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Respiratory therapist freaks out after being fired hospital for refusing COVID vaccine. by Attorney_For_Me in videos

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Good news, they just approved the vaccine for ages 5-11 so this guy can get one now

"God Only Knows" covered so well that even Brian Wilson commented by BFreshFan1 in videos

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Ahh this is me! Thanks so much everyone! Reading these comments really makes my day 🙏❤️

spotify since they signed joe rogan by ManagerOfLove in videos

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I'm interested in these factorio train tips.

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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He was an extremely smart guy. I don't think he would agree that what he said about Andrew Dice Clay applies just the same to Dave Chappelle. Its like comparing Tekashi 6ix9ine to Tupac Shakur. Clay was making extremely low brow jokes that pandered to the lowest common denominator. If you think the same about Chappelle's last special then you weren't really considering what he had to say.

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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I think Dave's whole premise for the special was that he didn't believe in the punching up/down argument.

In one special he...

Claimed he was a TERF

Had some offensive (or at least not funny) jokes at trans peoples expense

Did a bit against bathroom bills

Used proper pronouns.

Said he stands with the people at Stonewall

Went after a group of twitter activists he thinks hurt his friend.

The whole specials was him saying "there are good ones and bad ones"

The "good ones" stood up at Stonewall

The "bad ones" harassed his friend and may have contributed to her suicide.

It was also about how "our" priorities as a society are messed up. How "we" as a culture spend more time worrying about a joke he wrote then human life. How these "activists" were so mad about someone defending jokes that they forgot to stick up for one of the people they're supposed to speak for.

People want everything to be easy and binary these days. "With us or against us" "Good vs. Evil" But life is more complicated then that

At the end of the special he says "stop punching down" and he's talking about comedians and how this online mob attacked his friend.

I feel like people missed a lot of the context of this special because of all the headlines around it.

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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Dave was trying to be proLGBTQ, but imo had some underlying phobias

Need to break this up since this sub has a character limit otherwise automod removes this

part 1

He didn't make the distinction between mud slinging accounts on twitter (2nd most toxic social media) and the LGTBQ community in general. He goes out of his way to address the entire LGBTQ community explicitly in his gripes. He said that they act like minorities until they need to act white around Black people, based off one personal bad personal experience. He said 'Trans people make up words to win arguments'. He said the trans are out to get him and he needs to look for adams apples

He used a huge platform to lie about the trans community. He said JK Rowling was cancelled for stating a biological fact. First, she wasn't cancelled. she's still with her publisher, still publishing books with cross-dressing characters who are murderers

Second, she didn't just state a fact, she has openly befriended and amplified the voices of TERFs on social media, and that she penned a long manifesto expressing the pernicious TERF ideology that trans women might actually be male sexual predators in disguise

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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part 6

I don't think Dave was homophobic/transphobic in his initial specials. He had some cognitive biases which resulting in him saying some hurtful stuff. But his refusal to accept any criticism and the resulting backlash has resulted in a full blown fear -> phobia of LGBTQ people besides 'the good ones' who are his friends. It's similar to a type of racism many white people have today; they believe in the idea of equality in general, but think the Black community are people hateful to white people when the kneel for the Anthem and criticize the police. They use isolated incidents like looting and random youtube videos to characterize the whole Black community. They think the average Black person has more privilege than the average white person by pointing to people being cancelled by racism the way Dave points to people being cancelled for homophobia. They think Black people are misguided in how they address systemic racism, and I feel Dave feels similarly about how LGBTQ address systemic homophobia/transphobia

Dave wants full equality for LGBTQ people but he didn't want them to address the very hurtful comments made by Kevin Hart or JK Rowling. He doesn't want them to call out people for using slurs; he complained about not being able to use the F-word slur. He also implied that the idea of the LGBTQ calling themselves 'my people' is racist, but at the end of the special used that exact phrase to refer to his fellow comedians, 'Stop punching down on my people'

He always tries to pit the LGBTQ community against the Black community. He complained 'why is it easier for Bruce Jenner to change his gender than it was for Cassius Clay to change his name'. Trans people EXISTED in the 60s, and throughout history. It wasn't easier, it took 50 years after the stonewall riots, which Dave actually referenced in his special. But why do this dumb game Dave wants us to play, does a person with cancer need to complain every time there's a breakthrough in AIDS research?

