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Most silicone isn't paintable, so you wouldn't want to use it in areas that would get painted at any point. If you're looking at exterior products, polyurethane caulk is a good option as well.

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Most caulks will do that if not painted. The siliconized stuff less so.

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Most caulks bought at a home center, yes. Not all caulks though

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There is a product called Quad. You can get it at big box stores. It isn’t very paintable. But you can groom it better than silicone. I would also recommend phenosil. My experience has been the clear caulking and silicone tend to yellow over time. But cracking after 2 yrs? That’s weird.

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OSI Quad Max is my Frank's Red Hot. I put that shit on everything.

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Not the best paintability and it loses its flexibility after a few years

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Volcom, it's like quad but printable oil based and I have seen it out of the weather where it's pliable after 15 plus years.

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Vulkem is pretty good but it’s just a polyurethane, the UV kills this technology over time

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Hence why I said painted areas.

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Ehh also Vulkem is loaded with Plasticizers that leach out of it into your paint and fuck your paint job up as the material loses its flexibility.

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I guess I said printable. I wouldn't use it without painting it. But for painted areas it blows quad out of the water.

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That's how I am with Dynaflex 230

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Apparently quad max isn't that great over time :(

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Franks Red Hot. The ‘is pepsi ok?’ of hot sauces.

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Depends on where he is. Quad is a good product, quad max as well. Depending on application there could be better choice.

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We live in the uk so wet winters fairly hot summers so I get that stuff moves but was surprised how much it has cracked

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Hold up, Quad Max cracked?

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Quad max has a lot of plasticizers in it. They will migrate out and the sealant becomes brittle. Also if you took it too thin the sun will destroy it

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Maybe the product was bad. I live in US northeast, so we get a lot of expansion and contraction also. The point of the caulking is it’s supposed to be flexible. I think that you had a bad batch of caulking or something.

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I used a few different types bought in different batches applied at different times - caulked the whole house! All were well reviewed on Amazon. Strange

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+1 for Quad. Frustrating to install due to stickiness (wear disposable gloves) but seals so gooooood.

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You Might be taking about quad max? Quad is sticky but nowhere near as messy as quad max

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Ah, you're probably right. To avoid confusion, Quad Max should be renamed "Penta."

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Silicone where you don't care about matching the color perfectly, want a great seal. Caulk and paint everywhere else.

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Silicone is often a problem because it sticks to silicone better than anything else. Over time movement will cause silicone to peel off of one side of any joint and stubbornly stick to the other side and be a p i t a to remove. Quad is much better. Quad is a version of polyurethane sealant or PL. These sealants are difficult to apply and messy and they never really cure so they sort of stay gummy but they have really good performance as sealers

Siliconized latex or. Siliconized acrylic is a very different thing. Paintable. Water clean up. Stays flexible better than regular latex

Good old regular latex caulk my brand is white lightning is still a very good option for anything that's going to be painted over. It holds paint well and it's very inexpensive and easy to apply

There's also butyl rubber mostly used on metal like gutters and copolymer sealant like lexel. Very messy very difficult to apply but can provide really good performance for the right application

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White lightning is pure garbage my dood. I work for a manufacturer, and we all can agree on this at least

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What is your preferred latex caulk my dood

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PPG Top Gun 200xi or 250 for interior paint. Top gun 400 for exterior. Some harder paint are finicky with tg400

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I've moved to using dynaflex ultra for all my caulking needs. It's durable, stretches, paintable, and mold proof. It's rated for interior and exterior so I have no need for anything else.

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I like it too. Easy to work with.

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as a renovation carpenter, I have had really good results with Dynaflex 230.

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Me too. It's all I use/keep in stock anymore(except for the real special use scenarios) . Jack of all caulks and it's really good at mostly everything.

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Use Alex not DAP

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Lol Alex is Dap

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Crap which am I thinking of. Construction guys always saying Alex plus is better than x

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Maybe white lightning or red devil? Both probably worse than Alex plus. All of these caulks suck though, if you want actually good painters caulk you have to go to a professional paint store and get some PPG top gun or all pro brand

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Awesome. This is going in my screenshot file. 🙏

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All depends where you are using it. Silicone in kitchen and bathroom. For exterior applications a polyurethane caulk will allow expansion and contraction and resit UV breakdown.

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UV destroys polyurethane sealants worse than anything

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Silicone is significantly more stretchy and holds up better to expansion and contraction. But as many have said it is not paintable most of the time, you can find paintable silicon though.

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Silicone is best if the goal is to protect from water damage.