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Viewership for G2 vs DWG: 2,713,380 by JKSciFi in leagueoflegends

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Feelsbadman 2,713,380 people had to witness the worst casting in the history of League of Legends, and in Worlds Semifinals too. Goddamn are EU setting records this year for Worlds.

  • First major region to get knocked out in play ins
  • First reverse sweep in Worlds history
  • Fastest game in Worlds history
  • THE Worst esports casting ever in history of League of Legends

Showmaker with the BM in game 1 against G2 by AkashiGG in leagueoflegends

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Glad to see Medic didn't lose his shit.

Oh thankfully he isn't on air

G2 Esports vs. DAMWON Gaming / 2020 World Championship - Semi-Final / Post-Match Discussion by adz0r in leagueoflegends

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Game 1: G2 absolutly blasted

Game 2: Nuguri wanted a Fiora skin

Game 3: G2 absolutly blasted

Game 4: G2 absolutly blasted

LPP League Partner Vapora Dark leaves game on stream and hops on his smurf account by LigoLegendo in leagueoflegends

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You're intentionally misinterpreting that chapter. I state within the guide itself that the purpose of that chapter is to help you understand bot lane matchups, in general, not Lucian matchups specifically. So when I explain how Lucian works and what he's strong/weak against, it's supposed to teach you both what you're meant to understand to play as him as well as into him. I find this more valuable than explaining every single ADC matchup 1v1 because ADC matchups are never 1v1. It is much more valuable to understand how every bot laner, ADC and support alikes, fits into the bot lane ecosystem, both against their opponents and their potential partners.

Only by understanding every bot lane champion on such a level, Lucian included, can you begin to understand how any given 2v2 matchup is supposed to play out. There's no point in just saying "Lucian stomps Vayne because of his range" when you're going to get stomped by Vayne post-6 if she has Nautilus while you have Yuumi.

LPP League Partner Vapora Dark leaves game on stream and hops on his smurf account by LigoLegendo in leagueoflegends

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kinda weird that you call people nobodies when people only know you because you advocate for bestiality, int soloq games and be wrong on reddit 9/10 times

LPP League Partner Vapora Dark leaves game on stream and hops on his smurf account by LigoLegendo in leagueoflegends

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Someone in the chat made a joke about posting this on the League subreddit and I laughed because everyone knew it was a clearly inoffensive time to leave a game, but I guess someone thought they could get some excitement in their leaves by posting this out of context.

The context OP is leaving out (intentionally, by seconds) is our Xerath support coming mid and stealing my farm. His ADC was 0/5 so he thought he'd come mid and troll me. I usually never leave games, even with the score the way it is I'd still prefer to play it out out of respect for the other players in the game and a genuine enjoyment out of the game even in losing positions, but when your support is coming mid to troll you 10 minutes into the game there's not really anything left to salvage or enjoy, nor any sort of challenge to overcome.

Usually this is the part where our team would open (and I'm sure they did, since they had a trolling support) but since it was going to take so long for the enemy team to end even with an open since platings weren't even down yet, I left the game to go on my smurf since I needed a break from that MMR anyway and there was no point waiting for the game to officially end. OP knew this and posted 30 seconds of dead space after I left the game when he could have easily included the context. Instead he started the clip where I was already recalling because of Xerath trolling me.

Anyway this thread is going to be full of far too much misinformation for me to bother defending myself against, so believe it or don't. Here's my YouTube and Twitch channels since I may as well plug them to get something out of this negative press. I'm not supposed to be using Reddit anymore so this is the only comment I'll be making in this thread.



LPP League Partner Vapora Dark leaves game on stream and hops on his smurf account by LigoLegendo in leagueoflegends

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Sorry guys, I was already tilted at my games today and even more upset after seeing this thread. I've been taking an indefinite break from social media because I spend far too much time on it but I'll make an exception for this thread, and will try to act more maturely.

Here's the full minute preceeding the clip OP posted. For a minute straight Xerath abandoned bot and laned mid instead, letting the enemies kill Ashe and push as many towers as they wanted. He opened bot. Then in case the rest of us didn't want to open, for good measure, he started taking mid CS instead. After a minute of it, I saw that he wasn't going to stop and I had no choice but fulfil his desire of opening, so I recalled back to base while telling my team to open.

At this point, my team were going to open. This is standard procedure in high Elo, if you have a troll/inter then there's no point playing it out. It's possible my team had not yet caught on to the fact that we had a troll (I was the first to find out since I was the target of his trolling), but there was no way the game was just going to play out normally from there, it was going to end in an open. I wanted to swap accounts anyway after that game since I was on a tilting loss streak and needed to go on a lower MMR account (which is D3) to relax and hopefully detilt, and I didn't see the point in sticking around for the game to end before making the switch.

I checked the replay and right after I disconnected both Xerath and Kha'Zix immediately stopped playing as well and let the enemies end through mid. This is all I would have been doing had I not disconnected. It wasn't a ragequit, Xerath had already forfeited the game and forced us to forfeit it too and I just didn't want to stick around to wait for them to end. This was comparable to hitting alt + F4 during your death timer when the enemy team is on your nexus. The game was equally over not because we were already losing badly, though we were, but because our Xerath gave up and started to let them win.

Any other circumstance I would never leave the game and you have hundreds of hours of VOD footage to crawl over to prove me wrong if you wish, but you won't find anything because it's just not something I do.