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Who will win? by xMC23x in gaming

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It's not actually about "winning" as much as it is using and enjoying the games you like to play.

Some people like to have the super speediest ultra ultraist pc they can afford. Other people might pick a console most of their friends have to enjoy playing with them. Some people like three monitors, others like a big ass TV.

It's not important how you play, if you can play how you like.

I'll get down off my coffee can and take my tomatoes now.

He slipped it through squirreley little rascal by Lupercalcrt40k in gaming

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I love the fact to recoup the investment they’ll need to sell a few ports of Skyrim!

I hear you kids like Among Us by shaystibelman in gaming

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My full time job/life is being a "creative". Hell, I do an equal amount of it outside of my job too. I design and art direct during the day, at night I'm diving into 3D, painting, sculpting, etc. At some point, you don't even think about it.

You just do things that you think would be cool, and you come up with a bunch of ways it could be cool, and then you just think of all the cool ways you would know how to execute it.

The hard part isn't being creative...the hard part is gaining the experience to know how to get what you're thinking into the medium you want.

We all have those crazy, stupid, fun thoughts. "Creatives", visual artists in this case, just find visual ways to bring it to life. Programmers think of crazy ideas, they just bring it to life differently. As do writers.

So, being creative isn't hard...the hard part is knowing the best way to bring those things to life.

I feel like Halo 3 was a special game for a lot of us by AlwaysWipes in gaming

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Just you kids wait until it's not just your memories of a best friend who's gone and the things you shared, but other people in your life and other connections. Parents, siblings, friends, cousins...

They start to add up, and it won't be just Halo 3 that brings you back to some bittersweet place in time, but TV shows, movies, places you pass every day, food dishes, commercial jingles, and that hazy moment as you're waking up after dreaming you're talking to someone who's gone and that momentary confusion when you realize what world you're actually in.

Getting old is really, really harsh. Eventually you're just completely filled with memories and feelings attached to those memories, and it can all come spilling back to you suddenly and without warning.

You have, HAVE to live in your moments and appreciate every single second you have no matter how shit your life is, and do everything you can to make the lives of others better. This is the only way you can deal with it later, I promise you. The temptation to hide from feelings and avoid connecting and live for yourself and be angry for having a bad hand dealt to you is great. But ask me about how well that works out in the long term and how it feels having a mental breakdown.