Rules for r/Unexpected

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Bad Title

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Reported as: Bad Title

Submissions must have an unexpected twist of their own, and not rely on their title to surprise the reader. Don't give the outcome away in the title. No generic titles - 'I did not expect that', 'wait for it', 'wow' and the like are not acceptable.



Rehosted Comic

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Reported as: Rehosted Comic

Do NOT rehost webcomics. You may provide an imgur mirror in the comments.


Unmarked NSFW/NSFL

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Reported as: Unmarked NSFW/NSFL

Mark all NSFW/NSFL submissions as such.


Keep Comments Civil

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Reported as: Keep Comments Civil

Keep the comments civil; no flamewars or insults. Follow good Reddiquette.



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Reported as: Repost

Please look through our Top submissions to avoid reposts. Frequent or recent reposts may be removed.


Expected/No twist

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Reported as: Expected/No twist

Submissions should be unexpected in some form. While it may have been unexpected for you, please keep in mind that it should still contain some twist for the viewer.


No Pictures of Text - visit /r/unextexted

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Reported as: No Pictures of text - visit /r/unextexted

No Pictures of text - visit /r/unextexted



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Reported as: Bigotry

No form of bigotry will be tolerated on this subreddit.



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Reported as: Death

Death isn't allowed on /r/unexpected, please visit the appropriate subs.


No linking to Reddit

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Reported as: Reddit link

We ask that you do not link to other reddit posts/comments.


No jump scares

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Reported as: Jump scare

Your submission must contain a twist for the viewer which is unexpected in its own right and not rely on a jump scare to be unexpected.


Violence is not unexpected

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Reported as: Violence

Violence can exist within posts, but humans being violent is not in and of itself an unexpected twist. Humans are violent, and there are whole subs dedicated to this content which might be better for you. This includes everything from domestic abuse through to street brawls.


No animal abuse

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Reported as: Animal abuse

We do not accept posts containing animal abuse.


No abuse of minors

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Reported as: Child abuse

All forms of abuse of minors (e.g. sexualisation, neglect, physical or emotional abuse, including, for example, videos of things like physical school fights) are prohibited.