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You’ll need to wait until the input shaping firmware for the MK4 is available for a fair review. Jo said it’d be “about a month” for an alpha release.

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Does Bambu have an accelerometer on the head for both X and Y then?

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Pretty much every accelerometer on the market today is three axis. The reason the Mk4 needs a separate accelerometer for x and y is that it's a bed slinger. Motion systems where the print head moves in both x and y only need one accelerometer to measure its resonance

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open source is always better so prusa for me.

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Agreed. Not to say the bambu is not good. But the open source is definitely a factor for me.

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Everything about bambu labs will always be closed source/proprietary since they come from DJI.

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I know... That is why I prefer prusa. Being open source is a factor for me. But the bambu not being open source doesn't mean the bambu is bad.

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Oh i agree, its a damn good 3d printer.

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both have their use and niche. But seriously, its too early. I mean the mk4 is in the honey moon phase now. Give it a month to get the first reviews out from cnc and sanlanderer

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Better in what way? They both have their own advantages. Besides long term testing for the MK4 there isn't much else that can definitively say one is better than the other. It's really just a matter of what you really intend on using them for.

Bambu X1C can do high temp abrasives out of the box and is unbelievably fast. It's also dimensionally accurate and has a nice robust suite of features. However Bambu is a new company so they have yet to really ramp up their quality control and customer support. Obviously these things take time as their engineers need feedback from customers to make appropriate changes to their firmware and hardware. So far Bambu has been pretty good at updating the machines and their slicer based on that feedback. I can also give them huge props for maintaining a large knowledge base via their wiki to help customers trouble shoot without having to interact with untrained support staff.

Prusa has their reputation and I don't doubt that the mk4 will be the reliable workhorse platform for DIY users. Open source is a nice thing but in my opinion not necessary (just my opinion). The Mk4 has some very nice considerations in the design of the Nextruder which gives it an edge over Bambu's offerings. Coming from a mk3s I can't fault Prusa for a lot. Their Slicer is robust and well thought out, even if they tend to lag behind others in terms of advanced features, but it's understandable because Prusa has a reputation for testing and testing and testing everything before a full release. They are diligent with their work and it shows.

Both are excellent FDM printers and are at the top of their price class respectively. At this point it really just comes down to what you value. Do you want Prusa level reliability and support? Do you want speed and reliable (reliable compared to Prusa offerings) multi filament switching.

I own both and I can't say I prefer one over the other. The Prusa is my main squeeze that runs parts that I don't mind waiting for but I know are sliced perfectly. The Bambu will take care of the more exotic filaments that require an enclosure

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What I hate about the prusa is the bedslinger design and the utter crap that they cal MMU.

Other than that they are pretty good. However in a business enviorment the bambu is superior in every way. Had it since september alongside the mk3 and a cr10s pro and the bambu is by far the most reliable and accurate. As long as I can get the spare parts it's a no match for me.

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Holy fuck please search.

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Bambu Lab at this point is only one of the many corexy fast printers out there. Look at a new one that just came out and on April 9 Creality will announce their own corexy fast printer.


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MK5 is better than the Bambu X1c.