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You are correct, this is a blanket insulation to meet minimum code for newer homes in colder climates. If you spare the few inches I would leave it in place and frame walls in front of it. I would also add unfaced R-13 or 15 batts to your new wall.


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Thank you so much for the help!

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Agree with this, but if it has the fiberglass touching the concrete, there is a very real risk of building up moisture and getting mold growth; peel a section back and see what is touching the concrete.

At this point, it is a very reasonable choice to remove that stuff (you can save it for use in the wall cavities) and install 2 inch thick foam board against the concrete. It is much better insulation and serves as your vapor barrier. Then frame in front of that, fill the stud cavities with fiberglass insulation and drywall. I would also look into putting an insulated subfloor in first (the wall framing can go on top) as it will keep the basement much warmer and control moisture moving through the slab from the floor.