If his point is that the rich white power structures in our country are using LGBTQ issues to put down Black people, then he should go after the white power structures in our country directly and specifically. Maybe there are pockets of LGBTQ people putting down Black people like Peter Theil, but largely the white power structures strategy is to pit marginalized grounds against each other. The same people trying to put homophobia and transphobia into our school curriculum are the same ones who are trying to prevent Black people from voting

Dave says LGBTQ people act like minorities until it's convenient for them not to, but he's is doing exactly that with his cis/hetero/male privilege to wage with his fellow millionaire celebrities

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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part 8

Furthermore, social media backlash isn't a strong indicator of the extent to which systemic racism and homophobia is being addressed in our society. There's still record high killings of trans people. Police can still largely murder POC and face no legal repercussions

And even if you wanted to use that, KevinHart still making billion dollar movies, JKRowling still publishing novels, DaBaby recording a song for Kanyes new album. Megyn Kelly, Roseanne Barr, Michael Richards, CEO of papa johns are actually cancelled

Actual cancellations from social media backlash are when corporations stop doing business with a person because their image no longer brings in the same revenue as when they hired them. This never really challenges the root power structures and phobias in our society. It doesn't matter how many celebrities throw their careers in toilet, it won't affect systemic racism in policing

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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part 3

He complained 'to what extent am I obligated to participate in your self image'. He has none, but to what extent are they obligated to indulge in the idea that he is beyond criticism? To what extent should they suppress the fact that he is no longer a positive influence in their life

He complained about trans people using made up words to win arguments, but the majority of the terms that were coined for identifying phenomena regarding the marginalization of minorities came from the racial equality movements. It's mostly the anti-BLM people who criticize people for using terms like microaggressions

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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part 2

He complained that the LGBTQ community is preventing him to from going after white people, that he had them on the ropes before the LGBTQ community stopped him. But it's Dave who keeps on dedicating his specials to them. When his last special was released there were no articles being written about his beef with them, no social media trends. And then he dedicated nearly his whole special to them

And if he wants to get conspiratorial about white people, race, and sexuality issues, look at what they did in India and the Philippines. They did a ton to demonize homosexuality in those areas. They always do. Like the Hindy/Muslim animosity and the Caste system in India (which existed before the British came, but they dialed that the knob up to 100% by codefying into law and making it a part of their educational system) and apartheid in South Africa, they are always pitting minority groups against each other so that they won't focus on their oppressor

How can this be more glaring than that the anti-gay people and anti-trans people are the same ones who are anti-BLM. The same people who keep passing laws specifically targeting Black people from voting

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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part 7 (had to censor this a lot for it to not be deleted by the automod)

He also complained that Dababy got cancelled for being phobic but not for mrder. First, it's always easier for celebrities to attack individuals over attacking minorities

The CEO of papa john got cancelled for using a slur. Roseanne got cancelled for telling a POC person she looks like a animal. Kramer got cancelled for using the a slur.

Chris Brown got away with beating Rihanna. Don King stomped a guy to death and went on to become boxing's biggest promoter. R*bert Richards, heir to the DuPont company, was convicted of * his daughter and served no jail time. Attacks on individuals don't elicit the media attention like racism and *phobia do. But this is somehow the fault of the LGBTQ community?

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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part 4

He blamed the LGBTQ community for taking away Kevin Hart's childhood dream of hosting the Oscars

First, his old jokes were hurtful. Don Lemon did a great job of explaining why. I'm not going to link the youtube videos because that tends to get my comment deleted by the automod but I'll just mention what to look up on youtube

Youtube Don Lemmon Kevin Hart

And Kevin Hart later acknowledged at much, saying that he has grown since

Youtube Kevin Hart apology

But the issue is that he was adamant in not addressing it twice. But he never apologized the first time. No apologies in every interview he did about his hurtful comments prior to the Oscars; he defended himself and blamed the audience each time

Google the vulture.com article titled "Where Are Kevin Hart’s Past Apologies? An Investigation"

If hosting the Oscars truly was his childhood dream and giving an apology (and instead lying about previously apologizing) was a boundary, then he has a "Brittle-ass spirit" (Dave's phrase for LouisCK victims)

Btw by his own usage of the terminology, Dave tried to 'cancel' Don Lemon

Youtube Don Lemmon responds to Chappelle

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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part 5

Dave says 'look how well the LGBTQ movement is going' as a comparison to the racial equality movement. There are instances where it may be useful to compare movements to better understand varying methods of minority marginalization, but this discussion is wholly incomplete without the discussion of areas where they are not comparable, because systems of oppression uses different tactics to oppress different groups. In Dave's own HOME STATE of Ohio they passed a law that allows doctors to deny LGBTQ people health care on moral grounds. In 27 states, there are no explicit statewide laws at all protecting people from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodations. Which means in over half the country you can be fired or denied housing just for being gay or trans. Conversion therapy is legal in 30 states. Texas just banned a suicide hotline for LGBTQ youths

Regarding the insinuation that the LGBTQ community responsible for Daphane's death, he didn't mention that she had lost custody of her child shortly before her suicide. Also, he didn't seem at that close as he refused to go to her funeral or 3 memorials of hers when invited. Also, nobody can find the bullying as described by Chappelle. Daphane's defense of Chappelle had less than 10 twitter replies

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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So, the main idea in The Closer is talking about lack of perspective... How a joke could somehow attract way more attention than a much bigger message.

