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I lost both my legs fighting in Afghanistan. Staying there doesn't honor our troops. by ege3 in politics

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If we leave Afghanistan the next thing we'll see are images of the Taliban celebrating the defeat of America after taking Kabul. Then we'll see years of images of beheadings of their enemies in the country and women forced into burka's and not allowed to leave their homes. All those girls schools we created, done. On top of all of that we'll see a massive refugee crisis from it.


Biden will lose in 2024 if he leaves Afghanistan and we see those images. We have to stay. We have to force the Afghan government to fight corruption in the municipalities and become less corrupt.

Fact-checking Biden's speech announcing new executive actions on gun control by TheLOZaddict in politics

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I'm not sure why Democratic think tanks haven't figured out that second amendment restrictions is the number one reason why Democrats don't have a permanent majority. Democrats could literally pass all legislation that they want to point the country in a direction of their choosing if they would just leave gun control alone for now. I personally know and have met dozens of people who only vote red because they're afraid the Democrats are going to take their guns away. These people don't agree or particularly care about anything else on the Republican agenda.

Fmr. President Obama On Daunte Wright Shooting: ‘A Reminder Of Just How Badly We Need To Reimagine Policing’ by BlankVerse in politics

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Fuck anything Obama says now. With the stroke of a pen, he could’ve prevented all of this. Again, fuck Obama.

Behind the Gaetz scandal, there’s a bigger issue: Most states have loopholes that let men exploit teenage girls by SACBH in politics

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For those stuck behind the paywall:

Behind the Gaetz scandal, there’s a bigger issue: Most states have loopholes that let men exploit teenage girls They can bypass statutory rape charges through marriage Image without a caption Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) speaks at a “Women for America First” event Friday in Doral, Fla. (Marta Lavandier/AP) By Amber Lusvardi April 13, 2021 at 5:00 a.m. CDT Rep. Matt Gaetz’s alleged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl, in which he is said to have paid to have her travel with him across state lines, is being investigated by the Justice Department. News outlets are focusing on how this scandal could affect a member of Congress. But there’s another urgent question: How often are teenage girls caught in such relationships, consensual or otherwise — and how well does the United States protect them from exploitation?

Support our journalism. Subscribe today. Advocacy groups would argue: Not very well. State laws attempt to halt egregious cases of statutory rape. But most stop short of enacting other protections, such as preventing teenage girls from marrying their rapists or abusers, my research on child marriage finds.

The U.S. patchwork of protections

Story continues below advertisement States, not the federal government, set the age of consent. In Gaetz’s home state of Florida, the age of sexual consent is 18, making any sexual conduct between an adult and a minor statutory rape. In many other states, the age is 16, although that varies by how close the two people are in age, what the circumstances may be and what type of sexual act is involved.

State laws vary even more dramatically on allowing minors to wed. Forty-six states allow child marriage under certain circumstances. Some states have no minimum age for marriage, as long as the minor has a parent’s written permission or a judge’s approval.

Girls are far more likely to marry before age 18 than boys. Most of those marriages are to adult men, with the average age difference being four years. Adult men can bypass statutory rape charges through marriage.

Gaetz, Cuomo, Trump: Do political scandals even matter any more?

Where states fail to act, girls are at risk

Story continues below advertisement When state statutes allow children to marry, the underage partner often has negative life outcomes. Public health research finds that girls who marry young are more likely to endure more physical and sexual violence than those who marry as adults. Child marriage has lifelong effects on mental health, including higher instances of major depressive disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and alcohol or drug disorders than those married as adults. Women who married under age 19 are more likely to develop serious medical conditions such as diabetes, heart attack or stroke.

While children can marry under age 18 in most states, they are still considered minors under the law and cannot access the legal system as an adult could until they are 18. Thus, while teen brides are disproportionately likely to be abused by their husbands, because they are minors, they may not be able to hire a lawyer or access a domestic violence shelter without an adult, or otherwise turn to legal or social services, according to my interviews with legislators and advocacy groups.

Coach John Geddert killed himself after being charged with abuse. Gymnastics’ problems go beyond any one person.

When do states take action to protect teen girls from predatory adults?

Story continues below advertisement To answer that question regarding child marriage, I have collected state legislative data on a variety of measures, such as roll-call votes, bill co-sponsorship and legislator demographics; interviewed state lawmakers and representatives of advocacy groups; analyzed media coverage from national newspapers and state capital newspapers in key states such as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Minnesota from 2015 to 2020; and collected evidence of advocacy groups’ campaigns.

Here’s what I find: When legislators consider child marriage and other forms of sexual exploitation of minors, it’s not because there’s been sustained media attention or widespread public outcry. Rather, legislators are responding to key advocacy groups. That matters because teenage victims of sexual predation — unlike their higher-profile abusers — do not have a voice in the news media, which protect their identities, or an organized presence in the legislature.

