There are only TWO types of posts allowed in /r/DIY:

- Completed Project Tutorials, and

- Help Requests.

Completed projects

  1. Original content only. Anything you submit must be a project that you yourself completed. Not your sister, father, uncle or best friend. You may only make your own posts, and you may only submit it once.
  2. Only completed projects are allowed. Incomplete projects will be removed.
  3. Submissions must include progress photos. One photo of the completed project is not allowed. You must provide multiple photos of the beginning of the project, during the project and of the final result. If you submit a completed project with an inadequate number of photos, your submission will be removed and you will be asked to provide additional photos. If you do not have enough photos to satisfy our requirements, consider posting to /r/somethingimade instead. /r/DIY is about the process of the creation, not the result.
  4. Submissions must include details and instructions. This means your photos should have text accompanying them describing the materials, tools used, and any design considerations / instructions needed to replicate your project. Remember that you're not just showing off the final result, you're inspiring and helping others complete the same or similar projects on their own. Don't just say "I cut this wood", explain the length it was cut to, the tool used to do the cutting, and how that tool is used to get the desired result. Provide recommendations on how someone can avoid difficulties you encountered. Details must be included in the image captions.
  5. Video submissions have the same requirements for image-based tutorials. All video submissions must adhere to the same rules as photo submissions and contain details explaining how the project was completed. This must be either a detailed voiced narrative or detailed title cards. Without such, they will not be allowed in /r/DIY. Any video that includes compensation, whether from ads or product placements etc, must be flaired appropriately by the submitter.
  6. All content must be present without cost. It is permitted to have links to paid plans etc, but the submission itself should have the level of detail outlined above provided for free. It is not permitted to submit a finished product video and then restrict all the build details behind a paywall.
  7. Please do not abandon your submission! Even a very detailed submission will still generate questions. Stick around and engage with the community, answer questions and participate in the discussions about your project.

Help requests

  1. Self/Text Posts Only. All help requests must be made in the form of a self/text post (if you don’t know what that is, please message the moderators or learn the basics of reddit).
  2. If at all possible, include photos. A picture is worth a thousand words. Upload them to imgur, and include a link to the image set in the body of your self-post. Try not to submit just one; the more photos at different angles and zooms the better.
  3. Include the location of your request, if appropriate. This especially applies to questions about building code requirements.
  4. Specific questions only We only allow help requests once you have decided on an approach to your project, or have run in to a problem with a project underway. Your question must include context about the project you're attempting, the problem you have run in to, and the solution you are hoping to find. Questions asking how to get started with a project, which approach would be best for a project, where one can purchase a product or asking if someone has used a product before are not permitted here
  5. Please research first before posting a help request in /r/DIY. Check Google, search this subreddit to see if your problem has been answered before. We should not be your first stop when you run into a problem or have a question. If you do some research and are still unable to find your answer to your specific question, please include the details of your research when you ask your question here so that we don't cover the same ground again. Provide as much detail as possible.

What if my post doesn't fit either category?

For help requests, our weekly "General Feedback/Getting Started Questions and Answers" stickied thread might fit your needs. Look for the stickied post at the top of /r/DIY, and post there.

Otherwise, post it somewhere else. Reddit has a huge number of communities dedicated to different things. Often we direct people towards /r/somethingimade, /r/HomeImprovement or /r/crafts. Just because it isn't appropriate here doesn't mean you can't share it somewhere else.

If you're still not sure if you should post it here, feel free to message the moderators.

If it doesn't meet the guidelines and you post it here anyway, don't be surprised when we remove it.

Prohibited Domains

  1. /r/DIY only allows without prior approval. We do accept submissions to other domains on a case-by-case basis. If you'd like to submit a different domain, please submit your completed project and when AutoModerator removes it, send us a ModMail and request approval. Be sure to include a link to your post in your message.
  2. Reddit Galleries are not permitted. They currently do not support the caption functionality that we require. This decision may change in the future as Galleries improve.

Prohibited Projects / General Tips

  1. Cooking, crafting, software, cosmetics and hair styling, changing light bulbs, cleaning, general maintenance projects (changing car oil/furnace filter), sewing projects, etc are not appropriate topics for /r/DIY.
  2. Meta posts are not allowed without prior approval from moderators. Use the weekly discussion threads for more general discussion topics.
  3. Laser cutting / CNC and 3D printing submissions are tightly reviewed. We consider these to be sourcing of materials, rather than projects in themselves. If your submission consists mostly or entirely of them, it will be removed.
  4. Your project should be titled appropriately. No matter if you are submitting a help request or a completed, be sure your title is descriptive and on topic.
  5. Please note that this is not to be considered an exhaustive list of what is and what is not prohibited projects. Additional projects may or may not be allowed per moderation discretion. If you are unsure if your project is allowed - please message the moderators.
  6. "Update" posts are reviewed on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, /r/DIY allows "Update" posts only when a large portion of the original project has been updated. This is determined by moderator discretion.
  7. Questions relating specific to building or construction codes / permits are not permitted. Building codes vary from locality to locality, consult a professional if you are concerned about meeting required codes.
  8. "Reposts" and "Crossposts" are not allowed.
  9. ChatGPT and AI generated content will result in a ban.


  1. Please be civil. Disagreements happen, and there's plenty of room in /r/DIY for differences of opinion and constructive criticism, but all discourse should be polite. There are people on the other end. We will not tolerate personal attacks, bullying/harassment, or 'flaming' of any sort. Bigotry, racism, sexism, gratuitously sexual comments, and 'doxxing' (revealing ANY personal info about another user) may result in a temporary or permanent ban from /r/DIY.
  2. Stay on topic. If you have a question about your own project or have unrelated questions or comments, make your own post. Don't hijack someone else's. Memes, low-effort comments, 'meta' comments, and comments not related to the project may be removed without warning. The submitter took time to provide content to our subreddit. They deserve proper discussion regarding their project / question.


  1. One link to your blog/store/site/e-mail per submission is allowed. That's not one link per photo or one link per comment reply, it's one link total. Put it wherever you'd like.
  2. YouTube / blog & non-Imgur website submissions will count as your one link. We don't care about what links are on those websites - however, choosing to use one of those sources as your submission counts as your one link - please do not provide any more self-promotion links in your /r/DIY thread afterwards.
  3. Submissions that include compensation of any sort, be it advertising revenues or free tools/supplies etc, must be flaired appropriately.
  4. Feel free to watermark your photos with anything except the URL for your blog/store/site. This applies to videos as well.
  5. If commenters ask about purchasing goods, or how much you charged for the project - reply through Private Message, not directly in the comments. Do not post email addresses etc in the comments. Do not discuss charges, pricing, etc in the comments. You may discuss material cost (non-labor) but not what you would sell it for.
  1. Avoid using URL shorteners (,, etc). They typically get marked as spam and removed.
  2. Leave off your affiliate tag.

Three strike rule:

While we typically adhere to a 3-strikes policy here in /r/DIY, we reserve the right to bypass this policy at any time. A temporary ban counts as a "strike".

Updated - September 2018


Changelog (full list here):

  • 3/15/2021 - clarified stance on building codes. locality should be included when codes are in question, but if the question pertains solely to building codes then the question is not permitted.
  • 12/07/2020 - updated Prohibited Domains to include "Reddit Galleries" now that Reddit supports multiple images.
  • 09/14/18 - clarified our stance on discussion of pricing under "self promotion" - there was some bad verbiage in there
  • 09/06/18 - updated to reflect new policy on compensation for project submissions
  • 02/01/18 - clarified laser/cnc/3d limits.

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