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If you’re a parent and let your kids make a mess like this then you’re a piece of sh** by dillonconnerty in iamatotalpieceofshit

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A total piece of shit for making a mess in a restaurant where you pay to have people clean up after you? That's literally the whole point and why you spend the money. It's not the patrons fault the restaurant doesn't pay it's employees properly to deal with the things they have to throughout their work day. Sorry... I''ve worked food service and while this shit is annoying I'm not going to blame the patron at all.

People go out to eat so they don't have to clean up after themselves or the kids. Kids make messes whether at home or out. If I'm paying however much to have my family eat out you can clean up the mess without trying to shame on reddit and I don't have a wife or kid.

This dude has literally posted this shit multiple times too. Takes job in restaurant business... gets mad at the customers for making him do his job rather than the owner for not paying him properly for dealing with it. Fuck you so hard. I hope you never get a tip again.

People want things to get back to normal hey, screw em'. by CrawlinOutTheFallout in iamatotalpieceofshit

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What I hate about the current state of things is that everything is politicized. If you wear a mask, you must be a democrat. If you don't wear masks, you must be a republican. Hence, people do, or don't do something, out of fear if being accused of membership for the other party (which is ridiculous). I'm a foreigner to the US, and I SYMPATHIZE (emphasis on that word, because I can't vote) with the Republicans a bit more than the democrats, but holy hell, I can't stand anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers. I just wish people would see things objectively instead of through the lenses if politics, but maybe that's a super naive thought.

TL/DR: Let's not put political labels in everything, let's be respectful to each other's differing views, and let's debate civilly, instead of with insults and pejorative terms.

Door to door salesman kicking someone's cat when they think nobody is looking. by Camo_XJ in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Billiam's insect crematorium. Got it. Staying away.

Edit: Wow, Plat? Awesome. Thank you stranger!

Taunting a terminally ill seven-year-old girl by NeroEP in iamatotalpieceofshit

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All a part of growing up!

I like to think that if my children find themselves in that situation, I've experienced first hand what it does to children and adults and wouldn't want that to be the situation my children were forced to act upon due to my own pettiness.

If you’re a parent and let your kids make a mess like this then you’re a piece of sh** by dillonconnerty in iamatotalpieceofshit

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honestly, i find that reddit is pretty unkind and unforgiving to parents.

"They should have been on their hands and knees cleaning spaghetti off the ground without cleaning equipment..." "They should tip 50% everytime they sit down at a restaurant (maybe the wealthy ones?)..." "If they cant tip 50% they shouldnt ever visit restaurants..." "They should clean up the plates unlike any other customer is expected to... "

At a certain point you have to realize you are asking too much to justify your first impression of someone. Just hope they apologized and did what they could, and dont try to rally a bunch of internet people against them...

Not cool Karen. Not cool. by resyekt in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Oh god we voted for mental illness 4 years ago and that turned out terribly

Hospital worker uses dead patients bank card to buy snacks. by Brevatron in iamatotalpieceofshit

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My stint in retail was a best buy from 2011-2013. Some crazy employee theft was caught. For customers though, we had regular LP and then 3rd party security that was pretty nuts when they found people stealing. This was Brooklyn nyc so probably not the same everywhere.

Before I worked there, there was an employee theft ring where they'd stick an iPad in a microwave, have a friend buy the microwave and then return it sans ipad.

There were people who broke in through the ceiling at a nearby store.

My store was built on piers/pilings over the water and once thieves used a boat to make a hole in the wall to our back room where the iPads were locked. Which is why I still maintain to this day we are the only best buy to be a victim of actual piracy

This got so much worse by Lucky_G2063 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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I really think cultural relativism is one of the most flawed moral philosophies out there. If we can only judge something by what is accepted at the time we get two major problems

1) there is no longer room for moral progress. A society can not get better it can only change from one set of “perfectly acceptable” moral standards to a different one. Since we can’t judge a society instead only judge how well people follow the standards, the rules themselves can’t be judged or improved. They can only be changed.

2) this ones the big one. Who decides what’s morally acceptable in a society? If it’s a groups culture to subject a minority population, then is it ok? Why don’t the minority get a say? It’s an issue called “tyranny of the majority”. By allowing for moral relativism, you are giving all moral power to the people in charge (or has the most sway). This allows them to take advantage of minority or vulnerable populations.

You can be tolerant of other peoples cultures and still judge them when they do something terrible. If a culture has a tennent that says it’s ok and good to stone gay people to death, I don’t care if that’s part of their history and culture, I’m going to condemn it. We need to be able to condemn immoral things like the actions in this video or we can’t improve society and we give all moral power to the loudest voice.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk


A philosophy major

I'm a bastard, but this is unthinkable. by Traelos38 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Mom sure isn't impressed with what you got her this year dad...

"She's around 11 and im just tired of her to be honest." by jwfergus in iamatotalpieceofshit

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I have the pup

Will post pics soon, need to go get supplies from petco

My mom is okay with keeping her, I have a puppy of my own who would be too hyper to have around an old lady

Artist trying to one up a child, only because their art got recognized. by xmcncoin in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Putting aside how pathetic it is for an artist to pander to a company to acknowledge them, this isn't even an accurate depiction of what happened.

What happened was a couple of cool artists who work for a company created fan art of a childs drawing, and then the marketing department posted it on facebook for the sake of publicity. That's what happened.

The company didn't get together at an annual meeting and say, "In Q1, we're going to render a kid's artwork and then post it on Facebook." And then the VP of operations said, "But what about other artists?" And then the president said, "Fuck all the artists."

Thats not what happened.

"She's around 11 and im just tired of her to be honest." by jwfergus in iamatotalpieceofshit

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I found the listing, live in Auburn, I will get her a home.

Edit: Pup has been acquired. Going to my mamas house. I recently got a puppy and she absolutely loved the company of the puppy. So she agreed to have her around since I go back to auburn in the fall and the puppy will go with me.

Cancelling an order because of rainbow cookies and sending hurtful messages by McMasky in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Its not homophobia my dude.

They said that a customer cancelled their huge custom order less than 24hrs before delivery because of the bakery's support for pride month.

OK, that sucks, but undoubtably they took payment up front, so its not like they are left at a financial loss for this order.

And the post very consciously doesnt explicitly say "now we are out $200 that we spent making these cookies".

Instead, they reference a vague "backlash" to a business that is "struggling to stay afloat".

In other words, they want people to think they took a loss on these cookies without actually saying so. That way they can sell the cookies twice.

I would respect them much more if they wrote "hey a customer decided that he hated our message of inclusiveness so much that he wouldnt take the cookies we made for him, even though he already paid for them. His loss is your gain. Tomorrow only, you get one free cookie with proof of a same-day donation to GLAAD in any amount."