Compared with high-profile women’s issues like reproductive rights, equal pay and sexual harassment, child marriage never appears on lists of what the public considers to be the “most important issues,” never garners a high volume of Google searches, nor has a sustained spike in media attention. Only in the past five years — during which advocacy groups have begun campaigns for action — have state legislatures taken up this issue.

Story continues below advertisement Many Americans are apparently unaware of or lack information on child marriages and their elevated risk of abuse.

Wikipedia’s political science coverage is biased. Here’s how I tried to fix it.

Survivors have been lobbying state legislatures

Child marriage advocacy groups have begun to organize and appeal to state legislatures to change this situation. Since 2018, four states — Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Minnesota — have completely banned marriage before age 18. In New Jersey, then-Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, vetoed the legislation in 2017. However, the legislature again passed the bill in 2018 and it was signed by Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat. In 2020, during the pandemic, the Pennsylvania legislature unanimously passed a ban on underage marriage.

Story continues below advertisement When I interviewed Pennsylvania legislators, they explained that advocacy groups dedicated to ending child marriage, including Unchained at Last and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR), persuaded them to pass the bill. In social media and other online campaigns, these groups featured child marriage survivors’ stories and advocated protecting girls from potential abuse.

When the Gaetz story drops from public attention, most states’ laws will still offer loopholes through which adult men can exploit teenage girls. Teenage girls across the country are not fully protected by state law. But state legislators are responding to advocacy groups’ new argument that they should protect teenage girls at risk for this specific abuse.

Texas bill would brand parents of trans children as “child abusers” if they support their kids. Texas Republicans are willing to sacrifice "personal freedom" for government regulation. by southpawFAOklahoma in politics

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Anyone in law enforcement — judges cops lawyers — that upholds this is literally no better than a nazi saying “I was just following orders”

It use the word literally quite literally here.

Fmr. President Obama On Daunte Wright Shooting: ‘A Reminder Of Just How Badly We Need To Reimagine Policing’ by BlankVerse in politics

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Isn’t it a little empty coming from Obama? Idk you were the most powerful man in the world and you clearly didn’t fix or set up a path to fixing the police violence issues. So now it’s important to him tho?

The Republican Party Finds a New Group to Demonize: The recent wave of anti-trans legislation follows a decades-long pattern of the GOP targeting those they think lack the numbers or votes to properly fight back. by throwaway5272 in politics

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They went after gay people and lost that fight so they’re going after trans people now. The GOP demonizes vulnerable minorities as a way to energize their hateful base.

Trump Says New York Tax Law Doesn’t Apply Because He’s Not President by Scoxxicoccus in politics

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This country was founded on rich white guys moving to avoid paying taxes.

This is nothing new.

Pete Buttigieg To Reluctant Evangelicals: ‘Maybe A Vaccine Is Part Of God’s Plan’ by wonderingsocrates in politics

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Jesus was a socialist and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be accepted by the religious right if he re-appeared today

President Joe Biden to nominate Christine Wormuth as first woman secretary of the Army by wizardofthefutureAmerica in politics

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If the nazis had installed Jewish snipers in the guard towers at buchenwald, would the prisoners have celebrated the progress? Wait, why am I typing this? Where am I??

Opinion | How Tucker Carlson’s racist rhetoric gives new life to Trumpism by lightninhopkinsAmerica in politics

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Nearly every phrase of Carlson’s statement is the euphemistic expression of white supremacist replacement doctrine. “The Democratic Party” means liberals, which translates into Jews. They are importing “new people” from the “Third World” means people with black and brown skin. Those kinds of people, in the racist trope, are “obedient,” meaning docile, backward and stupid. Their votes do not constitute real democracy because they are replacing the “current electorate” — which is presumably whiter and less docile. These paler, truer Americans are thus deprived of their birthright of political dominance. And fighting back — making sure the new Third World people have less power — becomes a defense of the American way.

This is what modern, poll-tested, shrink-wrapped, mass-marketed racism looks like. Carlson is providing his audience with sophisticated rationales for their worst, most prejudicial instincts. And the brilliance of Carlson’s business model is to reinterpret moral criticism of his bigotry as an attack by elites on his viewers. Public outrage is thus recycled into fuel for MAGA victimhood.

That's Job 1 at Fox, apparently.

And here's someone completely deconstructing Carlson's shtick: https://youtu.be/RNineSEoxjQ

Hawaii to allow advanced practice registered nurses to perform abortions by honolulu_oahu_modHawaii in politics

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Right, the they’re trying anything they can to push abortions. And whenever you go against anything someone else likes on this sub they downvote the shit outta you too