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What is sugar soap?

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Paint prep soap. Used to come as a powder that looks like sugar.

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Interesting, I would say that you didn’t get the residual soap off the wall and it caused that reaction. Scrape off the bubbles, spot patch. Spot prime and you should be good

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Sugar soap seems to be the UK equivalent of TSP in the USA, however they're formulated slightly differently.

Thanks for the advice, I started scraping off the bubbles to patch (while the wall was slightly wet still from cleaning) and found the top layers of paint came off very easily even where there weren't bubbles. It looks like the best option is to scrape all the paint off back to a layer that is adhered properly.

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If the old paint is still attached firmly you can sometimes just put an undercoat with the sealer/primer you'd use to prep bare plaster. Did you do the test where you score an x and then see if the old paint pulls up with tape?

If you are putting acrylic paint over oil based paint you often need an undercoat anyway.

I've only ever gotten a good result on flaky/cracked/shitty paint by stripping and starting again. Took me two attempts on a big ceiling to learn my lesson.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I just did the X test, the edges of the score came away slightly during scoring which the tape then removed, less than 1mm though.

The adhesion of the old paint seems to be the problem, I washed a new section and attempted to scrape off the bubbles as they appeared... While doing this a whole section of the paint came away, revealing a layer of blue paint. The blue paint seems to have adhered properly so it looks like the best option is to strip the whole wall of the top layers of paint