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Me with a YouTube Silver Award by frankiemacdonald1984 in pics

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I have Reddit Silver awards. I hang a banner in my garage every time someone gives me one.

Me with a YouTube Silver Award by frankiemacdonald1984 in pics

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I'm gay and I don't hold it against the guy. He clearly just repeated something he had heard before, likely from someone he trusts. Better to forgive and move forward, if you ask me. Harassing and name calling gets us nowhere.

Me with a YouTube Silver Award by frankiemacdonald1984 in pics

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Alright, since this post actually got a little traction, I'm going to make a comment to clear some things up.

Is Frankie MacDonald homophobic?

About ten years ago, Frankie MacDonald posted a video to youtube expressing some homophobic beliefs. He deleted the video, and someone reuploaded it. Frankie has since corrected his behaviour, has apologized numerous times, and has stated that he no longer feels that way. Here is just one example. If you're going to brigade Frankie's posts shooting off about homophobia, maybe check to see if he's actually done something about it instead of just blindly repeating the same things over and over again.

Why is Frankie MacDonald allowed to post all these pictures?

This is r/Pics. We allow people to post pics. Nothing that he posts has broken any of our rules. He's allowed to post these pictures, just like you're allowed to post similar pictures. Now, everyone, go get your silver youtube play buttons and diet pepsi, and post your own pic.


No, it doesn’t break our rule about tokens of achievement. That rule states specifically that standalone images of awards are now allowed, meaning just a picture of the award. Basically, you have to be in the photo if you’re going to post an award. This post has done just that.

It also doesn’t break our rule regarding reposts. Reposts are allowed. There are specific situations where a repost isn’t allowed. If the photo is currently on the front page and someone reposts it, that’s not allowed. If it’s currently in our top page and it’s reposted, it’s not allowed. If it’s in our top 25 of this year, it’s not allowed. If it’s in our top 50 of all time, it’s not allowed. Other than that, reposts are allowed. This picture, while posted by Frankie before, is well within our repost limitations by about 180k upvotes.

Tried to draw the 4 Beatles, from Liverpool. by wp988Halloween 2018 in pics

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Jack Black, Justin Long, Paul Rudd, and Jason Schwartzman… they’re almost as good as the Monkees.

A helium and a non-helium balloon cancelling each other out. by TechNewsCat in pics

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The price of the balloons rises or falls based on inflation.