Then, people bites the bait just as easily as Dave predicted, skipping the bigger point raised on the last part of the special over a previous bit where Dave makes a trans joke.

That's exactly why he referenced that rapper that killed someone and manage to have a career. He's not punching down on trans people, he's pointing the hypocrisy of online social warriors. When he said that Twitter is not a real place, he's not doing it for himself, but for future comics that might not be free to use their material because a specific individual or group aren't happy about it.

Using Carlin as an example here is nonsensical since he was also censored because of hypocrisy.

Seeing how the idea of 'woke' people went from being aware of social problems and actually trying to figure it out a solution to just getting offended on social media is very depressing.

Was The Closer funny? Not really.

Do people have to protesting in front of Netflix help the trans cause? Not really.

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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He literally declared being team TERF

Omg you didn't listen to him or me. I'll say again, he's TERF only in the sense that trans women are biologically not actual women. That is it.

He undermined the plight of LGBT comparable to black people

No....he's making fun of the fact that they say he doesn't understand the struggle.

(acting like blacks can't be LGBT)

At no point did he convey that. He's talking about it in context of a white person and how a black lgbt man wouldn't call the cops over a dispute.

Mislabels his own trans "friend"

For a single joke....since the setup was her being a father...Every other time he used proper pronouns.

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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I feel like people missed a lot of the context of this special because of all the headlines around it.


Nearly everyone I argued with about this special turned out to not actually see the special, and felt entitled enough to argue against Dave without even seeing the content of the show. Those people are making Dave's argument for him and not even realizing it.

Dave went out of his way to make a nuanced argument about what hes seeing as a part of our culture, and I am watching other people twisted his words and use them against him in an unjust fashion. It's really reinforces what hes saying as correct.

George Carlin on Larry King explaining the Dave Chappelle situation almost 40 years ago. by Konfliction in videos

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I’m hearing a lot of people claiming the material wasn’t offensive, but those people weren’t the target of the material. As a cishet white man, it’s not up to me if something is offensive to black people, or women, or the LGBT community, etc. Let’s listen to the people who are actually affected by what he said. All of my trans friends are pretty upset, and it’s their view that really matters in this case.

Dave Chappelle - Addressing the controversy over "The Closer" by nyxlotus in videos

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Since his comeback, Chappelle has been front and centre not so much as a comedian, but as an orator with a cause, with that cause being the way black people are treated in the US. And fair enough too. Even to me, a white aussie who's never been to the US, his special 8:46 was extraordinarily powerful.

However, when I watched the Closer the other night, I found it distasteful not because of his content about LGBTQ+ people (which I honestly found to be pretty mild, and many LGBTQ+ people that I know would have found it funny), but because the entire point of it was that black people are bigger victims than LGBTQ+ people. The entire thing was him saying "my race has had it worse than your gender/sexuality".

And honestly, I find ANY oppression olympics content to be distasteful. Any time there's any kind of mention of someone having it bad, they almost always get silenced with "well, we've got it worse". Chappelle is doing it here to LGBTQ+ people. Many people do it to male victims of DV (women have it worse). LG people do it to BT people.

It's possible to recognise and have empathy for anothers struggle without saying you have it worse than them. People need to learn this.

Dave Chappelle - Addressing the controversy over "The Closer" by nyxlotus in videos

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Imagine this. You have a black friend. You like them very much. You get a long well, and you very much enjoy each others company. Someone calls you a racist. Your friend defends you. Those people who called you a racist now call your friend a race traitor, an oreo, and a disgrace. Your friend commits suicide.

But in the end of this story, you're still the racist.

Dave Chappelle - Addressing the controversy over "The Closer" by nyxlotus in videos

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Daphne's Room Mate Doesn't See It Like That Dave:

"Daphne Story Continued (Trigger Warning/Ramble Warning)⚠️

(This is going to piss some people off, but I ran out of fucks to give when Daphne died.)


Today has been two years since Daphne chose to end her life. I don’t say ‘committed suicide’ because committed implies that it’s a crime.

It seems surreal that she missed the COVID pandemic, Tiger King, the insurrection and so many moments from her friends’ lives. I miss her jokes, and know she would have made COVID quarantine sooOo much more bearable for many folks that appreciated her humor on social media.

