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Entrenamiento by TimothyTypex in gifs

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I like how her hair starts as a normal ponytail but by the time she lands it's a messy ponytail.

Perfect morning by krugou in gifs

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I'm a dude, and I fucking hate when people tell me I look tired or angry. Like, I'm just standing here. What the fuck?

Perfect morning by krugou in gifs

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Do people not shower at night?

Super smooth landing by solateor in gifs

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You could probably serve dinner off that guy’s colon.

Eruption of Sakurajima by Paroda_lorain in gifs

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Stromboli is an actual volcano in Italy from which derives the adjective "strombolian", since it's the most well known volcano of its class to the fathers of modern day geology

"We didn't want any trick or treaters this year." by Jahidinginvt in gifs

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Eh, it's definitely not something that was installed by Teddy.

I knew I’d seen this dance before by simonsays58 in gifs

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Allegedly at least one.

Edit: oh, I thought you said kids. My bad.

I knew I’d seen this dance before by simonsays58 in gifs

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The thing that changed was he effectively made claiming asylum a felony. What was around before was that kids might be separated from parents who had committed felonies, if it was deemed necessary. All Trump did was make it a felony to cross the border - and enacted a "zero tolerance" policy of separating the families for every case with a border crossing. To claim asylum and have your case heard - you have to be on US soil. It's against international law to allow asylum or start the process for someone not in your sovereign borders.

So while this policy of separating children was in effect, and was enacted in 2 parts - one under Clinton and one under Bush Jr. - it only applied to a very small number of people before - but by making any and all border crossing into a felony, now people who want to seek asylum have to have a felony on their record and have their families torn apart to have their case heard. This is exactly why the numbers of kids and families being held skyrocketed so fast that the government had to start buying up old wal-marts and installing cages in them to house them all. That didn't happen in the Obama era, in the Bush era, in the Clinton era - the facilities we had were sufficient back then. The reason the story blew up is because of how fast that all escalated and had to be reversed to stop the insane buildup.

They made a little whoopsie by Malyke in gifs

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I tell people who complain about following safety standards: Safety rules are written in by blood. Either follow them or we write new ones in yours.