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I had gone halfway through writing a wierd convoluted comment about the flaws of demon slayer but then thought "I am not going to argue over the internet over the quality of a show". Enjoy what you want people.

iilluminaughtii sending out cease and desist letters by johnnybrown44 in youtubedrama

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She accused The Click of fostering pedophilia in his discord

She posted one of her former employee’s suicide note in a video

She paid people with real money to try to dig up dirt on The Click, Wonder, Oz


Not sure what kind of life you lead but I’d hardly call any of that “a little mean” lol. Then again I don’t post multi paragraph comments about how I don’t know how to find my own info and need to be spoonfed 🤷‍♂️

Is misogony part of our laws? by Hiking_Rocks in Judaism

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It's very unfortunate Rabbi. I have been a deeply spiritual woman my whole life, and I have felt pushed away and excluded from the deeper aspects of Jewish Spirituality my whole life too. Why is that? Why would I be excluded from that? Must I dress up like a man and reenact Yentil to be respected?

It seems like my only worth to the tribe is making babies, but I am so much more than that. It makes me look elsewhere to find a place where I can be accepted for what and who I am, where my thirst for knowledge can be quenched, and my connection to my Creator can deepen through practice and study. I know my tribe needs my talents, but they won't accept me for the way G-d/dess made me. It's wrong, and it's a loss to the whole community, and I am not the only woman like me by far.

What comedy club to visit when in NYC? by Grindmaster_Flash in Standup

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Elite tier (go for the famous comics)— Comedy Cellar, The Stand

Bringer/Barker tier (go if your friend is performing or because you happened to be in the area as a tourist and walked by while being available and interested or you couldn't get into the Cellar)—Grisly Pear, Comedy Shop, Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy club, Brooklyn Comedy club, West Side comedy club

Solid Tier (go for the venue, diverse range of comics, & consistent crowds, not for any famous comic or show in particular)—New York Comedy Club, The Tiny Cupboard

Headliner tier (go if you like the headliner or for a specific show you want to see)—Carolines, Gotham, Stand Up New York, Union Hall, The Stand, Comedy Cellar

Local tier (go if you're staying near & for more authentic/intimate vibes)—QED, Brooklyn Comedy Club, Tiny Cupboard

Confused Identity Tier (going out of business, don't go or I'm unsure why these places exist?): Eastville , Comic strip, LOL comedy club

Hmm by MrssWorldWide in conspiracytheories

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Allow me to introduce you to a concept called photoshop

No one: … Immortal X-Men: by realclowntime in xmen

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It's sort of not really addressed much unfortunately. In fact in the Krakoan era that sort of stuff has been outright ignored. Kurt and Logan have a conversation about what might await them after death....despite their both having died before and gone to an afterlife.

The most we've had is a valkyrie point out that resurrection is messing with the flow of souls. Which suggests that mutant souls aren't going to the afterlife because they're getting put back in their bodies.

But no it's not really addressed much, causing a huge divide as to whether all our characters are now just clones.

My headcanon until proven otherwise is that the souls are the same. We know that when someone dies an echo of them is left in the astral plane. The astral plane is in some ways a psychic bridge between life and death. I think when Xavier/Emma/Hope put a mind back in the body, they also tug on that echo, which itself then pulls the soul down too.

Specifically though no, there is no mutant in the process specifically reinserting a soul. At best it's implied it's happening automatically.

Ok, I hate spiders but this little guy is super talented! by InternationalBase194 in Damnthatsinteresting

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The most primitive spiders use silk to create a soft, safe environment for themselves to live in. They often just make a burrow and coat the walls in silk.

One step up from that, spiders coat the ground outside their burrow in silk. This transmits the vibrations of passing bugs and insects quite well and helps in hunting.

Spiders that are more proactive hunters spin out lines that act as a safety cord and to help them find their way home again.

Gradually, these spiders evolved to spin more efficient patterns of alarm lines and mats that are more effective in communicating the location of passing prey than just random mats of silk.

Essentially, the spiders that instinctually use their silk more effectively reproduce more often to pass on the genes that gave them those instincts.

Wheel web spiders spin those beautiful webs you see in this video. But there's still plenty of species that make much more rudimentary webs.

And wheel web spiders still work very instinctually. Their primary prey is flying insects. So these spiders try to find a spot with some airflow as flying insects 'ride' airflow in the same way a boat rides the current.

They'll then let out a line into the draft that they keep spinning out until it catches somewhere. And now that they have a bridge, it's just a matter of making spokes and crossbeams to create the wheel.

And different species evolved to use webs in different ways. There's spiders that just spin one line with a glob of sticky substance at the end. The spider swings the line like a bolo to launch at insects.

Other spiders weave small nets that they hold beween their forelegs. These spiders hang from branches and leaves to drop their net down at walking insects. There's a spider that weaves a particularly elastic web, it then pulls the web like a bow string and waits until it spots a target. The spider then uses the elastic web to launch itself at its prey.

There's even a spider that weaves 2 webs. One elastic, one sticky. The elastic web is designed to use the speed of flying insects to trampoline launch them into the sticky web. Presumably this allows the spider to stay more hidden instead of having to stay near a web in a flight path.

Based!?! by Ok-Tennis330 in Gamingcirclejerk

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I believe it will be mostly fine for her because, like how you started your comment, it's been memed for a long time.

Here's my comment I had in the LTT sub for someone who said the same comment as yours (pre edit).

I don't think most tech people (most LTT watchers) will care. It's been memed a billion times that an abnormal percentage of men in the IT field are feminine, wear "programming socks" (google it), are trans or are furries. You can also see this in the likes/dislikes of the main post. (I'm referencing the post on the LTT sub)

Protesting at a show by tom_haverford20 in Unexpected

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Dry wetlands cause 25% of Sweden's carbon dioxide emissions. It's time to do something about it! The Restore Wetlands campaign demands that the government begin a massive effort to restore excavated and drained wetlands."