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So I moved into my apartment about a year ago and my immediate neighbor (my windows are directly across from one another) was quiet but nice when we would interact in passing. He asked me one day a few months later if I could walk his dog. I did for a while but then his dog attacked my two dogs (at separate times) and I cut off all contact because I was so mad he was such an irresponsible dog owner (dogs were never leashed properly and were reported to animal control).

Since then, whenever I leave my apartment for whatever reason, two seconds later he’s outside doing something like taking out a trash bag that’s not even slightly full, or walking behind me as I take out my trash. He normally just walks slowly to his car and back again (with nothing ever in his hands). I noticed it was odd the first several times it happened but thought it was a coincidence until the coincidences kept happening over and over and over. I told my mother at least three times this week that he was always coming outside when I was walking my dogs or throwing out my trash and he walks extremely slow by my door every time.

Well, it’s 6:30am and I go outside to walk my dogs (it’s super dark) and I only go outside at this time because I know my neighbor’s schedule and do my best to avoid him at all costs since his dogs are very aggressive and have attacked mine twice before. Well, sure enough, I’m outside with my dog and he comes out and just walks slowly down the walkway. Once I’m in my apartment, I can see him through my peep hole walking slowly by my door.

I’m sure as neighbors, people get a sense of others’ schedule, but I know this guy is watching me closer than normal and I’m now getting anxiety attacks just thinking of going outside and seeing him. Let me also point out that I never see ANY of my other neighbors this often nor do they come outside when I’m outside like this guy does.

He has never once touched me or gotten too close to me other than him walking behind me to the dumpster, and I never notice him following me when I’m around town, but I feel that his behavior is picking up at my apartment. I’m scared.

Is there anything I can I do to stop him from watching me or following me? I’m in my current place until for another year so moving is not doable until my lease is up, and I’m scared of this guy. I have dog pepper spray, people pepper spray, and a pretty big pocket knife I always have on me but I’m a petite girl. Speaking with my landlord is out of the question unless something serious happens since they are very poor landlords and don’t care about problems on their property.

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A false “tip” was filed against me with the FBI and work is involved.

A false “tip” was submitted anonymously to the FBI stating that I told this individual that I was going to do horrific things to my family and set my home on fire. It included my full name, the name of the company I work for, and a job title.

This was given to the state police, who then sent it to my local law enforcement. I had four police officers pull my wife and I out of our home at 11:30 at night, separate us, and then question us for an hour.

First, these claims are false. I love my family more than anything, and nothing even remotely close has ever entered my head, much less been said.

I believe the information detailed in the tip could really only be know by coworkers or someone associated with my work. I have a very small social circle, immediate family and 3 close friends, no social media or online presence, and no known enemies, up to this point. Though my friends and family know this information, they would never do this to me.

Interesting coincidence. My wife and I, both being interviewed by different officers in different places, at the same time, were both told initially that it was a coworker that made the anonymous statement. Only later, when asked to confirm this statement, did they say it did not specify a coworker, just my companies name and my title. They said they had to “confirm the information in their system.”.

I requested and received the report from my local police department, and it provides no useful information. It doesn’t even provide the statement reported that caused them to visit my home. I have submitted a freedom of information act request with the state police and the FBI.

Due to my concern of it being a coworker or someone associated with my workplace, I notified my company. As I expected, they were respectful and showed concern, but immediately went into defensive mode.

They have told me, if it has anything to do with the company, they want to do everything they can to track this down for me. First, they will be contacting their lawyer to see if there is anything they can do to help. I’m not dumb, I know they are doing this to protect their company, and I don’t blame them, but I am concerned about how to proceed at this point.

I am not discussing this with coworkers. Right now I am just waiting to get the statements and any information that could identify this person, but that is an extreme long shot. The likely result will be, no useful information gathered, and it will be my choice if I stay or go.

Is there anything else I should be doing? What should I say or avoid saying? Do I need an attorney, or should I trust my company? Any advice would be welcome. I live in Ohio. Thank you!

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