People ask me if she killed herself because of Dave Chapelle (henceforth called DC) mentioning her in his 2019 special, because she ended her life just one week after it came out. Daphne met DC at a comedy club while he was performing..He was telling controversial jokes and she was laughing because she always had a dark sense of humor. But Daphne never told racist jokes or punched down on groups of people. She used humor to heal from pain, she told self-deprecating jokes, and used humor to educate people about trans issues. She never used humor to be hateful.

Before DC’s 2019 special he really buttered her up, promising to mentor her, and take her under his wings. I was suspicious of his antics and didn’t really appreciate his style of humor but I was happy for Daphne if she was happy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I watched part of DC’s 2019 special when it came out because Daphne was so excited for it but I couldn’t even finish it because I felt like it was so offensive to different marginalized groups. But I didn’t want to criticize it because I knew Daphne was excited for the shoutout, even though the mention of her was so quick you could miss it.

Then after Daphne died it was crickets from Dave Chapelle for months and years after it happened. When a group of her theatre/comedy friends threw a memorial for her in San Francisco, DC didn’t say anything. When her funeral in Pennsylvania happened a couple months later, DC’s team hadn’t reached out to her friends or family. When we planned another memorial for her in SF, we didn’t hear anything from his team. It was like if he said something about her, he would admit that he was responsible for her death.

I’m not going to say I know for sure 100% that Dave Chapelle making fun of Daphne in his 2019 special is what caused her death. I don't think it was the main cause, but who knows. Daphne had PTSD from a life of trauma and she had battled suicidal thoughts for years. I think the final blow was a combination of her losing custody of her daughter, losing her job, and dealing with a lot of transphobic harassment on the streets of San Francisco. I lived with her, and yet I didn’t know how bad she was feeling.

I heard from a friend that Dave Chapelle mentioned her last year in a stand up comedy routine, and he mentioned how he let her open for one of his stand up routines but that she “bombed it”. For him to patronize her, demean her, and minimize her talent AFTER her death is cruel and crass. For him to invoke her name as a free pass to continue being transphobic is beyond fucked up. 😤 😤

In the latest Netflix special he starts off his piece about trans people with “I’m not saying trans women aren’t women” but then he calls trans vaginas “beyond pussy”. rolls eyes And he says he is a TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) and self describes himself as transphobic MULTIPLE TIMES in this special 🤬🤬🤬

He mentioned the story of when he met Daphne, and when he called her to invite her to open for him, and that he didn’t know she was an amateur. He says she was dressed well for the performance and admits “I’m transphobic and even I think she looked nice.” OKAY TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL.😤 😤😤 😤

“This bitch bombed for 45 min straight. . that show was terrible. . but here’s what impressed me. . Any other comedian I’ve ever seen, if they bombed as bad as she did, would have snuck out of the theater and gone on home and cried. But she found a seat right in front. . she laughed hard like (she didn’t bomb). She was talking to me while I was performing like she was watching the TV alone, but the crowd didn’t like that shit because she sucked. .” 😤😤

And then Daphne told a joke to a heckler and then they went back and forth and told jokes. He tells about a touching moment they had together, but then he said her performance “stunk” again. That’s what 4 times he said she wasn’t funny?! This is how you speak about your dead “friend”? Then he realized she was funny after the performance by the way she genuinely interacted with the audience . then he says when she hugged him he pushed her off violently because “I’m transphobic”. 🙄

“My friend Daphne killed herself. .She identifies as a woman __((Then he describes how she killed herself)), clearly only a man would do some gangster shit like that” 🤬🤬🤬

I don’t even know how he found that out because her friends and family didn’t say that publicly because IT’s PRIVATE AND PAINFUL! And beyond that, studies have shown that mentioning specifically how people kill themselves only causes more suicides. But Dave doesn’t care.

He continues..“As hard as it is to hear a joke like that, Daphne would have loved that joke” Maybe she would, maybe she wouldn’t but SHE KILLED HERSELF AND CAN’T DEFEND HERSELF ANYMORE! He goes on to say “I don’t know what the trans community did for her and I don’t care because she was my tribe” 🙄

He says Daphne killed herself because trans people were criticizing her on Twitter…So he’s blaming trans people for causing her death? WTF. That’s some next level victim blaming / gaslighting. 😡😡

He ends his mockery of her saying he said he wants to tell Daphne’s daughter “I knew your father and HE was a wonderful woman.” 🤬🤬🤬

Dave Chapelle doesn’t give a fuck about trans people. He deliberately goes out of his way to make fun of us, even making fun of his alleged friend AFTER her death.

If you are reading this and made it this far, please take a moment to ask Netflix to remove this hateful special. Not because it might offend trans people, but because it might inspire more people to end their life.

Daphne Dorman deserved better."