that sold their bags!!! lOl

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Where are the negative commenters and haters today? Hmm, nowhere to be found! Biting in their b...s to not believe in the KF team. Thanks William for this!

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Now we can make some promotions on WSB for KIN :)

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...is this the beginning of Teds famous crescendo??? *beer and popcorn*

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Kin road to 1$

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That won't happen anytime soon lol, 1-10c is more realistic in the next year or 2

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Now give me the wormhole and I am Superhappy.

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u/wmougayar You were the leader we needed the whole time. A man of action, not words. Keep up the great work sir.

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Bravo u/wmougayar from France we support the project as well !

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Salut Jean ! Ça fait du bien de voir que je ne suis pas le seul français à croire en Kin 😉

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This is how it starts and what Kin needs - momentum. The more liquidity, more compelling use cases Kin adds, the faster the snowball rolls downhill. Don't stop...

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Got my first Kin purchase on FTX!
New to kin, was trying to transfer it to my Atomic Wallet but that doesnt seem to work from FTX. Any suggestion to keep these baby's safe?

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Trust wallet

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Somebody Please point me to some article that can explain me why hitbtc and bithumb are not allowing withdrawal or deposit of KIN. And is atomic wallet supporting latest solana chain migration ?

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I was wondering what was pulling my portfolio back up. Nice work!

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Amazing news!

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100th LIKE

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This is just the beginning!

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Indeed. It didn't even start yet.

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Bravo well done been here since day dot of the ico. All ways believed in the project

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Congratulations 🎊 Thank you Will and the KF.

I already used the deposit from Trust Wallet to FTX and traded a sell and buy. All working smoothly and fine.

Looking forward to discovering the second part.

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Does it support in USA as well??

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Someone please help, I am unable to send Kin to FTX , my atomic wallet says invalid address. Address starting with GC created by atomic wallet, but GTX shows an addr starting with 3. What should I do ?

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Trust wallet!!! Atomic wallets does not support kin spl yet!!!

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Amazing! 😅

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KIN is still alive?

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And kicking bro. And kicking.

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Ftx us doesn’t have kin